Resonant HHO Plasma Aerial Spirals

Spiralling UFO Seen Over Australia [Photographs]

by NineMSN
June 5, 2010

Scores of people from across the country have been stunned to see what appears to be an unidentified flying object flying across the sky. NineMSN readers from South Australia, NSW, Queenland and Victoria have sent in photos of a mysterious object that spiralled across the night sky at around 5:45am this morning. It was described as a swirling light that moved from east to west across the sky for several minutes just before sunrise.

Video and photographs by Trondelag, Norway residents
December 9, 2009


These brief but giant luminous spiral displays over well-populated areas of our planet are calling for the attention of humanity. Despite the disinformation released regarding conventional rocket trails, it is quite apparent to any viewer that the luminous effect is intelligently controlled by intense magnetic fields.

The glowing spiral is certainly not the effect of an ionized rocket trail, but of superfluid HHO plasma that is being consciously controlled as a brilliant display surrounding a 4th-density plasma ship, intended to awaken the sleeping consciousness of humanity at this time of great planetary change.

This presentation is like a silent visual announcement of the presence of plasma ships in our skies, worldwide, and continues in the wake of earlier events which did not garner worldwide attention as successfully as these plasma spiral events in Norway 2009 and in Australia 2010. Previous events were captured on video by residents in Tomsk, Russia and in two northeast coastal Chinese cities, Dalian and Yantai (see below).

Video by Tomsk, Russia resident
January 3, 2006

Newsclip with video from Dalian and Yantai, China residents
January 3, 2005