Mandala Formation in Hadorf, Germany

Crop Circle in Hadorf, Bavaria

by Andreas Mller
August 1, 2006

A 70 meter diameter formation made of crescents was discovered on August 1, 2006 in a field of wheat at Hadorf in Bavaria... Further information pending...


This impressive crop circle in Hadorf is a powerful mandala expressing the harmonic structure of resonance at that site in Germany. The 2006 growing season has been witness to many formations in Germany and Italy. While England's megalithic Stonehenge is annually visited by scores of nearby crop formations along the resonant band at 9.0% of the Earth's circumference distance from the Orion pyramids at Giza, Egypt, the ancient megalithic sites of Italy are now attracting energetic formations as well.

The resonance maps above reveal the infrasound standing wave structure within which the circlemakers are rendering their profound messages to humanity. The sacred mandala pattern of consciousness is bleeding through into our reality during this transformative period leading up to the highly anticipated magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012.

The Fibonacci banding of infrasound resonances is most pronounced when comparing the locations of various crop formations in Germany in the 2006 season. As shown in the resonance maps above, a cluster of formations has occurred in southern Germany along the sacred circle of energy shared by Italy's Montevecchia pyramids at 1,635 miles from the Giza pyramids, a distance that is 6.6% of the Earth's circumference (24,892 miles).

Montevecchia Pyramids (45.90N 9.10E)______1,635 miles from Giza

Halden (48.05N 9.32E) __________________1,628 miles from Giza
Hadorf (48.10N 11.28E)__________________1,634 miles from Giza
Bergheim-Stommeln (48.71N 11.35E)______ 1,661 miles from Giza
Gablingen (48.42N 10.85E)_______________ 1,664 miles from Giza
Niederbiegen (47.83N 9.62E) ____________ 1,679 miles from Giza
Uberlingen (47.73N 9.24E)_______________ 1,689 miles from Giza

Another distinct resonant band of crop circle events has also been occurring in fields through central Germany along a band of infrasound resonance along the 1,815 mile radial distance, which is 7.3% of the Earth's circumference.

Bredow (52.57N 12.93E) _______________ 1,813 miles from Giza
Seeburg (53.12N 13.62E)_______________ 1,826 miles from Giza
Meensen 51.42N 9.76E) ________________1,842 miles from Giza
Drnberg (50.32N 7.88E)________________1,851 miles from Giza