Resonance in ET Contactee Information

Plejaren Beamship Fleets Prepare for Betelgeuse Supernova Blastwave

by Alex Putney for www.Human-Resonance.org
April 21, 2020

Intense EM disturbances of Earth's magnetosphere substantiate special information provided by multiple high-level sources concerning the present ascension of planet Earth to a '4th density' state displaying brightly glowing skies covered by a canopy of HHO plasma sheets.

Magnetopause data recorded during the period of April 9-10, 2020 showed a severe EM disturbance of Earth's shields that represents a precursor to the imminent Betelgeuse supernova blastwave event:

These major EM disturbances felt throughout the Solar System have significantly resumed on April 20-21, 2020 (magnetopause data shown above).

Massive preparations are concurrently being made by all advanced ET civilizations presently occupying subterran bases on Earth, as stated in recent contact reports from the world's most famous contactee Eduard 'Billy' Meier, from the Semjase Silver Star Center in Schmidrüti, Switzerland.

His Plejaren ET visitors have recently increased their contacts with Meier during these dramatically unfolding events, describing major operations undertaken by the Plejaren beamship fleet for ionospheric observations ('inspections') on the night of the April 9th EM disturbance!

The Plejaren leader Ptaah has apparently informed Meier of the details of their present preparations for arrival the Betelgeuse supernova blastwave, although Meier was not permitted to share this special astronomical information with the general public.

While Meier has omitted all astronomical references made in the discussion, he has none-the-less emphasized that major preparations are now being made by the Plejaren for an 'important' event that 'must be kept secret'.

To this demand, Meier obliged --only offering the cryptic statement: "All right, I won't say anything, but the earthlings will be surprised when they find out..." This telling comment is designed to demonstrate Meier's foreknowledge of what is about to occur without revealing anything, and stands as a tacit admission that the Betelgeuse supernova blastwave is close at hand.

Eduard 'Billy' Meier's 736th Contact Report
Sunday, 19 April 2020, 7:09 am

Billy: Hi, you wait there; you're early, dear friend.  You're welcome, though.  Salome, Ptaah.

Ptaah: Hello, Eduard, my friend. Yes, indeed, I am here at an early hour, but that must be done, for there is a duty that must be done and that prevents me from coming here for two days. That is the reason why I called you so early.

Billy: This is not a problem for me, because I have never had any problems in my life to jump out of bed quickly when I am called. Nor do I know any morning grumblings, because I'm not good at that. But if you are here now, then I could tell you something that I find a bit strange, if you have time?  Although you may well come to say what we should discuss tomorrow regarding our further behaviour towards the pandemic, I think that what I want to say is also important.

Ptaah: I think so too, because I know what you...

Billy: Well, then it is. I should have known, because you guys are working day and night...  Well, all right, then:  It is now the second time within a short period of time, because already ten days ago, on the 9th of the month, the UFO convoy had left Schmidrüti at about 11 pm on that night, as it has been observed again and again for several weeks now in different countries in Europe. Observations of this kind are reported to me again and again by telephone or in writing, and I will publish some such reports in the September Bulletin.

Well, it was the same again last night, because there this UFO fleet moved in a long chain over our center again, but this time not from southwest to southeast, as it was on April 9th, when it was a bit hazy and not me, but only Barbara and Andreas could see the things.  Nine hours ago, however, Barbara called me at 10 pm and so I could also see the whole armada flying high up in a long chain under a starry sky, from southwest to northeast, which our several people could observe for a long time. Barbara, Andreas, Uèli, Atlantis and Bernadette were in front of the house, as I was. But this was also the case last night, and I find it strange that these vehicles fly high above our area within a short time. What do you think, my friend?

Ptaah: As you have correctly thought, I know from our inspections what happened last night [April 19, 2020] and also 10 days ago [on the night of April 9-10, 2020] etc. regarding the aircraft, and that includes...  well, we shouldn't say too much about it.  You know why, and...

Billy: All right, I won't say anything, but the earthlings will be surprised when they find out...

Ptaah: It is right [to be silent], because only too quickly, when talking, something is said that must be kept secret, and even then, when it can cause damage. Of course the whole thing is important, also that the aircrafts fly over your area several times, but to talk about it openly is not allowed for certain reasons, as you know, even if it would be important to talk [about this subject to the general public].


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