"Who was Arajuna of Tiahuanaco?"

"Well, we believe that you are referring to one of approximately eight hybrids that ruled the area currently referred to as Central America. Hybrids being a 4th density to 3rd density transfer experiment from the Lizard race to the human race, which was abandoned after approximately 240 years of experimentation by the Lizard Beings, due to the lack of success for sustaining physical duplication, or reproduction of the race. It was one of several attempts by the Lizard Beings to directly transmit their souls into 3rd density environment for permanent placement there..."

"They have been interfering with the time cycle experienced on this plane, for quite some time as you measure it. For 74,000 years they have been interfering... in order to set up circumstances that they perceive to be beneficial for them in the measure of time that you would consider to be forward, that is, in the future. They have been going backwards and forwards in time to do this."

--The Cassiopaea Experiment

Hundreds of remarkably similar descriptions of giant extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids have been filed among innumerable UFO landing and alien abduction reports from eyewitnesses all over the world. Skulls from various Paleolithic sites strongly support the widely held claim that giant reptilian humanoids lived on Earth among human beings to receive worship, and indicate a likely timeframe from ~13,900--12,900bp.

From an archeogenetics perspective, this rational explanation for the anomalous characteristics of ancient elongated skulls is certainly worth investigating, especially considering the present status of strict government controls on genetic material from ancient dynastic cultures and associated sites.

If reptilian hybridization processes involve artificial insemination of human surrogate mothers for mid-term removal of the feti --as directly claimed by present-day victims of the alien abduction phenomenon-- novel reptilian genetic sequence would only be present in nuclear DNA, whereas the mitochondrial DNA would be fully human.

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