Mandala Formation at White Sheet Hill in Wiltshire, England

Crop Circle at White Sheet Hill, Near Mere, Wiltshire - Reported 25th June

by the Crop Circle Connector
June 25, 2010

Circles Everywhere - A stunning formation appears in a really beautiful part of Western England. Whitesheet Hill is steeped in history, with ancient sites going as far back as Neolithic times.

Six key circles surround a seventh circle in the middle. Eighteen circles provide an outer ring. I dare not try and count the many more smaller circles that pepper this wonderful formation. There is a magical feel to this formation which is set in this magnificent setting connecting the ancient past to this modern day phenomenon.


This mesmerizing crop mandala at White Sheet Hill is another remarkable example of an hexagonal array of circles, seen before but never on this dramatic scale! Large, impressive formations such as this have been for many years associated with plasma orbs, which have now been captured in thousands of flash-photographs, as well as on video on many occasions, even in the act of forming a crop circle.

This vast formation displays the exact vortical alignment recorded by researchers studying superfuild plasma beams (above, right). An infrared beam encircled by a strong electromagnetic field was used to contain superfuild plasma geerated within the beam. The array of hexagonal vortices is immediately and uniformly created as green lasers are rotated within the beam, causing a frictionless votical rotation throughout the contained plasma beam.

This is precisely the same technology used by advanced extraterrestrial plasma ships in Earth's atmosphere to levitate objects, animals and human beings inside frictionless, superfuild beams of HHO plasma. The aerial HHO plasma orbs that form natural crop circles (as opposed to man-made formations) are giving humanity information about themselves, and about the physical and consciousness changes induced by human contact with 4th-density HHO plasma, which engages the holographic, superconductive capacity of DNA when fueled with electrum water.