Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Teachings


By Chögyam Trungpa, from 'The Myth of Freedom and the Way of Meditation' (2002)
January 22, 1973

Parents are very kind,
But I am too young to appreciate it.
The highland mountains and valleys are beautiful,
But having never seen the lowlands, I am stupid.

Having striven for mind's nourishment,
Sharpening the speargead of intellect,
I discovered permanent parents
Whom I can never forget.

Having no one to influence my outlook,
I display my primordial nature
And adopt the style of a youthful prince.
This is due to the only father guru.

I am busy working for others.
Pajna, penetrating all obstacles,
Has made the prince old and wise,
Fearing no one.

Dancing in space,
Clad in clouds,
Eating the sun and holding the moon,
The stars are my retinue.

The naked child is beautiful and dignified.
The red flower blooms in the sky.
It is ironic to see the formless dancer,
Dancing to the trumpet without a trumpeter.

At the palace of red ruby,
Listening to the utterance of the seed syllable,
It is joyful to watch the dance of illusion,
The seductive maidens of phenomena.

The warrior without a sword,
Riding on a rainbow,
Hears the limitless laughter of transcendent joy,
The poisonous snake becomes amrita.

Drinking fire, wearing water,
Holding the mace of the wind,
Breathing earth,
I am the lord of the three worlds.