Mandala Formation in Red Bluff, California

Crop Circles Crop Out

by Rebecca Wolf
May 12, 2007

Three crop circles could be seen in the field across the street from Helser Chevrolet on Adobe Road in Red Bluff Friday. Red Bluff police said they were aware of the circles but had not received any calls on the matter and were not investigating.

31st Cattle Mutilation on Red Bluff, California Ranch

by Linda Moulton-Howe
January 13, 2006

In Red Bluff, California, the Jean and Bill Barton ranch has suffered 31 cattle mutilations over the past decade. "We've had a young calf dropped through trees because he had his legs intertwined with tree branches," retells Rancher Jean Barton. A few miles north, a rancher in Anderson, California, had cattle mutilations in 1999 and 2004...

For the past half century, unusual deaths that law enforcement call "animal mutilations" have been reported around the world. Both domestic animals and wild game have been affected, especially horses and cattle. Ranchers and law enforcement have long been puzzled because animals are found with the same pattern of hide and tissue removed usually without blood from the head, sexual organs, and vaginal/rectal area. There are no signs of struggle or tracks around the dead animals, not even the animal's own tracks. That peculiar fact provoked law enforcement long ago to wonder if the mutilators came in and out of pastures from the sky?

Many ranchers have also speculated that their mutilated animals have been cut with lasers because of the bloodless nature of the excisions. In fact, pathology exams over the years have confirmed in some mutilations that cuts were made with heat energy of some kind. But another puzzle is the lack of carbon residue at the heated cut lines. Earth life is carbon-based and normal laser surgery always leaves some black carbon on surgical excisions which can be seen under a microscope...


The hyperdimensional events in the Red Bluff area are not limited to crop circles only, but also include extensive UFO sightings and cattle mutilations. These more sinister higher-dimensional aspects of reality suggest to many researchers that a strong energetic polarity exists in the manifestations in this area.

I was able to visit the site and document samples of the downed plants that showed elongated nodes and expulsion cavities (above, below) just as documented at all genuine formations worldwide.

The deeply saturated red and pink stains on the stalks of the plants are telltale signs of the brief but intense microwave exposure that is known to cause the various energetic effects associated with ground-level HHO plasma generation.

Prior energetic mandala formations in California have graced the fields directly south of Red Bluff along the very same 122.24W longitude in Solano County both in 2003 and 2004. The message of the circle makers is quite likely a warning that the sacred energy levels in these areas are not compatible with modern technologies, that must be abandoned before they ignite in our hands, as happened to a Vallejo man just further south along the 122.24W longitude.

The site of the crop formation in Red Bluff (40.189N 122.235W) is 7,311 miles from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, a resonant distance that is exactly 29.37% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). The resonance map above reveals the invisible nonlinear field of standing infrasound waves that is synchronous with the formation design - a precise mathematical structure within which the ethereal circlemakers are rendering their profound messages to humanity. The sacred mandala pattern of consciousness is bleeding through into our reality during this transformative period leading up to the magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012.