Vimana Fourth-Density Craft

Ancient Sanskrit knowledge is preserved in humanity's oldest books, the Vedas of India, relating the technological feats of a civilization capable of not only airborne flight but even interplanetary travel. Yet, as in our contemporary industry, these advanced achievements were plagued by destructive technologies.

The Vedic Mahabharata text details the destructive effects of nuclear warfare with unmistakable descriptions of the mushroom cloud and radiation sickness - a text that was completely beyond modern comprehension until the events of 1945 at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The melted remains of those two modern cities informed a new understanding of the fate of ancient cities like Pakistan's Harrapa and Moenjo-daro, which evidently suffered an identical nuclear annihilation several thousand years ago as attested by still radioactive skeletons strewn about their streets.

The complex technical knowledge contained in these oldest Vedic scriptures has already produced breakthroughs in material science which provide insight into one of the most deeply veiled aspects of ancient human technology - the control of gravity. Later Sanskrit texts such as the Vimana Shastra (quoting Lohatantra), Amsu Bodhini, and Kritaka Vajra Nirnaya, contain extensive metallurgical formulations of various alloys of gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron.

Based on dictations of the texts and formulae by the late Pandit Subbaraya Shastri of Anekal (1855-1940), contemporary metallurgists in India have successfully produced alloys new to science by following the ancient manuals. Dr. C.S.R. Prabhu has documented several of these rediscovered alloys in his paper 'Ancient Indian Metallurgy':

Tamogarbha Loha: Already produced in the laboratory, light in weight, black in color, found to be resistant to acids. Displayed high level of absorption for laser light... This alloy was used in 'Tamo Yantra' in the Vimana Shastra for the purposes of absorption of light escaping from a photochemical reaction... thereby generating 'darkness'...

Pancha Loha: A copper alloy, which is highly malleable and also highly corrosion resistant to moisture and salt (NaCl) water. Already produced and characterized to possess golden yellow color (Hema Varnam)...

Arama Tamra: A copper alloy zinc, lead and iron of light absorption. Already produced and possesses golden yellow to reddish tinge. Brittle, light and... very hard, Young's modulus 16.9 (described in Sanskrit text as 'Dridham')...

The direct application of these new alloys in the advancement of gravity control technology has been experimentally tested and reported by more than one group. Fran De Aquino, physicist at Maranhao State University in S. Luis, Brazil, has precisely defined the antigravitic effects observed in the acoustic levitation of electroluminescent objects:

According to the weak form of Einstein's general relativity equivalence principle, the gravitational and inertial masses are equivalent... [To the contrary,] we have shown that the gravitational mass and the inertial mass are correlated by an adimensional factor, which depends on the incident radiation upon the particle. It was shown that only in the absence of electromagnetic radiation this factor becomes equal to 1 and that... it can be reduced, nullified or made negative by means of extra-low frequency (ELF) radiation.

We have studied the possibility to control the gravity on luminescent materials and have concluded that electroluminescent materials with high refractive indices are a new and efficient solution for gravity control technology. [Below are contactee Eduard Albert Meier's photographs of Plejaren 'beamships', with standing wave resonance maps superimposed.]

Calcite is one such ultraviolet fluorescent material that was used extensively in the construction of all of the pyramids of the world. The ancient Vedic accounts of antigravitic vimana, or solar ships, include recipes for electroluminescent metal alloys which display the same molecular properties as the pyramid stones, as well as showing the same octagonal axis-symmetric geometry. If antigravitic effects were once achieved in the pyramids for application to the human body and consciousness, what is the range of extra-low-frequency sound biocompatibility? The heartbeat - at 1.45 Hz wavelength of 765 feet - informs the base length of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The word 'pyr-a-mid' itself is of Greek origin, based on the word 'pyros' or fire and meaning 'fire in the middle'. Were biocompatible plasmas once burning in the pyramids' inner chambers?

The recently rediscovered high-energy state of hydrogen has been reported by Dr. Randall Mills, who has developed the process which releases vast amounts of energy stored within the hydrogen atom itself. Mills has defined the physics underlying this novel chemical reaction derived from water as hydrino resonant-transfer plasmas, which are now being commercially marketed for power generation by his company Blacklight Power, Inc. A very similar application of this novel reaction has been developed by Denny Klein, called HHO gas, and is now available as a plasma torch capable of sublimating any material. Both of these hydrogen-based plasma reactions produce intense infrared and ultraviolet light. Interestingly, the bandwidth of UV radiation produced is restricted to UV-A, which is beneficial to the human body, while the destructive UV-B and UV-C wavelengths are not observed.

The technical process by which HHO plasmas are formed has been defined by the Blacklight Power researchers. It involves the breaking of the molecular bonds of water by vaporized metal nanoparticles, producing a highly kinetic vapor composed of individual hydrogen and oxygen atoms. This reaction cannot occur in the presence of air, therefore a vacuum chamber is required. Once the HHO vapor fills the chamber, it is then electrified to become HHO plasma releasing energy as the H atoms shrink to one-quarter normal size.

These contemporary scientific breakthroughs shed light on the unusual experiences recounted (in Search Magazine, March 1960) by American ex-patriot Dr. Raymond Bernard in Joinville, a coastal city in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina. A very strange series of extraterrestrial contacts began while Dr. Bernard was organizing and living amongst a community of vegetarians outside of the city. The calls of a booming voice from a nearby mountaintop prompted a member of Bernard's camp to investigate the location of their origin. Eventually finding only a well-like circular shaft, measured by jungle vines to be about 300' in depth, the investigator returned equipped with ample rope to descend to its bottom:

When I came to the bottom I entered a tunnel, which I traversed for a distance of 2000 meters. I then saw with my flashlight a door of stone. While I was watching the door, it suddenly opened and I saw a very tall man with a metallic uniform, who spoke with a powerful voice and said that this was the first time that anyone ever had the courage to enter this tunnel. I first was frightened at the powerful voice of the man and wanted to run, but he called me and told me not to be afraid, as he was a very peaceful person who never did harm to any living being. So I asked him who he was to live in this cavern.

He said, "I am an Atlantean-Inca, the guardian of this door."

He asked me what I was looking for. I told him I was looking for my race, because I too am an Inca. He seemed to be very pleased to hear this. I told him I would like to visit his city, and that I had an American friend, and a wife that would like to go there too, with my children...

On this second visit to the Atlantean he delivered a lecture on radioactivity and its danger. He said that radioactive dust in the air is causing surface dwellers to age very rapidly because it accumulated in the pores of the skin and stops skin respiration. He said the pores of the skin have a constant alternate contraction and expansion and serve to take in air and expel foreign matter. In an atmosphere of radioactive dust metals, there substances clog up the pores and interfere with their vital functions of respiration and excretion. This causes disease and early death.

The Atlantean called me to come near a transparent screen to make an exchange of blood to make sure I will preserve the secret of the whereabouts of this tunnel, so that I do not reveal it to an unworthy person. When I was near the curved plastic screen, another curved plastic screen suddenly appeared from each side of the door and encompassed me, so that I found myself inside the two curved plastic screens. Then it seemed that all air was pumped out, leaving a vacuum in the space where I was between the plastic screens. Then other air entered, which seemed lighter and purer, which made me feel more healthful and stronger. Then the inside plastic door opened, and he put inside a man-sized capsule of this transparent substance which he held by handles on both sides of it, and told me to go inside the open door. After I was inside, the door automatically closed. Now the second plastic door opened and the Atlantean took hold of the handles on each side of the capsule and carried me to the other side of the inside plastic screen whose door automatically opened and shut...

He told me not to bring here any unworthy person, because he would know it in advance. I asked how. He said that with this apparatus, which he called an "electrovisor," he could behold whatever was occurring in any part of the world. If any unworthy person comes near the mountain and tries to get to the tunnel opening, certain rays confuse the person's mind, so that he is unable to continue the trip and will go off in a wrong direction.

I had some bread in a pocket. He told me not to eat the bread. He put a white pill in my hand (which was projected outside the capsule all the time), and told me this pill had the taste of many fruits. Then I withdrew my hand and the plastic material through which it projected closed. After he gave me the pill he carried the capsule with me inside to the space between the two plastic screens, as the door of the inside screen opened to admit the capsule and then automatically shut. Then the door of the capsule opened. I left the capsule, and then the door of the outside plastic screen opened and I left.

When newcomers enter, they first enter the capsule, and the Atlantean carries them to a Decontamination Chamber (the Atlantean told me). The door of the capsule opens, the person leaves the capsule, takes off his clothing, then the chamber becomes filled with vapor, which draws forth radioactive poisons from his body. The person dresses with other clothing there ready for him, then enters an "electrical apparatus," which carries him [towards] the center of the earth. I should mention that during my visits, before the door opened I heard a peculiar humming sound, which was of the apparatus with which the Atlantean came up from below, which became louder and louder as the apparatus came near, and when it came to a stop the noise stopped and the doors automatically opened. I should also mention that when a flying saucer came near my house on Saturday, June 13, 1959, in the afternoon and night, it gave off an identical hum as this subterranean apparatus, which makes me think they are both operated by the same mechanism and that the flying saucer was an apparatus of those same subterranean Atlantean's and did not come from another planet. The flying saucer came describing a spiral which descended on top of a hill about 2000 meters from my house, and then rose in a spiral manner, with a tail of light behind it. It came in the night, had a round shape and a silver color. I believe it was sent by subterranean Atlantean's, who knew where I lived and came especially near my house.

These details related by Bernard are all the more remarkable when one considers their timeframe, prior to 1960! The accounts of a peculiar loud humming that accompanied both the subterranean elevator and the vimana 'flying saucer' are now known to be extra-low-frequency soundwaves used for antigravitic control. The Atlantean's brief mention of technological remote viewing and rays that would confuse any visitor with negative intensions are also applications of ELF waves being developed by today's scientists. Blood sampling for DNA study in the screening of visitors is also logical, as modern researchers have now been able to show a genetic predisposition to psychopathic behavior.

Likewise, the lesson given by the Atlantean on radioactive dust metals in the atmosphere is confirmed by the ancient evidence of nuclear blasts in the archaeological record, as well as by modern indiscriminate use of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry. Modern medicine has also recently developed the process called electroporation that was described to Bernard prior to 1960 as a natural cellular function that has become blocked by atmospheric conditions. The detailed account of decontamination processes involving electroporation is extremely scientifically accurate, as informed by newly developed heat-resistant piezoelectric plastics such as PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) that form the vacuum chamber into which HHO gas is flooded before becoming an electrified plasma.

Further investigations of the unique properties of superfluid plasmas have been conducted by a group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led by Dr. Ketterle. The group's experiments have defined the parameters necessary for the creation of superfluid plasma beams. An infrared light ray is used as a pathway that is then surrounded by a strong encircling electromagnetic field. These conditions efficiently contain the plasma when released into the IR beam. They have found that a pair of rotating green lasers within the IR beam induces the frictionless rotation of the superfluid plasma, which subsequently forms an array of hexagonal vortices that maintain the crystalline structure of the ionized gas.

Ketterle's experimental results have apparently replicated the 'ultraviolet fog beams' related in the vast majority of extraterrestrial encounters. Physical transport via levitation in ultraviolet beams have been reported for decades, including riveting descriptions of the intense sensations of heat and light that accompany the events. The consistency of the contemporary eyewitness accounts of these advanced plasma technologies is astounding, and when analyzed in the context of the latest human technological developments one finds a profound synchronicity. Twenty-first century science has completed both the mathematical and experimental groundwork enabling a new comprehension of high-energy realms beyond common human experience.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, with the highest energy and lowest density, followed by gas, liquid and solid states. The realm of human beings is a gas-filled resonating atmosphere in which we experience a three-dimensional world. A four-dimensional extraterrestrial realm of resonant plasmas passes through and beyond the human reality, apparently inhabited by electroluminous paraphysical beings.

While still higher realms of aphysical consciousness --thought at large-- must exist, all human contact with this realm necessarily occurs via thought, dream, intuition, meditation or channeling. The channeled Cassiopaea contacts of Laura Knight-Jadczyk provide a very broad frame of reference and apt terminology which we will apply here in our discussion of the relationship of the gas and plasma realms --as 'third-density' and 'fourth-density' environments. Matter brought into the high-energy plasma environment decreases in density thus allowing molecular interpenetration. Evidence of the hyperdimensional interpenetration of matter have been found in the debris of tornadoes. One such anomaly has been described more than once --a window frame with a wood plank passing right through its unbroken pane of glass.

Superconducting plasma aerial vehicles achieve frictionless passage through air, water or stone as there is no displacement of matter, allowing velocities and maneuverability impossible for objects in third-density. The wave motion of acoustic propagation that is created in a third-density atmosphere of air is not present in fourth-density plasmas, which lack the temperature differentials that bend sound into waveforms. The fourth-density environment creates a coherent energy transfer, inducing unified telepathic consciousness without any information loss as minds are electromagnetically coupled in group synchrony.

The biocompatability of HHO plasmas accurately described in Bernard's account is quite similar to other reports of extraterrestrial encounters from other parts of the world. Michael Hesemann's breathtaking documentary film 'Ships of Light: The Carlos Diaz UFO Experience' presents overwhelming video and photographic evidence of fourth-density technology. Diaz vividly describes the initial sensation of heart throbbing at 1.45 Hz entrainment that precedes his extraterrestrial contacts. This powerful infrasound effect can now be understood as part of the propulsion system of the fourth-density craft, suggesting its invisible presence is maintained nearby before Carlos becomes aware of it. The craft then makes a luminous and visually dramatic appearance only when he has mentally prepared himself for the contact:

There is a very special sensation concentrated in the solar plexus of my body - a sensation like when one is strongly in love. This sensation sometimes wakes me up at night, and I know that I am going to have an encounter with them...

Their craft use the natural energy belts of the planet. Sometimes they enter into the belts, letting themselves flow with the energy. If they want to maintain one position they must act against the flow of the energy belts, causing the erratic movements of the craft. Once they are in the natural energy flow they travel at high speeds...

Sometimes these ships appear at a great altitude, coming down slowly to hover eventually over the ground at an altitude of one and a half feet. When it is still at a high altitude the movements of the ship are very unstable, but when it hovers over the ground it is completely static. But it also happens that the ship suddenly appears right on the spot...

At different opportunities during my encounters I experienced how a beam of light shot out of the craft. This beam of light has the purpose to bring insects, plants, pollen, small and bigger animals aboard the ship, and sometimes we too, my friend and I, were brought aboard by such a ray. This beam directly forms and emerges from the ship and consists of the same light or energy of the ship itself...

The first time he invited me consciously to go into a ship, I saw my friend getting in first. He went through this fog-like light. When more than half of his body was inside of the light his body got sucked into the object. So, what I did first is that I put one hand into the light to feel, and to my surprise it went through the light and inside I felt a nice temperature. When I took my hand out I was relieved to see it was in one piece, so that gave me the confidence to walk in, and when I had my body halfway inside the object I was sucked into it too. But once you are into it there is nothing you can see. You just see yellow light all over. You don't feel your toes. You don't feel the floor, but the sensation is very peculiar, because you feel very peaceful, with a lot of love within you.

Carlos Diaz's astonishing video footage of plasma beam technology has confounded the experts, including digital video and photo analyst Jim Dilettoso of Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona. The false assumption that the ray is a simple beam of light has caused great confusion, as the intensity of the beam increases from top to bottom over the period of three video frames or one tenth of a second. The same three-frame shift in intensity from top to bottom is also noted when the beam recedes. The constant of the speed of light denies the possibility of a single source of emanation, thus suggesting that the beam is an emission of plasma. This notion is corroborated by the recent experimental results of Ketterle's MIT group, from which we can infer that the beam is initiated as a faint ray of infrared light subsequently flooded by HHO plasma in one tenth of a second.

Brazilian farmer Urandir Oliveira provides astonishing descriptions and hard evidence of his experience of plasma beam transport into vimana fourth-density craft. The details were revealed in an interview with Urandir by science reporter Linda Moulton-Howe through Portuguese translators, regarding his September 15, 2002 transport aboard a "plasma craft... [emanating] all silver light... [and shaped] like a dish to a dish." The transport began in his bedroom while Urandir lay waiting calmly as he had been instructed by prior telepathic messages:

He picked up a book and tried to relax. A few minutes later, he realized a flash in the room. Then he felt his body like a fever warming up... The flash was sort of a light purple, or violet... The flash took the whole room and then was condensing in the form of the shape of a tube that included the bed and himself all the way from the bottom of the floor to the ceiling... And he felt sort of a paralyzing. He could not move. He really felt this fever in his body and his body on the bed. He felt his body warmer on the bed...


Yes, because it leaves the impression that something burned someone there. But knowing in advance already the beam process of abduction (from earlier encounters), he knew it was not going to be painful at all... He felt himself rising up and going through the ceiling. From the point he was paralyzed, he could not move so much...

He saw himself going through the ceiling and he could actually see the molecules between the ceiling, like if he were going through foam. Not like a foam rubber, but like a soap, more like soap bubbles, like when you wash your hands and you produce the foam that comes out in the soap. And then he is turned upright so he is standing after he crosses that point of the ceiling, going through the ceiling, in the same violet light.


Even at the height and distance he was, he could see and hear perfectly well, even better than normal, as if everything was amplified. He could see the stones falling everywhere, he could hear peoples' conversations and see them below...


It was a signal, a sign, that the beings left so that everyone would recognize that moment and everyone would know he was being abducted... As he was approaching the craft rising and saw everything that was going on down below, he goes into the first room into the craft. And it is also violet color inside this craft [where he sees a tall blonde being motioning him to enter a 'decontamination' bubble with a bed inside]...


He goes through it, feels very cold, lays down on the bed and then some sort of mist comes in and the shorts he had on disappear and in its place, some kind of other clothes materialized over his skin... [The one-piece suit] emanated a light like silvery-white neon lights... [and he was informed that] this light stabilizes his chakras and is sterilizing him from any bacteria on this planet...

[After a telepathic greeting and then walking upstairs with the blonde being to a second floor,] the wall of the craft there transforms into a monitor and they start showing scenes...

A giant galaxy was the next image, the solar system down there. On December 22, 2012, this galaxy is going to emanate a big flash of light that will affect all the suns. Every sun reflects to all the planets surrounding them and will cause a 'reversal' not only the earth, but all the planets... It's like God synchronizing the whole universe, like a synchronization ray or beam that would come from God, the creator. He said it will be seen by any creature on the planet that has eyes to see it...

[In] 2007, there will be both bad news and good news for human beings. There will be a cosmic body that moves toward or into the solar system that will affect the earth's electromagnetic fields... This electromagnetic wave will affect some places locally, different, but not the whole earth. A good example is the Etna volcano in Italy. It could erupt and kill thousands of people. The rest of the world will carry on with their normal lives...

The beings said that science has already got the knowledge, but nothing has been published yet. In the ice caps of the Antarctic, scientists will study the water and find it is more pure, free of heavy water, deuterium? He is saying they are going to find this water with less heaviness. Scientists will discover this new purer water will retard the aging process by about 80 times. People could live 300 or 400 years. The technology to extract this new water in 2007 will be available...


Some tablets with different flavors... If he wanted a meat flavor, they would give a meat flavor. If he wanted a sweet or apple flavor, he would have an apple flavor.


Water that was much lighter than our own water.


Relaxed, peaceful, joyful.

The information shared with Urandir Oliveira in this encounter is perhaps the most stunning disclosure of knowledge ever released to terrestrial humans of our age. Our ability to comprehend these concepts is ever growing, and these stark predictions are completely synchronous with the theory of magnetic resonance presented holistically in the work of this author.

Closely echoing Bernard's 1960 report, Oliveira underwent a plasma decontamination and was given fruit concentrate pills to ingest instead of the normal third-density metabolism based on the digestion of organic material. As well, he reports drinking 'light water' aboard the plasma craft, described as being free of deuterium, a low-resonance isotope of hydrogen that contaminates all terrestrial water sources. Will we soon learn of the extreme purity of water trapped in polar ice?

Furthermore, the sheet samples taken by Linda Moulton-Howe after Urandir's 2002 contact reveal the presence of one unmistakable plasma - HHO plasma. The variable energy output of HHO plasmas has left unique evidence in the fibres of Oliveira's bedsheets, from which he was lifted into the fourth-density craft above his home. His sheets contained a mixture of blue polyester fibers and white cotton fibers running perpendicularly to each other. The sheet samples collected for study confounded scientists because the polyester fibers were, in places, completely liquified around cotton fibers that were merely scorched. This effect is very unusual as cotton fibers will incinerate at temperatures far below the melting point of the polyester fibers. The HHO gas torches developed by Klein recreate the same unique effects of variable energy output depending on the vibratory characteristics of each substance being heated. In open air HHO plasma reaches 260°F, yet when in contact with metals, the temperature of the flame can increase by hundreds of degrees. Thus the disparity between the energetic interactions of the plasma transport beam with Urandir's bedsheets can be fully authenticated and experimentally reproduced using HHO ionized gas.

Corroborating evidence was also collected in the form of iron pellets which covered the ground nearby, smelted by the interaction of the fourth-density craft with the iron in the red soils of Oliveira's farm. The iron particles are attracted to the strong electromagnetic field surrounding the craft and transport beam, becoming superheated to a molten state in rotation and expelled laterally like the splatter off a rotating whisk. This same phenomenon has been described in recent hyperdimensional events in Dhenkanal and Ratria, India, as well as in the American southwest and other resonant areas of red, iron-rich soils.

The impeccability of the physical evidence from the Oliveira contacts is perhaps only exceeded by one other such case, that of Australian Peter Khoury, who has collected and preserved a single translucent hair from one of his several disturbing extraterrestrial encounters investigated by Bill Chalker:

It was not until 1996 that I heard from Peter Khoury about the hair sample that had been recovered from what may have been an alien abduction sexual assault case.

By 1998, I began an investigation into the hair sample, when biochemical colleagues agreed to undertake what was the world's first PCR (polymerase chain reaction) DNA profiling of biological material implicated in an alien abduction experience. The analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid type - one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals.

There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The study concluded, "The most probable donor of the hair must therefore be as (Khoury) claims: a tall blonde female who does not need much colour in her hair or skin, as a form of protection against the sun, perhaps because she does not require it..."

The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating further anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section...

This was very puzzling and controversial, until a 'Nature Biotechnology' paper appeared in 2000. It revealed recent findings on hair transplanting with previously incompatible hair, using advanced cloning techniques, developed in a possible cure for baldness. We seem to be seeing similar combined or "grafted" DNA in the sample recovered under controversial circumstances by Peter Khoury back in 1992.

Perhaps even more controversial is that we have findings suggestive of nuclear DNA indicating possible viral resistance. The hair sample seems to show it contains 2 deleted genes for CCR5 protein and no intact gene for normal undeleted CCR5 - this CCR5 deletion factor has been implicated in AIDs resistance. To keep a very complex story somewhat uncomplicated, what seems to be suggested by the range of findings is possible evidence for advanced DNA techniques and DNA anomalies and findings, for which we are only now discovering or starting to make sense of in mainstream biotechnology.

While the unusual experiences of Bernard, Diaz and Oliveira were of a very positive nature, the sexual assault case of Khoury is by contrast quite negative. Yet in all of these cases the powerful emotive interaction between the extraterrestrials and the contactees is obvious, as one might expect of primarily telepathic beings. Diaz provides extensive video and photographic evidence which support his experiences, while Oliveira and Khoury have collected the most convincing physical evidence of HHO plasmas and an extraterrestrial DNA sample.

When compared and contrasted, their corroborated accounts and evidence of hyperdimensional transport compellingly point to a single, remarkable conclusion: that technologically advanced Sanskrit cultures of the deep human past have not perished, but have in fact transcended our toxic third-density realm to achieve vastly extended lifespans in fourth-density plasma environments developed in subterranean chambers and flying vimana discs. The stark synchronicity of evidence from these extraterrestrial contacts with the emerging human technologies of acoustic levitation, HHO plasma, electroluminescent metals and piezoelectric plastics informs a broadened perspective. By synthesizing these scientifically described and extraterrestrially demonstrated technologies, humanity is at the threshold of a hyperdimensional transition to the unified consciousness of the fourth-density realm.

Humanity's cyclical epochs of high and low resonance are apparently determined by the fluctuating energetic states of the planet's pulsating atmosphere, whose next dramatic shift will likely involve a magnetic polar reversal culminating in a brilliant solar emanation on December 22, 2012. Advanced HHO plasma technology will soon significantly expand the consciousness and extend the lifespan of human beings, thus closing the circle of time to reunite with our advanced ancient ancestors concurrently dwelling in fourth-density.

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