Mandala Formation in Bark River, Michigan

US: Crop Circle Mystery at Local Farm

by Ashley Hoholik for the Daily Press
October 14, 2011

A Bark River couple and their son discovered a set of crop circles on their property Thursday. The circles appeared in a cornfield approximately one mile from the couple's home.

According to Sue Jorasz, her son Mark had been out in the field operating a combine when he noticed something unusual.

"He got on top of the combine and took pictures with his cell phone, then called his dad," she explained.

Mark's father, John Jorasz, joined him in the field to inspect the circles. According to John, the circles appear in the middle of the corn field, and look to be perfect circles about 100-150 feet wide and 100 yards apart, though he hasn't yet measured.

"I don't know what could do that," said John. "The corn plants are bent at ground level in a counter-clockwise pattern, and it looks like a perfect circle. You almost have to see it to really understand what it looks like."

John points out that there are no stalks partially knocked over, and that any stalk still standing has not been damaged.

"It had to have happened very recently, because the corn plants are still in good shape," he said. "They aren't dried out and haven't turned black or anything."

The corn that has been flattened, however, is a loss for the Jorasz'.

"If this is a prank, someone had a lot of time on their hands, and spent their time out there doing that," he said, adding with a laugh: "It's either Halloween or some little green men, I guess."


Like the many other mandala crop formations being discovered in fields throughout the world, these geometric figures represent a warning to local residents that energetic conditions are changing in this area of Bark River. The circles are also invitations to learn about sacred geonetry and to discover the unusual new conditions being induced in these formations by focused infrasound standing waves.

The global network of crop circle locations follows an embedded formaula that is expressed mathematically by the quadratic iterated function [ zn+1 = zn2 ], which itself is a variant of the Mandelbrot Set formula [ zn+1 = zn2 + c ]. The spherical resonance mapping of this formula to the geography of the Earth is expressed from the apex of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt - and extending in parallel circles around the globe at nonlinear intervals.

Bark River, Michigan (45.71N 87.32W) is 5,956 miles from Giza, or 23.9% of the Earth's mean circumference distance (of 24, 892 miles). Related superheating events have also taken place at other resonant hotspots at this very same distance from the Great Pyramid, including nearby Mt. Pleasant, Michigan as well as in Georgetown, Guyana.

The intensifying solar flare activity is causing many diverse effects that are all inherently linked with the culminating events of December 22, 2012, which have been foretold by Apache Elder Grandfather Stalking Wolf as the coming of the Red Dawn, when the skies throughout the world will bleed red with the brilliant displays of atmospheric aurora!