HAARP Array Generates Earthquakes Using Infrasound Resonance

Video by anonymous scientist
January 12, 2010


Low-frequency atmospheric manipulation by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer was recorded for more than 2 days, as presented in the video above, right before the 7.0 earthquake destroyed Haiti's capital, Port-Au-Prince. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was certainly one of the most vocal world leaders to publicly state what is well-known to many in the scientific community, that the devastation of Haiti was not natural disaster, but an atrocity committed by US government 'special forces'.

This was accomplished by a combination of land-based HAARP antennae in conjunction with sea-based Naval vessels using inaudible infrasound resonance technology developed from designs of Nikola Tesla that had been stolen by George Scherf Sr., 'Curious' George Scherf Jr., Otto Skorzeny and Reinhardt Gehlen. Otto Skorzeny made a deathbed confession admitting as much, and gave an account of his participation in the assassination of Tesla in 1943, which became published in a book called "The Bush Connection" in 2003, and detailed in Veil of Invisibility, by this author.