Infrasound Resonance Influences Earth's Precipitation Rates

Long-Term Solar Influences on South American Rivers

by Pablo J.D. Mauas, Andrea P. Buccino and Eduardo Flamenco
March 1, 2010

River streamflows are excellent climatic indicators since they integrate precipitation over large areas. Here we follow up on our previous study of the influence of solar activity on the flow of the Parana River, in South America. We find that the unusual minimum of solar activity in recent years have a correlation on very low levels in the Parana's flow, and we report historical evidence of low water levels during the Little Ice Age. We also study data for the streamflow of three other rivers (Colorado, San Juan and Atuel), and snow levels in the Andes. We obtained that, after eliminating the secular trends and smoothing out the solar cycle, there is a strong positive correlation between the residuals of both the Sunspot Number and the streamflows, as we obtained for the Parana. Both results put together imply that higher solar activity corresponds to larger precipitation, both in summer and in wintertime, not only in the large basin of the ParanŽa, but also in the Andean region north of the limit with Patagonia.


Rainfall patterns and major fluctuations in river levels have been directly correlated with solar flare activity, yet the means by which this energy is transfered from solar flares to bodies of water on Earth to influence the increase in precipitation was not identified in this study. The mysterious and invisible mitigating factor involves the field of infrasound standing waves that encompass every planetary and solar body.

Through the stimulation of infrasound standing wave resonance, vast amounts of water are raised into the atmosphere to fall as rain by the influence of solar activity. Significantly increased evaporation and condensation of thick fog is a well known effect of standing wave resonance, producing giant radar circles of suspended mists, and leading Nikola Tesla to relate the connection with standing waves during one of his speeches:

"In Colorado I succeeded one day in precipitating a dense fog. There was a mist outside, but when I turned on the current the cloud in the laboratory became so dense that when the hand was held only a few inches from the face it could not be seen."

[Tesla N (1917) 'Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, May 18']

A perfect example of dramatically increased evaporation processes have been witnessed by puzzled residents of California. Rows of water vapor plumes evaporating off the ocean were photographed off Laguna Beach, California in 2009, displaying the mechanisms by which infrasound standing waves focused by the Giza pyramids directly effect the long-term water flow-rates of major rivers all over the world, in accordance with the levels of incident infrasound radiation from solar flare activity.

Earth's infrasound resonance with the sun will eventually increase to regularly high levels that raise a thick white vapor canopy to protectively envelope the Earth, and the intense changes that will culminate in the events of December 22, 2012.