Mandala Formation in Goes, Netherlands

Biggest Crop Circle in the World: The Atlas Project

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
August 27, 2011

Update: The documentary evidence was finally published some months ago - credit due to XL D-Sign, the makers of this massive formation that was planned over several weeks and accomplished by a large crew in approximately 5 hours. One of the field crew provided information and links to the documentary.

This formation is impressive from the air, but when seen close to the ground, there is no comparig it to genuine formations composed of swirling plant stems that bear the unmistakable evidence of having been very briefly superheated by plasma orbs, as captured on video by various amateur videographers.

Very nice design guys, keep fueling our great curiosity.

Mayan Prophecy 2012: The Butterfly Crop Circle Netherlands [Photos and Video]

by Cosmic Oneness
September 9, 2009

The Da Vinci Butterfly Censored: World's Largest Crop Formation Never Reported

by Alexander Putney for HumanResonance.org
August 7, 2009

Reported on August 7, 2009 just on the outskirts of Goes, Netherlands, the vast scale of this intricate mandala formation dwarfs all previously documented formations. Extending a remarkable 1,740 x 1,480 feet, this pattern in downed wheat spans the entire field, which lies adjacent to a stream feeding the aquifer below. Proximity to underground water is a common factor identified in crop circle research conducted all over the world, and also references the transdimensional capacity of water within the human body, which comprises 77% of its weight. The winged human figure is depicted with four arms and four legs, directly corresponding to da Vinci's 'Proportions of Man', which encodes the golden ratio - a defining feature of crop formations.

Among many cultures of the world the butterfly symbolizes the cyclical transformation of human consciousness. The Mesoamerican Maya and Aztec civilizations associated the butterfly with the God of cosmic fire, Xiutecutli; fire being another transformative element that burns away old patterns of growth to make way for the renewal of life. Continual references to the sophisticated spiritual concepts of the Maya have been noted in dozens of complex formations. The butterfly also represents a catalyst for change in a modern scientific metaphor, 'the butterfly effect', which posits that quantum shifts in weather patterns or other macro-systems are affected by micro-influences like the mere flapping of a butterfly's wings.

Complete corporate media censorship of this spectacular Goes crop formation reflects corporate fear of the pattern's powerful transformative effect on human consciousness. Meanwhile another arm of the concerted media disinformation campaign has absurdly proclaimed the gigantic butterfly formation as its own handiwork, allegedly completed in a single night. Crop formations created by human artists are quite easily discerned by careful examination of the downed stalks, yet this well-orchestrated media blackout has effectively prevented researchers from becoming aware of the formation in time to collect this definitive evidence. The only rational conclusion one can draw is that this crucial data in the wheat stalks themselves is being withheld from public awareness to support the false claims of its manmade origin.

This spellbinding crop formation delivers a powerful message far beyond the creative capacity of human hands, and expresses a wealth of meaning that directly references the Fibonacci structure of standing waves that I have defined (in the third chapter of my book Tesla's Rebirth) as the exact formula hidden by da Vinci in his drawing 'The Vitruvian Man'. The upper arcs of the butterfly's wings match the specific contour and actual scale of infrasound standing waves, while the figure's antennae symbolize the human heart's reception of infrasound standing waves as the catalyst for the present transformation of human consciousness. All of the arcs that form the contours of the butterfly's wings converge directly on the figure's heart chakra!

The location of the da Vinci butterfly crop formation in Goes, Netherlands (51.516N 3.847E - in white, above) is 2,038 miles from Giza, or 8.18% of the Earth's mean circumference. This particular site also conforms to the infrasound standing wave global map (above) that I derived by application of the quadratic formula [ zn+1 = zn2].

This crop circle is the work of transdimensional consciousness which manifests in the forma of plasma orbs, which use invisible beams of ultraviolet-A and infrared light before the propagation of intense microwaves that heat the plants into these marvelous mandala formations. The swirling motion is created by the rotation of an anti-gravitic HHO plasma field generated for mere seconds by the plasma orbs themselves.

Another fascinating energetic event involving plasma orbs and purple plasma beams occurred recently in Soesterberg, Netherlands, which lies along the same resonant distance of ~8.1% of the Earth's mean circumference. Infrasound standing waves are invisibly converging at the sites of both of these remarkable transdimensional events, which are warning signs and precursors to increased energetic activity in the immediate area and within the structure of magnetic resonance defined in the resonance maps throughout this site.