Mandala Formation in Solano County, California

Geometry Analysis of the Rockville Crop Formation Reveals Diatonic Ratios

by Dr. Jean-Noel Aubrun
October 30, 2003

The geometric properties of the June 2003 Rockville, California crop formation were derived from aerial photographs and ground measurements. Since neither photos nor ground measurements are accurate enough to assemble a perfect geometry model, these inputs were used to build a computer model representing some best fit of the data. Professional graphics/drafting software was used to obtain an idealized image of the formation...

The first striking feature on this formation is the definite pattern governing the ratios between the diameters of the various circles. As observed several times by the late Professor Gerald Hawkins in the crop formations of England, all the circles of the Rockville, CA formation are following the musical scale ratios. Specifically, if the diameter of the smallest of the circles is taken to represent the frequency of an F, all the other circles can be represented by a precise note of the diatonic scale (white keys on the piano).

Calling Fo the frequency (or note) representing the four smallest circles, one finds that the others circles can be defined by the notes C1, F1, A2, C2, G2, C3, and D4...

One may wonder at the intricate geometry revealed in this seemingly simple combination of circles. Several remarkable properties and theorems are expressed that combine diatonic ratios and new Euclidian theorems in a very sophisticated manner. The preliminary analysis of this geometry presented in this report probably merely scratches the surface, and there could be more hidden properties and meanings.

From the analysis of the geometric design itself, even as preliminary as it is, one may definitively conclude that these constructions are not the result of mere coincidences, and that their level of sophistication is much beyond an ordinary high school level education.

However, the "execution" on the ground of the intended geometry appears to have been poorly carried out, a feature that does not sit well with the idea of some advanced technology being involved.

It is not the purpose of this report to conjecture or elaborate on what or who is responsible for such paradoxical construction. This part of the analysis is at this time left to the reader to ponder upon and to other investigators and researchers to look at all the facts and data available and come to their own conclusions. All that can be said at this point is that the Rockville formation is a mystery waiting to be solved.

Research Report from Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory

by Dr. Levengood in Grass Lake, Michigan
December 8, 2003

Crop Formation: Solano County, California
Discovered June 28, 2003

Development factor tests were conducted on wheat (Triticum aestivum) seed heads, sampled by Ms. Cherly Gordon, assisted by Mr. Don Hubbard.

...[S]amples of wheat heads from the Solano crop formation turned out to provide data, which unambiguously demonstrated the influence of external energies on the growth and development of seeds from within the formation...

The seeds used in this study were collected on July 10, 2003 and on July 28, 2003... Seedling development factor (Df) tests [were] conducted July 14, on seed heads collected July 10, 2003, at the Solano crop formation.

Data obtained at the 5-day development stage... [showed] a whopping +80% increase in the seed development from the standing plants at the visible edge of the large circle, compared with a +24% increase from seeds taken from the downed plants within the circle. This, however, is not unusual. it is often found that the energy is at a maximum at the outer edge of the rotating plasmas and may ocassionally continue to show significant influence for several feet into the standing crop...

[One finds that] approximately 56% of the formation samples have seedling growth factors significantly higher than the control plants...


This impressive crop formation in Solano is certainly the largest and most complex to yet appear in California on modern record. While the Stonehenge region of England felt the first waves of this sophisticated energetic phenomenon, cereology has since encompassed the whole world. The UK crop formations frequent the resonant infrasound band at 9.0% of the Earth's circumference distance from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt. California's Solano (38.26N 122.24W) crop formation event occurred 7,457 miles from Giza, a resonant distance that is exactly 30.0% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles).

The pattern shows a true North alignment that is bent towards the magnetic North pole at the southern end of the formation, in an array of circles that do not quite show a true symmetry. The bending in the long axis of the design occurs at the central cluster of three circles, which may symbolize a molecule of water: an oxygen atom linked with 2 hydrogen atoms.

The referencing of molecular water with a bending of symmetry is a visual restatement of the microwave heating of water in plant stem nodes by which the circles are created in plasma vortices, as described in the extensive work of Dr. Levengood and his associates.

Perhaps a deeper reference can be found to water in the offset geometry from geographic N to magnetic N, in that the resonance of a body is dependent on the purity of its water composition. The asymmetry of the pattern may be a fundamental aspect of the message showing us that the water content of human beings and of Earth is contaminated by deuterium (a low resonance isotope of hydrogen), and the magnetic field has been offset and vastly reduced on our planet and in our bodies. This message is perhaps calling human beings toward the emerging sites of infrasound resonance - a new dimension of energy which can purify the water of the human body and will slowly raise the resonance and broaden the magnetic field of this planet.

The resonance maps above reveal an invisible nonlinear field of standing infrasound waves, a precise mathematical structure within which the ethereal circlemakers are rendering their profound messages to humanity. The sacred mandala pattern of consciousness is bleeding through into our reality during this transformative period leading up to the magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012.

This area in Solano County has been subsequently revisited by another crop formation kept well hidden from public awareness.