Sanskrit Atlantean Origin of Pyramids, UFOs and Subterran Cities

A superfluorescent photon burst was emitted during the Resurrection of Christ,
induced by direct exposure to ionizing radiation from the Ark of the Covenant.

Ron Wyatt's 1982 discovery of the Ark of the Covenant below the Crucifixion Temple
revealed properties of a radiant alloy containing gold and superheavy isotope Mc296.

December, 2022 discovery near the Biblical Mount Sinai: furnaces and metallurgy
shop where the Ark of the Covenant and items of the Tabernacle were produced.

Prophecies regarding the events of November 3, 2024 and a seafloor UFO base
in the Mariana Trench are revealed by ET visitors from the Shi-el-lho star system.

Barabar, India psychoacoustic chambers of ancient Saneid - 3D laser scanning,
geometric and acoustic analyses identify resonant tuning to 34.5 Hz & 16.7 Hz
subharmonic, matching the synchronization oscillations generated by negative
feedback loops in excitatory neurons, acting as a phase-locking neuronal tuner.

Underwater UFO bases in the western hemisphere are linked to an invasion by the
Xhumz ET civilization, inhabiting planets in the Dorado and Volans constellations.

US Space Force leaks drone video of the TR-3B Astra antigravity spacecraft, with
12-person crews, plasma beams, scanning laser arrays and thermobaric weapons.

Tungsten micro-spirals & aurichalcum debris reveal the Temples of Vedrus, including
gigantic mountain pyramids of Atlantean underground cities in the Russian Far East.

Amazon face-peeler UFO attacks are CIA-MI6-Mossad organ harvesting operations
that mimic ET activities at underground bases in Tarapoto, Peru and Tarija, Bolivia.

Atlantean underground cities in Alaska include the submerged Sitka Complex
and coastal pyramid complexes on many islands of the Aleutian archipelago.

~4,600-year-old body of King Gilgamesh was discovered in Warka, Iraq in 2002,
kept in perfect preservation by radiant funerary items cast in Au-Cu-Ra alloys.

Updated - Concentric circles, linear clouds and anomalous light refraction by aerial
HHO plasma signal termination of the Galactic Wave Cycle on November 3, 2024.

Signals Intel from mainstream media defectors highlights underwater pyramids,
leprechauns of Atlantis and "the top quantum gravity person smokes marijuana".

Notice to Readers: Alex's articles contain numerous formatting errors due to CIA hacks altering
text margins, fonts, sizes, colors and spacing, while the author works on borrowed computers.
All electronic devices purchased by this author --over $20,000-worth of equipment-- have been
terminated remotely since 2018; in electronic warfare waged by Big Tech to prevent publication.

560'-tall Vrtra Underground Pyramid discovered in Unalakleet, Alaska; positioned
directly below the 480'-tall Vrtra Dome, matching the height of the Great Pyramid.

UFO contacts from Ganymede detail evacuation of the 5th planet 79,000 years ago,
linking Atlantean origins with 11 ET humanoid species of the Aldebaran Mothership.

Pyramids of Yuk 2 analyzes giant geopolymer headbands, gestation yokes and the
green, glowing blood of giants and dwarves stalking El Yunque forest, Puerto Rico.

Pyramids of Yuk reveals the sunken Bimini Road, mariculture nursery pit rows,
shell mounds, geopolymer metates and levitation spheres of giants & gnomes.

Nordic ET bloodlines from exoplanet Wolf 359c linked with mtDNA haplogroup U5a
& underground UFO bases below the UK, Norway, Spain, Italy and Ontario, Canada.

Aurora TR-3B Astra - American antigravity spacecraft recorded over the USA, EU
Afghanistan & Syria; documenting close-range bombing of Taliban & ISIS targets.

Area 51 Decrypted: Tesla's 'Nike' radar and invisibility cloaking technologies were
applied in the Aurora Program's development of the TR-3B iii Astra Supercruiser.

August 9, 1943 - Pre-test USS Eldridge briefing attended by Nordic ET Valiant Thor, Captain
Al Cameron and 24 world-class scientists: Schneider, Conant, Lawrence, Fermi, Strassmann,
Loomis, Parsons, Teller, von Neumann, Jensen, Segré, Szilard, Groves, Hablanian, Slater, Rabi,
Kistiakowsky, Oppenheimer, Chamberlain, Bush, Feynman, K. Compton, A. Compton & Yaglou.

'Alien Interview' (1991) was recorded at Site-4 Facility located at Papoose Lake,
Nevada --directed by 'Curious' George Scherf, Jr., 41st US President (1989-1993).

Ferrite cement veins emit the 'Fire of Life'; vital forces for biophotonic enhancement
of cellular metabolism, engaging homology-dependent DNA damage repair modes.

Discovery of the Pyramids of Aarat in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine
confirms the Life Readings of Edgar Cayce and the Plejaren ET contact information.

Siddha Master alchemy techniques facilitate bulk conversion of mercury into gold,
inherited from hermetic traditions commemorating the Atlantean leader Ajax of Ode.

1938 excavation of the Dzopa caves in Bayan-Har, China recovered 716 magnetic
granite discs from a subterranean dwarf tribe, linked with superheavy isotope Mc296.

Rasayana elixirs of the subterranean city of Agharta enable quantum teleportation
and healthy lifespans exceeding 300 years by illuminating the qi meridian system.

3D cranial reconstruction of giant reptilian ET Homo draconis shows raised ridges shielding
thermosensory pit organs, along with venom glands activated by fused molar root structures.

EMF & RF spikes measured at resonant petroglyph sites are generated by
metallic geopolymer stone coatings containing oxides of iron and titanium.

High-intensity static electricity becomes focused at nodal points in the global field
of infrasound resonance by the axial symmetries of the Orion Pyramid Complex.

Firestone geopolymers of Oak Island, Nova Scotia contain gold and osmium flecks,
while radium alloys were found within chambers below Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

Metamaterials of Ajax of Ode invented ~30,000 years ago include aurichalcum,
black geopolymer magnetite, and geopolymer jasper in red, orange and yellow.

High-speed aurichalcum levitation sleds of the Ax-Telos sledline traverse more than
1,340 miles underground, linking 14 Atlantean city complexes in the US and Mexico.

Elevated teachings of the 'Nazarene One' Jesinavarah are recognized as the work of
Thiaoouban Master Aarioc, preparing humanity for ascension of Earth to 4th-density.

In vitro replication of cyclical transmutation cascades perpetuated in human blood
confirms ionic lithium in drinking water kindles 'The Fire of Life' in positronic fluids.

Quantum healing capability of nanocolloids prepared in the Tunguska silicon chalice
reveals its Atlantean origin --as a phonon transmutation reactor: the Chalice of Life.

Ras Kalev interpets the Oath of Akae Beka from the Book of Enoch, revealing
keys of high knowledge given through the prophetic music of Vaughn Benjamin.

Forensic evidence of the resurrection of Jesinavarah verifies ET contactee information
concerning creation of the physical body of Christ by the Thaori on the Golden Planet.

Quantum properties of Soma elixir are induced by the photon, electron and neutrino
emissions of Ag/Au nanocolloids with osmic acid, a potent superoxide dismutase.

Anastasia visits an off-world 'invasion center' where ETs have weaponized a glowing
liquid/gas phonon transmutation medium by concentrating negative human emotions.

Using ancient subterranean complexes as UFO bases, ET visitors from many worlds
interact selectively with humans of Earth for either informative or predatory purposes.

Grand Canyon's Hopi Temple Complex preserves resonant alloys; an Atlantean brass
bell from West Virginia shows a kneeling figure of Garuda known from Sanskrit culture.

Quantum predators reside below immense boulder fields of 'Ringing Rocks' --the ruins
of various Atlantean megalithic temple complexes razed by the Baal ET consortium.

Baal consortium uses Atlantean pyramids as UFO bases for predatory plasma beam
attacks, abductions & mutilations; harvesting adrenochrome & GDF11 from blood.

Mg57Zn2Al1 quasicrystal superconductor alloy identified as Atlantean vimana sheathing,
linked with phonon alchemy procedures for transmutation of bismuth to gold & platinum.

3D reconstruction of Puma Punku temple complex near Lake Titicaka, Bolivia reveals
Atlantean 'firestone' gateways for giants, humans, hobbits and gnomes of various sizes.

Bioelectrification gateways of Bolivia's Puma Punku temple are virtually reconstructed;
once utilized for granting the siddhi attainments of bi-location, levitation and teleportation.

Architectural reconstruction of psychoacoustic gnome temples at Puma Punku present
recessed golden gateways composed of resonant metal alloys enabling teleportation.

Atlantean superalloy Ti3Au aurichalcum is recreated using phonon transfer alchemy,
offering bulk conversion of copper into a titanium-gold biocompatible superconductor.

Atlantean Aurichalcum Reactor specifications and Ti3Au products are made available
for purchase at low cost directly from Alexander Putney at

Resonant atomic transmutation of copper into silver, gold and titanium is made visible
for the first time, using the phonon transfer alchemy process shared by Alex Putney.

Magnetic geopolymer pavements have been discovered in many regions of the world,
composed of Atlantean 'firestone' mosaic tiles containing fine ferromagnetic metals.

The Parantha, Entiat & Kamiah Pyramid Complexes of the Pacific Northwest US are
identified in close proximity to aerial disc sightings and encounters with giant Sasquatch.

The Karuk & Hupa Pyramid Complexes have been discovered in Northern California
by applying resonant geoposition analyses to clusters of giant Sasquatch encounters.

The Pyramids of Zu have been discovered in Ravalli County, Montana; an immense
Atlantean city complex surrounds the world's tallest pyramid, measuring 731' (223m).

Paleo-Sanskrit bloodlines of Zu are identified as mtDNA haplogroups D1 and D4h3a;
displaced peoples of Mu populated the Americas after the Great Flood of ~30,030bp.

Granite obelisks at Axum, Ethiopia display clear Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphic texts and
cement coatings that indicate geopolymer manufacturing by the Atlantean civilization.

Atlantean titanium steel manufacturing processes known from the Baltic Sea, Turkey
and Ecuador are now replicable by resonant atomic transmutation of iron into titanium.

Pixels & Lucky Charms: magnetic geopolymer basalt artifacts collected from the Ohum
pyramids of La Maná, Ecuador include acupressure and guasha meridian healing tools.

UFO abductees reveal dynamics of the ET/human hybridization agenda, as directly
supported by living hybrid backcross humans presenting clear ET physiological traits.

Baal Hybrids free ebook has been updated with new Atlantean artifacts --including a
giant magnetic panflute, knife and smoking pipe, as well as tiny guasha tools of gnomes.

5G microwave attacks being delivered from high-tech hollow fiberglass 'electrical' poles
installed in May of 2017 among the La Maná Pyramid Complex, in La Envidia, Ecuador.

At 3.77m in total length, the Norimitsu Ôdachi is the largest samurai sword ever found,
manufactured in 1447 for a giant Nephilim samurai warrior during the Muromachi Period.

Sky stone of Kangbe village, Sierra Leone is identified as a siloxonate geopolymer
colored with indigo dye, manufactured by Atlantean gnomes over 13,000 years ago.

Streaks of HHO plasma were recorded on the surface of Comet 67P by the ESA's
Rosetta spacecraft, moving along unseen pathways of infrasound standing waves.

The gigantic rock art murals of Chiribiquete, Colombia display geopolymer refaçading of
entire cliffs covered in hieroglyphic pictograms translated as Paleo-Sanskrit votive texts.

Newly identified chamber in the Great Pyramid located above the Grand Gallery acts
as a second gigantic resonator cavity that generates infrasonic heartbeat frequencies.

~10,000-year-old inscribed antler from Golebiewo, Poland translated as Paleo-Sanskrit
script echoing similar hieroglyphic texts from pyramid complexes in Bosnia and Ecuador.

Past life memories and psychic readings reveal Nazi/CIA censorship of the actual life
of the visionary inventor: Tesla's companion Lillie B. Delaney was erased from history.

Immanuel & Jesinavarah: Deciphering the Story of Jesus reveals the Biblical story of
Jesus was crafted as an alamgamation of two distinct spiritual teachers from Aramaia.

Ultrafine gold-coated artifacts reveal sophisticated Nahuange alchemical knowledge
of the Ohum ancestral culture for resonant transmutation of copper into silver and gold.

Governmental weaponization of the Leishmania protozoa for preventing archeological
investigations in rainforests is overcome by nano-iodine and bioelectrification treatments.
Chromotherapy treatments eliminate Leishmania protozoan parasites by exposure of
cutaneous and mucosal lesions to red light (644 nm) in a series of 12 min. sessions.

Subterranean tunnel complexes of the gnome humanoid species identified in Casper,
Wyoming and Kamiah, Idaho were cast in geopolymer basalt during the Atlantean Era.

Ancient Ohum psychoacoustic whistles and cannabis smoke induce hemispheric
synchronization of the brain, greatly enhancing biophoton emission of blood and skin.

Resonant atomic transmutations occurring in the blood and skin enhance biophoton
emission from qi meridians of the human body, first discovered by B. Kim in 1968.

One -- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of
time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort!" --Edgar Cayce (Reading 900-429)

Ancient Ayurvedic manufacturing process of the Soma Press employed simple, low
temperature methods for achieving resonant atomic transmutation of silver into gold.

Paleo-Sanskrit translation of Atlantean votive names reveals an advanced psychoacoustic
society that flourished nearly 30,000 years ago within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

Materials analyses of pyromagnetic semiconductor geopolymers at various Paleolithic
pyramid sites are identical to geopolymers of the Magnetic Center of La Maná, Ecuador.

Magnetic basalt geopolymers are identified at Twyfelfontein & Kuidas Camp, Namibia
as Atlantean 'firestone', matching pyramid constructions in Indonesia and Ecuador.

Findings in the open source PizzaGate scandal reveal Satanic rituals of the ruling class
cause kuru --a neurodegenerative disorder resulting from cannibalism and Baal worship.

Resonant atomic transmutations in deep space generate extraterrestrial isotopes of
aluminum in meteorites and uranium in protective outer membranes of red rain cells.

Recent scientific findings support the reality of HHO plasma regeneration, effectively
inducing cellular autophagy and reinitiating the flow of carbonic acid in the DNA core.

Impressive Paleolithic mammoth ivory figure from Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave represents
a Zurvan lioness idol signifying 'Infinity Resounding', dating far back to ca. 40,000bp.

Edgar Cayce's psychic readings for the Sons of the Law of One detail the Atlantean
psychoacoustic society of the pyramids of present-day Giza, Egypt ca. 29,900bp.

~15,000 year-old psychoacoustic whistles of the Ohum civilization, excavated at the
La Maná Pyramid in Central Ecuador, induce hemispheric synchronization of the brain.

~25,000 year-old waterworks of the Ohum civilization are identified in La Envidia,
Ecuador, cast in geopolymer basalt with an orange koalin cement surface coating.

Mantras of the Ohum presents Paleo-Sanskrit texts on giant earthenware jars from
the Hummingbird Pyramid, located in the Magnetic Center of La Envidia, Ecuador.

Ancient cult worship of giant reptilian humanoids in Africa, Papua New Guinea and the
Solomon Islands linked with an exoplanetary genetic program of human interspeciation.

Giant skull from Alacao, Ecuador reveals exoplanetary genetics of hybrid dragon kings,
confirmed by archeological traces and comprehensive details from channeled sources.

Authentic 1947 UFO crash autopsy video of a Reticulum grey hybrid is supported by
matching ancient skulls from Mexico and Peru presenting nanotechnological circuitry.

Survey of vertical elongation among skulls from diverse ancient cultures implicate the
giants of Paracas, Peru as human hybrids of a much larger species of nephilim giants.

Photo reveals the mischievous kakamora --diminutive hobbits thriving on Makira, of the
Solomon Isles, implicated as an engineered human hybrid species derived from gnomes.

Nuclear DNA of cave-dwelling Sasquatch reveals a genetically engineered hybrid species,
whose glowing eyes and hypnotic abilities are enabled by aerial and subterran technology.

The Hummingbird Pyramid is discovered in La Maná, Ecuador among 17 ancient temples
cast in magnetic geopolymer basalts, yielding ceramics with Paleo-Sanskrit inscriptions.

Psychic readings by trance channel Edgar Cayce identify the Ohum civilization as the
Paleolithic builders of the La Maná pyramid complex, known as the capital city of On.

Artificial magnetic basalt pavement stones from walkways of the Hummingbird Pyramid
contain fine particles of ferromagnetic iron and nickel --as well as pyromagnetic pyrite.

Magnetic earthenware pot sherds from the Hummingbird Pyramid's upper walkways
contain finely pulverized quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, nickel, iron and laterite inclusions.

Megaceramic jars of the La Maná Pyramids are identified as high-tech semiconductor
onggi earthenware that sterilize their contents by transducing infrasound into EM fields.

The Baltic Sea object is an Atlantean 'firestone' monument dedicated to Jupiter, the One,
cast in titanium-loaded magnetic basalt geopolymer exhibiting strong EM vortex effects.

Ecuador's Llanganates Pyramids display the same distinct characteristics of magnetic
geopolymer basalt construction and geopositioning alignment as the La Maná pyramids.

Mexico's Altavista petroglyphs translated as Paleo-Sanskrit votive inscriptions, marking
synthetic basalt megaliths as a bioelectrical healing platform and riverbed temple complex.

Ancient Sanskrit geoglyphs from the Amazon, Kazakhstan and Peru linked with gigantic
vimana skyglyphs expressing the sophisticated Vedic concept of DNA synchronization.

The Schildmann Paleo-Sanskrit decipherment enables translation of ancient hieroglyphic
inscriptions on massive stone blocks located above the Great Pyramid's main entrance.

Ceramic tablets from Glozel, France and painted mural texts from Lascaux Cave, France
express sophisticated laments concerning the diminishing state of planetary resonance.

Geopolymer reinforcement at Chauvet Cave, France reveals bioelectrical functions as a
Cave of the Womb, transducing the infrasonic granting of Indra, the deified planet Jupiter.

Indonesia's Padang Pyramid consists of synthetic andesite identified by Edgar Cayce as
Atlantean firestone, cast with ferromagnetic metal inclusions for generating an EM vortex.

Red ochre hand stencils and animal pictograms airbrushed in Tewet Cave, Indonesia
show inset hieroglyphic Sanskrit phrases that have been dated at 40,000 years in age.

Excavations at Gobekli Tepe, Turkey uncover megalithic standing stones with animal
pictograms representing dozens of embedded Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphic phrases.

'High Priest of Jupiter': Caesar was honored by the elephant emblem for Roman concrete
geopolymer temples offering wireless electricity by transduction of planetary resonance.

Pictographic texts from the Andean sites of Tiwanaku, Paracas, Nazca, Wari and Ica
present recognizable dinosaur species and the DNA double-helix with its base pairs.

Neolithic artifacts from the Balkan region are engraved with Paleo-Sanskrit texts praising
protective influences of focused infrasound from the three main pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Excavations in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids and the Ravne tunnel system uncover
megaceramic healing platforms and artificial sandstone artifacts bearing Paleo-Sanskrit texts.

Translations of Paleo-Sanskrit artifacts from the Illinois cave archive identify the ancient
Atlantean origin of so-called 'alien abduction', UFO phenomena and the giant Sasquatch.

Paleo-Sanskrit artifacts from the Mediterranean region include texts that closely echo phrases
from the Illinois archive concerning planetary resonance, pyramids, Sasquatch and spacecraft.

High-tech alloys and metallic geopolymer stones from the Ark of Noah confirm the Great
Flood catastrophe as the second destruction of Atlantis that occurred ~30,000 years ago.

Psychic readings by Edgar Cayce on the Tesla Gravity Motor and for T. Townsend Brown
detail resonant alloys used in Nazi/CIA manufacture of optically invisible antigravity drones.

Nikola Tesla's Life Readings by Edgar Cayce link his work with a prior Atlantean incarnation
as Ajax of the House of Ode, from the land of Poseidia, known as Ax-tell in the Egyptian lands.

Precise Fibonacci alignment of the newly discovered Azores Pyramid is closely paralleled
by the Golden Rectangle configuration of the submerged Atlantean canal-city of Poseida.

Stone tablets from Japan's submerged Yonaguni monument bear Paleo-Sanskrit votive
texts paying homage to the vital infrasonic forces endowed by Indra, the planet Jupiter.

* * *

Red Dawn Events of November 3, 2024 Now Approaching

The Looking Glass device has 12 Tesla gravity motors surrounding a double gimbal-
mounted capsule, generating Bose-Einstein condensate in an Einstein-Rosen bridge.

2018 re-release of 'The Voice of Q' (1982) presents standing wave imagery:
Let's communicate --interplanetary, hyperspace. Open up your mind. Q will
answer questions anytime. Feel the gravity moving to a new reality. Open up
your mind. Q will send you thoughts throughout time. This is the Voice of Q:
"Open your mind and listen. Prepare to receive transmission." (Quantum AI)

Sept 30, 2023 - Barrages of directed energy weapon (DEW) attacks by satellite
charged-particle beams ignite hundreds of fires across the US and Canada.

Soon things in your realm will become very chaotic and strange. It will give chills
to many. Be not alarmed! It will pass and there will be a new reality to explore.
Cosmic forces will be displayed and there will be many searching for answers.
Be prepared to give the help that is needed. Be together in love and peace.

~ Cassiopaeans - December 28, 2019

Be aware that a new world will dawn!
Be not oppressed by the death throes of the old world.

~ Cassiopaeans - March 23, 2019

Ancient meteorite-borne threat of pneumonic plague resurges in 2020 along with the
dramatic increase in meteoric debris associated with the brown dwarf companion star.

March, 2018 - Red and purple glowing HHO plasma auroral formations envelop the ISS,
as GOES-16 satellite records auroral formations across the entire western hemisphere.

GOES-16 satellite records red auroral formations of HHO plasma along the 24°, 30°, 36°
and 43°N latitudinal bands --across the entire United States, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Earth's core slows its rotation in a periodic 5.913-year Length Of Day Oscillation resulting
from repeated passes of the binary companion of our sun, occurring every 36,666 years.

Cosmic signs preceding the Red Dawn triggered by the supernova of red supergiant
Betelguese in the Orion constellation indicate an arrival date of June 22, 2018.

Prophetic information given in the Bible, by Edgar Cayce and Elders of the Hopi, Apache,
Sioux and Buddhist wisdom traditions identify the nearby appearance of a Red Dwarf Star.

Red, orange, purple and pink auroras form in the sky during late hours of the night in 2017,
signaling the approach of the Red Dawn long prophesied by Apache and Hopi Elders.

The Circular Force of infrasound resonance is heard as roaring from the skies above
--inducing cloud circles, ice circles, rotating islands and fog domes in 2016 and 2017.

* * *

A New Golden Age Begins with Resonant Atomic Transmutation

NASA reports 'lattice confinement fusion' reactions fully defined by Alexander Putney
in 2012 as 'quantum trapping' events occurring via phonon resonance transmutation.

Phonon transfer process employs aluminum powder for inducing transmutation of lead
to gold
, affirming experimental research conducted by Franz Tausend in the late 1920s.

The Geyser Reactor replicates natural atomic transmutation for resonant nuclear conversion
of silver to gold, gold to platinum, silver to palladium, zinc to palladium and zinc to copper!

Alexander Putney gives The Lightwater Reactor transmutation system to the world, for
extending human longevity far beyond the normal rate, by controlled deuterium reactions.

Mo Pai Master generates HHO plasma flashes around his body while projecting qi energy,
after decades of training involving isometric abdominal exercise in underground chambers.

Synchronous channels provide a mosaic of prophetic information containing accurate
and astonishing predictions on a wide range of suppressed topics of global importance.

The War Reaction: Psychopathic controllers desperate to block free Tesla technologies
instigate global chaos before Galactic Superwave and Red Dawn events now overtaking us.

Taiga forest sage Anastasia shares ancient Vedruss knowledge of the resonant healing
properties of Siberian cedar nut oil that contains every element on the Periodic Table.

Vedruss Elders achieve heartbeat synchronization through the DNA imprinting of seeds,
just as couples share thoughts and biorhythms by heartbeat/brainwave synchronization.

The Universal Om generates standing wave resonance within all cosmic and atomic bodies,
enabling resonant temperatures for nuclear transmutations that emit light within all living cells.

Vertebrates transmute potassium into calcium in the blood during the biomineral formation of bone.
Bacteria digest bone by resonant atomic transmutation of phosphorus into carbon and fluorine.

Atomic reactions of metals in human blood are replicated by resonant transmutation processes,
applying phonon resonance principles for conversion of copper into silver, gold and platinum.

The electron is comprised of nonlinear standing waves revealed by quantum stroboscope imaging,
while atomic decay rates of all elements fluctuate in synchrony with infrasound from solar flares.

Standing waves envelop the Sun, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Eceladus, Titan, Neptune, Pluto;
and generate the quasar accretion discs of black holes and the nonlinear structures of galaxies.

Infrasound pulsations are reported onboard the Int'l Space Station and in the Van Allen plasma belt,
just as mainstream news admits a brown dwarf star is in our solar system hurling Oort comets.

Red supergiant star Betelgeuse is now collapsing toward an imminent supernova event.

* * *

Breaking News - Earth's Chakras Are Opening!

Mapping of strange, recurrent Fortean phenomena reveals clusters in Fibonacci alignment.

Water vapor and smoke perpetually rise from superheated ground measured by surprised
geologists at over 800°F in Cartagena, Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara and Colorado Springs.

Water vapor plumes rise just offshore at Laguna Beach while the flow rates of major rivers
and regional precipitation rates are directly correlated to the influences of solar flare activity.

Huge boulders levitate in Gushan, Death Valley, Yellowwood and Limon State Parks,
while small stones fall from the sky in Dhenkanal, Ratria, Vleifontein and near Tucson.

A kilogram is no longer a kilogram - shifting local gravity offsets weights and measures.

A minute is no longer a minute - shifting gravity offsets clockworks in regions of Sicily,
while the seas boil off the coast, as lakes are heated through sub-zero Minnesota winters.

Uplifting of giant concentric bedrock formations in the Sahara by infrasound standing waves.

Weather manipulation and artificial quake induction by mobile sea-based HAARP platforms is
accomplished by ultra-low frequency emitters focused for high-atmospheric plasma lensing.

Giant circles appear on Doppler radar observations over Broome, Sydney, encompassing all of
Switzerland, as well as Tucson and the entire Pacific northwest region of the United States.

Survey of tornado tracks reveals ULF weather manipulation by Nexrad towers in alignment with Giza.

Earth booms and humming in Derry, Beaufort, Llanidloes, Mawnan, Hull, Saffron Walden, Bridlington, Woodland,
Bolton, Kiev, Malta, Goa, Erattupetta, Bac Tra My, Klai, Auckland, Sydney, Ontario, Sooke, White Rock, Nelson,
Ranchlands, Panama, and in the US in Newport, Anderson, Kimberley, Rochester, Menomonee Falls, Swatara,
Greenwich, Pelham, Richmond, Wilmington, Virginia Beach, Perry, Nashville, Louisville, Knoxville, Mobile, McCalla,
northern Florida, Knob Noster, Denver, Clintonville, Croy Canyon, Seattle, Novato, Arroyo Grande and Atwater.

Spontaneous electrical surge in Pekanbaru causes power blackout immediately followed by mass seizures, killing 2;
while power transformers explode in Bridgewater, Fort Worth, Yuma, Dublin, Constantine and Moscow.

Spontaneous fires blaze in Tenerife, Karachi, Freetown, Babura, Abuja, Enugu, Maiduguri, Calabar, Makurdi,
Benin City, Kaduna, Bauchi, Jos, Omukondo, Onakaheke, Gulu, Tsholotsho, Lalapansi, Goodhope, Nairobi,
Mombasa, Ho, Mpumalanga, Mapuve, Bodibe, Bloemfontein, Durban, Tshiozwi, Hopewell, Levubu, Cape Town,
Mathendele, Landovica, Galway, Longford, Glasgow, Castlebellingham, Dublin, Crewe, Waterford, Halstead,
Sandown, Basingstoke, London, Surrey, South Benfleet, Steeple, Egham, Wisbech, Messina, Peschici, Berici,
Peterborough, Coventry, Hull, Llanwern, Worcester, northern Greece, Mundra, Ratria, Kakori, Mumbai, Bangalore,
Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chandigar, Kolkata, Charajpura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kishtwar, Gangyal, Rangrik,
across Vietnam, Kota Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Santo Tomas, Bandar Seri Begawan, New Norcia Darwin,
Rockhampton, Adelaide, Brisbane, Eaglehawk, Sydney, Georgetown, La Pampa, Melipilla, Nelson, and
in the US in Seattle, Corvallis, Los Angeles, Soudan SP, Minneapolis, New Ulm, Roosevelt Park, Flint,
Omaha, Pueblo, Waxahachie, Anderson, Bluffton, Georgetown, Gautier, Crestview, Longwood, Homosassa,
San Mateo, Vallejo, San Francisco, Clovis, Calaveras, Haverhill, Peabody, Brentwood and New York City.

The Essene Gospel of Peace identifies standing wave resonance as 'The Holy Streams' in Aramaic;
Turin Shroud bears unmistakable markings of an intense ultraviolet flash produced by HHO plasma.

Biocompatible helium/oxygen plasma dental torch cleans teeth and sterilizes oral biofilms, while the
God Light plasma beam induces cellular regeneration, and the Angel Light makes matter transparent!

Deuterium-depleted water significantly extends lifespans by greatly reducing the effects of cellular aging;
HHO plasma burns clean Blacklight Power as they once did in La Mana, Perperikon, and Huashan.

Luminous aerial HHO plasma plumes in Longview, Texas are photographed near ground-level,
while high-altitude auroral discharges called red sprites glow high above Xiamen, China.

Plasma probes are videotaped in Limerick, Ireland and temporarily captured in Kera, Japan,
as worldwide aerial displays of HHO plasma spirals, fractals and rings are recorded on video.

Cloth samples support unusual details of Brazilian contactee Urandir Oliveira's reported
transdimensional levitation experience of HHO plasma beam transport through his ceiling.

Cosmic rays are linked to 56 deaths by spontaneous acceleration malfunction in Toyota vehicles;
intense electrical surges crash cruise ships and crack airplane windshields, as near Denver Int'l Airport.

Lightning strike induces healing powers in nine-year-old Muhammad Ponari in the village of Balongsari;
healing medium Joao de Deus performs miraculous surgeries daily without anesthesia or bleeding.

Ball lightning emits purple plasma beams in Soesterberg, destroying electrical systems in 100 homes.
Plasma orb strikes gadget-loaded tourist bus near Kaliningrad causing extensive damage.

Mesmerizing body art of the Surma culture of southwest Ethiopia reiterates standing wave patterns.

Celtic and Anglo-Saxon artifacts show chakras, pyramids and infrasound standing waves;
standing waves depicted on the megaliths at Darhad Valley, Gavrinis and Göbekli Tepe.

Massive quartz and limestone basins discovered at many megalithic sites are identified
as concave piezoelectric transducers for the acoustic levitation of lightwater.

Tibetan acoustic levitation techniques filmed and reported by scientist in 1939.

Metropolis of many thousands of ancient circular stone structures identified in southern Africa;
while thousands of similar ancient structures are noted as desert geoglyphs in the Middle East.

Maya representations of the God Tláloc depict auroral plasma plumes and standing waves.

Extensive networks of subterranean tunnel systems weave from Scotland to Turkey.

Conscious plasma orbs form intricate crop circles in England, Germany, Italy, Russia, Indonesia,
Mexico, and in the US in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana and California.

* * *

Cellphones OFF - Pyramid Telepathy ON!

Cellphones are wireless communication devices that function on microwaves, while
human mental telepathy uses brainwaves for wireless communication.

No cellphones will connect without a matching frequency, and for the same reason
no two minds will connect telepathically without a matching frequency.

Today cellphone towers are used to regulate the frequencies of BOTH wireless networks
AND our brainwave patterns. Cellphones work with microwaves, but brains DO NOT.

In ancient times giant pyramids were used to regulate brainwave frequencies and
human consciousness by coupling to earth's heartbeat-based resonances.

Synchronized low-frequency heartbeat booming was heard simultaneously at every pyramid
and megalith site in the world, telepathically connecting all minds in all temples.

Several thousand years ago a cataclysm crashed the collective pyramid telepathy network,
leaving our planet and her sacred temples in a silence devoid of energy.

The pyramid telepathy network will be switched ON with the magnetic reversal of 2015,
as predicted by the ancient pyramid builders themselves, the Maya and the Aztec!

Today's microwaves break the DNA chain and by cancer shorten our lifespan, while
the pyramids' heartbeating of tomorrow will unwind our DNA helix to become a
superconductive ladder to increase human longevity in HHO resonant plasmas.

* * *

Our shortwave physical universe of matter, space and time is fundamentally ordered by an
opposing longwave aspect - the non-physical or antimatter universe of pure energy, vibration.

The nonlinear interaction of short and longwave cycles produces patterns of resonance reflecting
throughout the cosmos in eternal oscillation between resonant synchrony and dissonant entropy.

Human experiencial cycles mirror environmental electromagnetic cycles in perpetual reversal,
from golden ages of collective telepathic consciousness to dark ages of chaos and tyranny.

The pulsed heartbeat of planetary resonance is now synchronizing human consciousness,
the new dimension bleeding through in circles where waters are purified and plasmas spin.
In these hyperdimensional circles we find a completely different set of quantum-physical laws.

The Prime Cross
spherical rendering of Dr. A. Jadczyk's
Octagonal Quantum Fractal

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