Sacred Teachings of the Hopi, AZ

The Book of the Hopi

By Frank Waters
February 13, 1963

Spider Woman and the Twins

Sotuknang went to the universe... and out of it he created her who was to remain on that earth and be its helper. Her name was Kokyangwuti, Spider Woman. When she awoke to life and received her name, she asked, "Why am I here?"

"Look about you," answered Sotuknang. "Here is the earth we have created... You have been given the knowledge, wisdom and love to bless all the beings you create. That is why you are here."

Following his instructions, Spider Woman took some earth, mixed it with saliva, and molded it into two beings. Then she covered them with the white cloak of the creative wisdom itself, and sang the Creation Song over them. When she uncovered them the twin beings sat up and asked, "Who are we? Why are we here?"

To the one on the right Spider Woman said, "You are Poqanghoya and you are to help keep this world in order when life is put upon it. This is your duty now: go about all the world and put your hands upon the earth so that it will become fully solidified...

Spider Woman then said to the twin on the left, "You are Palongawhoya and you are to help keep this world in order when life is put upon it. This is your duty now: go about all the world and send out sound so that it may be heard throughout all the land. When this is heard you will also be known as Echo, for all sound echoes the Creator."...

All the vibratory centers along earth's axis from pole to pole resounded his call; the whole earth trembled; the universe quivered in tune. Thus he made the whole world an instrument of sound, and sound an instrument for carrying messages, resounding praise to the Creator...

When they had accomplished their duties, Poqanghoya was sent to the north pole of the world axis and Palongawhoya to the south pole, where they were jointly commanded to keep the world properly rotating. Poqanghoya was also given the power to keep the solidify and crystallize the earth. Palongawhoya was given the power to keep the air in gentle ordered movement, and instructed to send out his call for good or for warning through the vibratory centers of the earth.

Creation of Humanity

So Spider Woman gathered earth, this time of four colors, yellow, red, white and black; mixed with saliva; molded them; and covered them with her white cloak of creative wisdom itself. As before, she sang over them the Creation Song, and when she uncovered them these forms were human beings in the image of Sotuknang. Then she created four other beings after her own form, female partners for the first four male beings.

When Spider Woman uncovered them the forms came to life. This was at the time of the dark purple light, Qoyangnuptu, the first phase of Creation, which first reveals the mystery of man's creation. The dark purple light rises in the north... The First people did not speak or multiply, and they understood the mystery of their parenthood. In their pristine wisdom they also understood their own structure and functions - the nature of man himself. The living body of man and the living body of earth are structured in the same way. Through each runs an axis, in man the spinal cord controls the equilibrium of his movements and functions. Along these axes are several vibratory centers which echoed the primordial sound of life throughout the universe or sounded a warning if anything went wrong... [The first people lived long lives, knew no sickness and could communicate directly with animals.] Not until evil entered the world did people get sick in the body or head.

At the time of the yellow light, Sikangnuqa, the second phase of Creation, the breath of life entered man. They soon awakened and began to move, but there was still a dampness on their foreheads and a soft spot on their heads. In a short time the sun appeared above the horizon drying the dampness on their foreheads and hardening the soft spot on their heads. The yellow light rises in the east. The people of the Second world sent their prayers to the east, yet their love for the Creator became misplaced and their hearts silent. [The yellow light shone in the east during four consecutive worlds, each destroyed in turn to cleanse the earth for the next world, by fire, ice and water.]

The third phase of Creation is the time of the red light, Talawva, the perfect light. Humanity then, having been fully formed and crystallized, proudly faces the Creator for the first time, to know the true warmth of love.

The time of the three lights, the dark purple, the yellow, and the red, reveal in turn the mystery of man's creation, the breath of life, and the warmth of love. These comprise the Creator's plan for you as sung over you in the Song of Creation.