The sacred cross is embedded throughout the indigenous cultures of the world as a prime symbolism for the energy field of Earth. Found in the oldest existing books of humanity, the Vedas, this spiritual emblem is associated with the cosmic force, Om, which is the all-pervading expression of Anahata or 'unstruck sound'. Quantum physics provides a new framework of understanding of the sacred cross as a fractal code for infrasound resonance.

Alexander Putney's Magnetic Resonance maps define the phi-ordered global distribution pattern of the world's pyramids as a precise expression of the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ]. This nonlinear fractal encodes Earth's deep infrasound resonance as symbolized by the Sanskrit mandala, a square within a circle. Representing the sacred vital force of consciousness, this mandala is found in Egyptian temples as the Rose Cross, in megalithic stone circles as the Celtic Cross, in Buddhist temples as the Kalachakra or 'Wheel of Time' and in Mayan temples as a symbol of Hunab K'u, the Universal Creator.

This Resonance Atlas brings together essential images setting ancient, geometrically encoded Atlantean artifacts from all parts of the world within the context of the unified field. Magnetic Resonance mapping of the spherical distribution pattern of infrasound energy confirms that humanity once achieved the unity of consciousness through the synchronization of heartbeats at sacred sites throughout the world. The Resonance Atlas is composed of ancient artworks, mandala images and quantum maps which engage consciousness directly, without the use of language, allowing the reader to reorient themselves in the collective memory of Sanskrit wisdom.

Copyright 2009-2015 Alexander Putney

Resonance Atlas

(Free eBook, 99 pgs. - 11.7mb PDF)

With 92 color images including global resonance maps,
satellite imagery with corresponding standing wave equations,
genuine photographs of plasma ships and HHO plasma beams,
ancient mandalas and dozens of Atlantean stone and metal
artifacts from La Mana (Ecuador), Sutatausa (Colombia),
Burrow's Cave (Illinois), Inner Mongolia (China),
Puma Punku (Bolivia) and Lubaantun (Mexico)