Infrasound Resonance in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Mysterious Pekanbaru Seizures Kill Two

by Budi Otmansyah
February 14, 2010

Police are investigating a mass violent seizure that left two dead over the weekend at a clinic in Pekanbaru, Riau, with witnesses claiming evil spirits had possessed them.

People living around Bukit Raya clinic said they were terrified to see the 11 victims vomiting and screaming, and believed they had been possessed, according to Adj. Chief Comr. Effendi S of the Tenayan Raya. "We still need to look into the case," he said on Sunday.

Ali, a resident of Tenayan Baru district, said there was a blackout in the area before the incident occurred.

"The electrical power went out in the area. The nurse at the clinic switched on the generator, then all of a sudden the people were convulsing like they were being possessed," Ali said.

Another witness, who declined to be identified, said the victims could have been poisoned by "a leak in the generator when it was turned on."

The two victims who died - Suparti, 25, and Danan, 2, - were transferred to Arifin Ahmad hospital for postmortem tests, while the nine surivors, including clinic owner Elli, were admitted to the police hospital in Pekanbaru for treatment.

Effendi said that once the results of postmortem tests were available, the police would have a better idea of the cause of the incident. He added that the clinic has been closed pending results of the investigation.

"The witnesses are saying that it was some sort of evil spirit. Of course, right now we cannot say for sure what exactly caused the victims to fall into a seizure," Effendi said.

"We have to check the results of the autopsy first."


This astonishing series of events reported in Pekanbaru, Indonesia is a stark example of the great dangers to life that modern electrical systems now present. The events are not unique, but tied to a network of transdimensional energies now being focuesed into specific areas of the globe by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

The pieoelectric calcite crystals of the limestone bedrock below the district of Pekanbaru is resonating in sympathy with the calcite crystals of the Great Pyramid, thereby transferring the pyramids' electromagnetic energy through resonant infrasound standing waves. Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia (0.53°N 101.44°E) is 5,029 miles from Giza, or 20.20%, and sits very close the energetic equator of the planet.

The 2 deaths and mass seizures experienced during the electrical restart process sent 220V through the resonating air, arching across the standing waves and through the bodies of many people. In a nearby event, a 9 year-old boy was struck by lightening and survived, miraculously gaining healing powers through use of a stone that was also supercharged by the lightening strike. The boy intuitively used the energized stone to charge the water brought to him, recreating the situation that has been found in the resonant electrum waters of La Maná, Ecuador.

Events such as these have also been associated with balls of light as in the case of Soesterberg, Netherlands, which will become more commonly experienced - and tracked on this site as we approach the intense solar activity culminating in the electromagnetic reversal of December 22, 2012.