Biorhythmic Synchronization Generates Telepathy in Couples

It's True! Couples Share a 6th Sense

The Times of India
September 28, 2010

London: In a research that points to the existence of "sixth sense", scientists claim to have found evidence that a couple can become physiologically aligned even without having physical contact with each other.

In fact, the study, led by Sydney's University of Technology, has found that some couples are so in tune that their brains begin to work in synchronisation - with parts of their nervous systems beating in harmony.

The scientists studied the brains and heartbeats of 30 volunteers during counselling sessions by counsellors and found identical patterns of brain activity in those who had become so close they were "physiologically aligned".

That means they reached a state in which their nervous systems were ticking in harmony, helping them to know each other's thoughts and emotions. The scientists believe the findings also shed light on the behaviour of couples, close friends or family members.

Psychologists know that some couples learn to think like each other - allowing them to "know" what their partner is thinking. But, this new study goes further by looking into the activity of the nervous system. Trisha Stratford, who led the study, said "When couples reach an aletered state they can read each other's brains."


The study of telepathic communication has previously revealed that induced heartbeat and brainwave synchronization allows mental messaging at any distance, and this latest study confirms that couples naturally find a resonant biorythmic synchronization to achieve the same effect. These latest studies accurately reflect concepts provided during the extraterrestrial contacts of Michel Desmarquet in June of 1987:

'The fluidic body [includes the brain stem and spinal cord, and] influences the physiological body which, in turn, influences the physical body... In the fluidic body, you possess six principal points which we call Karolas and which the yogis on your planet call Chakras. The first Chakra is the one situated between your two eyes, just a centimeter and a half above your nose. It's the 'brain' of your fluidic body, if you like; it corresponds to the pineal gland, which is placed much further back in your physical brain but on exactly the same level...

'Now, at the bottom of the fluidic body and just above the sex organs, is found a very important Chakra, which we call the Mouladhara, and which your yogis call Sacred [or Sacral]. Above this Chakra, and meeting the spinal column, is the Palantius. It is in the form of a coiled spring and only reaches the base of the spinal column when it is relaxed.

'For it to become relaxed, it requires the accomplishment of the sexual act between two partners who must not only love one another, but also have a spiritual affinity between them. Only at that moment and under these conditions will the Palantius extend to the spinal column, transferring an energy and special gifts to the physiological body which then affects the physical body. The person concerned will experience happiness in sexual enjoyment that is far greater than normal.'

[Desmarquet M (1993) 'Thiaoouba Prophecy' Arafura Press, p. 161-162]

Thao identifies the shape and function of the palantius in much the same way as the coiled Kundalini serpent of Sanskrit teachings, and further reveals the special conditions for such an activation include not only partnership in love, but also true spiritual affinity. As proven by research scientists, such spiritual affinity takes the form of a heart/mind resonance between the two, whereby releasing the palantius.