Orion Infrasound Pyramid at Resonance

The limestone blocks of the Orion pyramids consist of mostly calcite mineral, whose structure can be triangular and octahedral in various forms. Each of the Giza pyramids is apparently designed as the top half of an octahedron, monumental formations of calcite. The angular mathematics of the Orion pyramidal design will be addressed shortly, but their limestone blocks contain information regarding the construction methods of the pyramid builders.

Research of J. Davidovits into ancient geopolymers has demonstrated through chemical X-ray analysis that the casing stones of the Giza pyramids are synthetic, being of lower density than any quarried stone due to trapped air bubbles and consisting of 85-90% calcite with other exotic mineral constituents like opal CT, hydroxy-apatite and silico-aluminates. CAT-scan work on the core stones have recorded hairs deeply embedded in the matrix of the stone, another clue that the pyramid blocks were cast using liquid stone, though RC14 dating of hair samples contained in the stone have not been reported. This type of test could establish firm construction dates for the stones, though the likelihood of later facade reconstruction is strong. Corroborating evidence for the ancient use of advanced geopolymers comes from Mesopotamia, where the manufacture of basalt has been extensively documented. Note that the synthetic stones are of high piezoelectric crystalline content.

Diverse new technologies have incorporated fractal patterning for signal enhancement, data compression and encryption. Recent acoustic resonance experiments have illuminated a connection between the phi ratio and a nonlinear acoustic standing wave structure. Cervenka, Bednarik and Konicek at the Czech Technical University in Prague have modeled the structure of a nonlinear standing wave excited in a cylindrical resonator. Driven by periodic oscillations a resonant cavity can be stimulated to its fundamental resonant frequency producing both harmonics and subharmonics.

When the standing wave is driven into high amplitude the nonlinear effects couple energy from low to high-frequency modes. This increase in harmonics can create a shockwave, diminishing the quality of the resonator dramatically. Multifrequency driving of the resonant cavity has been used to increase the energy storing. If the energy is coupled to lower frequencies, or subharmonics, less acoustic dissipation is observed allowing for a more efficient system. Bednarik describes Resonant Macrosonic Synthesis:

[T]he interactions of acoustic waves at some fixed frequencies without the energy losses in the higher harmonics is of considerable interest in acoustics. Such interaction creates the possibility of direct transformation of coherent sound at the given frequency by sound of another frequency without an electro-magnetic energy source... For a region of three modes with given angular frequencies, if the sum of two of them is equal to the remaining one, the interactions of these modes can be obtained from the nonhomogenous Burgers equation for nonlinear standing waves.

The phi ratio describes the relative proportions of the three frequencies that stimulate the nonlinear standing wave and is also apparent in the modeled distribution of acoustic pressure along the resonant cavity which results. The coherent nonlinear structure was achieved through periodic stimulation of a medium of precise geometric boundaries designed to induce the interaction of three different resonant modes in the ratio of phi. This standing wave structure informs the phi geometry of the Orion pyramids, elucidated by the superimposition of the pattern onto a cross-section of the Great Pyramid taken along the North-South axis. The high-amplitude transduction of the piezoelectric limestone of the pyramids creates an electromagnetic field around the structures, the movement of electrons becoming toriodal or donut-shaped.

The base length of the Great Pyramid informs the fundamental resonant tone created by the structures. Each base side of the pyramids has roughly been calculated at 760’, creating a fundamental frequency of about 1.5 hz when the pyramids are stimulated into high amplitude. The periodic pulsation of the pyramids operating at resonance creates a Fibonacci standing waveset centered on the 760’ wavelength bounded by the base of the pyramid. The angles of the standing waves exactly correspond to the slope of the pyramid’s faces: in the phi angle of 51.85 degrees. This baseline frequency of 1.5 hz has been described as the Tri-thalamic entrainment frequency shown to synchronize the pulsation of the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary gland into a unified functioning. This frequency is also the lowest frequency of Schumann Resonance, thus the function of the pyramids may indeed be to shift the fundamental frequency of the Earth down from its fluctuations near 7.3 hz to the tri-thalamic frequency of 1.5 hz.

This resonance structure is recognized as a solid-state global oscillator that functions in wavelengths of pure consciousness itself, entraining the human mind through redistribution and focusing of the global mind. Indigenous cultures across the globe recognize the Earth as a sentient being in itself, and as consciousness has a frequency that can be measured as the EEG, then the frequencies of Schumann Resonance can be understood as the vital pulse of Earth. Ancient wisdom passed on through the traditions of the Yaqui and Toltec cultures of present-day Mexico overtly describe the Earth’s emanations and the corresponding alignment of the emanations of humans, a notion described by modern science as the Frequency Following Response. The pineal gland contains microcrystalline calcite biomineralizations (Bacconier, Lang et al) that transduce frequencies of consciousness.

Another ancient wisdom tradition from Aboriginal Australia, perhaps the oldest surviving culture of humanity that stems back at least 70,000 years, describes the nature of unified consciousness as the Rainbow Snake: "Oneness is essence, purity, creativity, love, unlimited, unbounded energy. Many of the tribal stories refer to the Rainbow Snake which represents the weaving line of energy or consciousness that starts as total peace, changes vibration, and becomes color, sound, and form" (Morgan, "Mutant Message Down Under" p 149). Quantum biology and nonlinear acoustics now possess the tools to comprehend the seemingly abstract concepts of indigenous cosmovision in quantified terms. The octagonal structure of Earth’s consciousness is quantified in this work; the very shape of the collective unconscious to which sentient beings attune themselves. The Orion pyramids’ output likely induces a shift in the fundamental frequency of the Earth down to the lowest frequency of SR at 1.5 hz, allowing a parallel shift in the entrained human consciousness. Yaqui knowledge keepers precisely describe this shift in the alignment of the perception of man as an awareness of previously inaudible frequencies of infrasound:

     [T]he portion of the emanations inside man’s cocoon is in there only for awareness, and that awareness is 
     matching that portion of the emanations with the same portion of emanations at large. They are called emanations 
     at large because they are immense... inside man’s cocoon the unknown is the emanations untouched by awareness.
     When the glow of awareness touches them, they become active and can be aligned with the corresponding 
     emanations at large. Once that happens the unknown is perceived and becomes the known.
                                                                                                                       (Castaneda, "The Fire From Within" p 207)

This process of alignment that allows a heightened perception of otherwise inaudible infrasound is clearly shown by indigenous teachings to be the key to understanding the unknown; phenomena that remain for misaligned modern humanity as "paranormal."

The internal chambers of the Great Pyramid are constructed of massive rose granite blocks cut with precise right angles and perfectly planed faces, brought from the nearest granite quarry in Aswan directly to the south. The surface of the stone is covered in a thin glaze of quartz, the main constituent of granite, which is typical of a stonecutting technique now known as thermal disaggregation. I. Watkins, Professor of Geosciences at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, has designed a "Solar powered focusing and directing apparatus for cutting, shaping, and polishing", U.S. Patent No. 4,611,857 (1986) for the thermal disaggregation of stone. The lightweight unit is a parabolic reflector that focuses only a few hundred watts of light into a 2mm point capable of melting granite at a 2mm depth upon each slowly repeated pass. The notes of Garcilaso de la Vega have described the findings of the Conquistadors upon arrival in the Andes, detailing the Incas’ large gold-covered parabolic stone bowls over 10’ in diameter which were destroyed and processed into ingots. Strong similarities exist between the polygonal stonemasonry of the Andes and the pre-Egyptian Giza region, specifically the common surface glazing of quartz and perfectly rendered complex geometries, suggesting an identical advanced solar technology was used in the complex stoneworks.

Rose granite was used in the construction of the internal chambers because of its resonant properties. The quartz matrix of the granite stones is like a hall of mirrors with billions of parallel faces reflecting energy. The effect of this encasement in granite is that the airspaces can be given harmonic dimensions to specify the wavelengths, which will resonate through the formation of standing waves. The dimensions of the upper chamber reflect a 1:2 ratio, allowing standing waves of integer multiples to store acoustic energy. Acoustical engineer J. Reid carried out acoustic experiments revealing the resonant frequency of the upper chamber to be 121 hz. Resonance in the upper chamber’s granite box (erroneously dubbed the "sarcophagus") was found at 117 hz. The interaction of these slightly offset resonant frequencies was most strongly felt while inside the granite box, creating a resounding beat frequency that closely matches the human heartbeat. Reid’s subsequent research into human heartbeat rhythms revealed that the beats recorded in the granite box matched exactly those of newborn infants. As the heart rhythms of an individual change over the course of its development, an adult’s heartbeat may be entrained through the acoustic beating of the granite box to imitate the heart rate of an infant. The most astounding aspects of Reid’s work in the Great Pyramid involved cymatic experiments which are best described in his own words, revealing the tonal origin of heiroglyphic symbols.

The HeartMath Institute has shown a regulated heart rate to be crucial to the formation of a coherent electromagnetic field of the heart, and to allow intentional relaxation of the DNA helix that is associated with positive emotions. The direct correlation between the stimulated beat frequencies of the granite box and a healthy infant heartbeat suggest the chambers’ design purpose. As the effect is caused by the interactions of the slightly offset resonant frequencies of the upper chamber (121 hz) and the granite box (117 hz), the dimensions of both have most likely been calibrated to the heartbeat of a healthy newborn. The low human voice creates a resonance in the upper chamber that entrains a healthy biorhythm in a newborn infant. The granite box may have been a natal bath, the water’s surface rippling in beautiful cymatic wave patterns to be broken by the first breath of the newborn. The damaged corner of the granite box denies its ability to hold liquids suggesting a purposeful destruction, as is the case with the other granite boxes discovered.

Rather than a tomb for the dead, it appears the upper chamber and granite box were designed and used as a nativity center for stabilizing the biorhythms of the mother and child during their separation at birth. The ratio of the dimensions of the upper chamber, one-two, can also be considered a mathematical or acoustical symbolism which supports this hypothesis. Physical evidence that the chambers were designed for this purpose was discovered during early twentieth century investigations of the ascending shafts. A carved stone tool was found sealed in one of the ascending shafts of the mid chamber. The artifact is interpreted to be a peshesh khaf, used in ancient times to sever a newborn’s umbilical cord, in the ritual act separating mother from child.

The ascending shafts are directly aligned to the geographic North and South poles, having been specifically designed as receivers of the lowest frequencies of infrasound at 0.5 hz that align precisely to the shaft openings. The changes in angle of the oblong rectangular shafts are subtle and intriguing, affecting the propagation of sound in ways that are not yet understood. The location of the natal tool in the ascending shaft suggests a resonant function also related to the biorhythmic entrainment of a newborn infant. The dimensions of the 6’ long horizontal portion of the shafts are just large enough to accommodate a newborn infant. It then seems likely that the shafts were designed to focus 0.5 hz infrasound waves upon a newborn placed in the shafts as they open into the upper chamber. As there are two shafts ascending from both the upper chamber and the lower chamber, even twins could be accommodated in a natal entrainment ritual involving psychoacoustic resonance. The cranial augmentation observed of ancient Egyptian royalty may be a direct result of fetal gestation and natal biorhythmic entrainment at the Great Pyramid. The complete set of angles of the internal chambers and the pyramid entrance are clearly aligned as receivers to the Fibonacci network of standing waves (previous image).

A balanced, full-spectrum infrasound environment has been shown to stimulate both emotional relaxation and DNA helical structural relaxation, or "denaturation". Vibrational research in Russia has demonstrated a nonlocal mode of DNA communication through an omnipresent field. The interaction has often been described as holographic and based on nonlinear coupling of DNA with electromagnetic fields, a topic to be expanded upon in this chapters conclusion. As the first months after birth are well known to be developmentally influential, perhaps exposure during and after birth to the full infrasonic range may increase DNA development and a biorhythm of balanced consciousness. The cranial volumes of the Pharaonic families were extraordinary, most notably that of Akhenaton, Nefertiti and their children. Since the unusually elongated crania have been observed in statuary depictions of even the youngest children, the assumption has been made that it was genetically related. Perhaps, in light of the new acoustical data from the Great Pyramid’s chambers this assumption may be confirmed and understood to be a result of the infrasonic stimulation, the advanced art of genetic enhancement. The elongated skulls of the ruling families of ancient high civilizations may have been developed through gestational entrainment techniques under the Great Pyramid’s magnetic umbrella.

Known Ayurvedic techniques of augmenting the energetic levels of water have been associated with the vibrations of particular oils, yet the likelihood is great that the granite box in the Great Pyramid’s upper chamber may have been used to energize not only the water within the body of the bather (during gestation or otherwise), but perhaps was employed as a system to energize water that could be transported and consumed elsewhere. The most advanced energetic water technologies will be fully addressed as unique discoveries have been made in association with ancient artifacts that include sacred Sanskrit symbolism, script and depictions of the Great Pyramid at Giza thousands of miles away. The ancient notion of making a temple of the body may in fact refer to the crystallization of the liquid body for the benefit of human DNA.

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