Plasma Beam Induces Cellular Regeneration

Angel Light Ascends to God Light

By Phil Novak for BayToday.ca
May 12, 2005

Troy Hurtubise admits he can't program a VCR. But the North Bay inventor said he has reconfigured his see-through-walls Angel Light and used it to reverse Parkinson's disease symptoms in one patient, shrink and eliminate breast cysts in another, reduce the size of cancer tumours in lab mice, regenerate plant growth, and hasten seed germination.

Hurtubise said the device-created with major contributions from a German physicist, and the help of an electronics engineer and an electrician-has produced such "staggeringly positive" results, he will open his lab to any scientist or researcher in the world who wants to come to North Bay to investigate the God Light.

"You can use my lab for as long as you want to conduct any experiment that you want, all I ask for is a copy of your report when it's done, whether it's negative or positive," Hurtubise said, after giving BayToday.ca an exclusive demonstration of the God Light.

"My lab is open to anybody of credibility in the scientific world, who works on, say, Parkinson's, AIDS, MS, or Alzheimer's. The proof is in the pudding, and I will turn the machine on and you will see results that will amaze you."

Hurtubise has also offered $20,000 to anyone who can prove God Light or any other of his innovations are fraudulent or don't work.

"I'm saying to any critic out there to put your money where your mouth is. You come to my lab with any expert you want. You prove my fire paste, my LIMBIC and my Godlight to be fraudulent, and I will give you $20,000 cash, and openly I will be a fraud in front of the world," Hurtubise said.

"But if you can't prove them to be fraudulent, which you can't, you're going to give me 20 grand. Let's see where your mouth is now."

One scientist interviewed by BayToday.ca said Hurtubise had "rewritten" the laws of physics with the God Light. William Rieken, a PhD candidate at the Chihara Laboratory, at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), in Osaka, Japan, has co-invented the XB-2, an unmanned aerial vehicle developed for search and rescue missions.

Rieken, a computer scientist with a background in particle physics, was in North Bay Tuesday because he is considering using some Hurtubise-invented materials for the XB-2 and wanted to take back samples for further analyses. Hurtubise also gave him a demonstration of the God Light. "I think this is going to revolutionize physics and change the understanding of the concepts of science," Rieken said.

"What Troy's doing can't be done, according to the current theories and models that we have. I know a lot of physicists in Japan who would love to get their hands on this machine."

Hurtubise and the German physicist, who requested anonymity, worked together on the project using a Web cam. "First he's got engineers doing schematics, and I said 'buddy don't you get it that I am an idiot with electronics,' so he would show me what to do using the Web cam," Hurtubise said.

The engineer and the electrician provided the expertise Hurtubise didn't have, and some of the more specialized parts of the God Light were manufactured at various machine shops in North Bay.

The 26-foot device utilizes 67 high-end optical lenses and five different gases, while producing 80,000 lux of full-spectrum light. Two of the nine run on pure oxygen, and four produce electromagnetic radiation in a closed chamber, Hurtubise said.

When the God Light was completed, the physicist, sensing a possible use for it, put Hurtubise in touch with a Toronto cancer researcher. Hurtubise said he knew he was onto something after two cancerous lab mice were exposed to the device. The findings, Hurtubise said, quoting from the researcher's notes, were "beyond realistic expectations."

One mouse, Specimen C-12, had a stomach tumour, while the other, Specimen H-27, had a brain tumour. C-12 had been exposed to the God Light for 20 minutes and seven seconds, and H-27 for 18 minutes and 33 seconds. The researcher, who did not reveal his name, Hurtubise said, then extracted small skin samples from each mouse for analyses.

"C-12 had a 27-per cent reduction in the tumour, the researcher told me," Hurtubise said, adding the mouse had had prior radiation therapy.

H-27, which had had no prior therapy, Hurtubise said, exhibited a 12-per cent reduction in its tumour. "And there was no further advancement of cancer to healthy tissue, or adverse side effects detected within a 56-hour observation period," Hurtubise said, again quoting the researcher.

"Though test results are in their infancy with regards to strict scientific protocol, the preliminary findings are beyond realistic expectations," the researcher had written.

Hurtubise then went from mice to plants. He took two plants, and cut the stalks below the flowers of each plant. One cut plant was placed under the God Light and the other left alone as a control.

"And literally in three hours, bang, growth where no growth's supposed to me," Hurtubise said, while pointing to new flower heads on the plant. Colorado blue spruce tree seeds Hurtubise exposed to the God Light germinated within one week, he added.

"Those normally take three months to germinate, and mine were germinated in seven days." It was at that point Hurtubise decided to flout scientific protocol and test the God Light on people.

* * *

The Angel Light came to Troy Hurtubise in a dream, but ended up causing him nightmarish problems. The invention, Hurtubise said, was able to see through walls, detect stealth technology and disable electronics.

But there was a negative side effect to the Angel Light, Hurtubise soon discovered; repeated exposure to the light caused him to lose weight and facial hair, and he suffered a significant downturn to his health. And although the French government, Hurtubise said, wanted to purchase the Angel Light, he would only agree to do so if he could remove what he called the device's "Hyde" effect. Hurtubise worked for over three months feverishly trying to remove the effect, with no success.

But a German physicist who'd became aware of the Angel Light through a BayToday.ca article contacted Hurtubise and offered his assistance.

"The only problem is, he told me, is that in removing the Hyde effect we might also remove the Angel Light's ability to see through walls," Hurtubise said. "But at that point I didn't care."

The physicist and Hurtubise worked long-distance via the use of a Web-cam set-up, with an electronics engineer and electrician being brought it to offer the expertise Hurtubise didn't have.

When their collaboration was completed, Hurtubise, who said the physicist is responsible for creating 40 per cent of the God Light, noticed something peculiar when he placed his hand in front of one of the device's nine units-the unit that produces the original light beam.

"I held my hand there and within two or three seconds I had to pull it away because it felt like the light was going to burn a hole through my hand," Hurtubise said.

"But when I held other things in front of it, like tissue paper, wood, and other things, nothing, they were cool to the touch." The physicist, when informed of this by Hurtubise, was convinced the light had started triggering cell regeneration in Troy's hand.

"That's when he started talking about using it to treat cancer," Hurtubise said.

A cancer researcher contacted by the physicist brought two cancerous lab mice to Hurtubise's home lab for testing under the God Light.

The findings, quoting from the researcher's notes, were "beyond realistic expectations." A mouse with a stomach tumour showed a 27-per cent reduction in the tumour size after only one session, while the other mouse, which had a brain tumour, showed a 12-per cent reduction.

Hurtubise then decided he would do something that flew in the face of scientific protocol: test the God Light on himself. One week after his session under the light, Hurtubise said, the bald spots on his face were replaced with hair, and his weight returned to normal.

"I felt energetic too and was like my old self," Hurtubise said.

As well, Hurtubise's hands, which had become arthritic and stiff after hammering pieces of metals thousands of times while constructing his Ursus Mark VII bear suit, resumed their normal function, he said.

Hurtubise began talking about the apparent healing properties of God Light while being interviewed on several Internet radio programs. A southern Ontario Parkinson's disease sufferer named Gary had heard the broadcast and contacted Hurtubise.

"He was crying on the phone, begging me to treat him with God Light but I didn't want to because of liability and legal issues. And I couldn't even guarantee him it would work for Parkinson's" Hurtubise said. "But he told me he had nothing to lose and that no other treatment had helped him, so I broke down."

Hurtubise gave Gary, 37, who did not want his last name or city revealed for fear of a media onslaught, a total of two hours and forty minutes worth of treatments. "Gary called me back four days later and I didn't know who it was on the phone because before we started he had slurred speech. Think of Muhammad Ali, and that's what you were looking at," Hurtubise said.

"His third visit he came here a new man, skipping up the driveway. Are you kidding me? He said 'I feel reborn Troy. I am a man of 20 again. I am so free and you did this for me. 'I was a freak for five years before this.'"

When the German physicist heard Hurtubise had begun using the God Light on humans he became incensed, Hurtubise said. "He called me immoral and unethical for wanting to do tests on people without testing this on mice for the next five years," Hurtubise said.

"But I'm a human being with morals and empathy for people. I couldn't look at Gary and say 'sorry about your troubles pal. Come back to me in five years." That's the point he tried to get across to the physicist, Hurtubise said.

"You call me an idiot, well that's fine pal. This idiot will save life after life while you're screwing around with lab mice."

A family member became Hurtubise's next test subject. Keitha Hurtubise, married to Troy's brother Blair, suffers from Fibrocystic disease, which causes cysts to grow in her breasts. While the cysts, so far, have turned out to be benign, Keitha had had them surgically removed when they grew too large.

"I didn't want to have any more surgeries because of the scarring so that's why I wanted to try the God Light," Hurtubise, 33, said.

She was only given one 10-minute treatment on her right breast May 3 - BayToday.ca was invited to attend the session-but it wasn't long, Keitha said, before something started happening.

"It tingles," she said in an interview after the treatment. "I think something is definitely going on."

Hurtubise agreed with his sister-in-law. "The results are immediate and you will see a reduction within 48 hours, guaranteed," he said emphatically.

BayToday.ca spoke to Keitha less than 48 hours later. She said two of the cysts had reduced in circumference "from the size of a quarter to the size of a nickel." Those cysts, Hurtubise said, when contacted over the weekend, are now gone. The only side effect from the treatment, she added, was mild nausea which disappeared within a few hours.

"It's absolutely amazing, and I'm going to go back for more treatments," Hurtubise said.

Hurtubise said he's willing to provide his non-invasive God Light treatment, at no cost, to anyone with a seriously debilitating or life-threatening disease, as long as they provide their medical records. There's one disease in particular he's set his sights on: cancer.

"Cancer is a killer, a predator that knows no race, no colour. It knows no boundaries and it is a top predator," Hurtubise said. "But now the hunter is being hunted. And cancer, when I'm on your trail you're as good as dead."


While Hurtubise's claims of having built transdimensional devices seem too good to be true, such a hoax would be most easily exposed. Yet the interest of the French government, MIT and German physicists solidly confirms the truth of his claims. Also see Angel Light, Hurtubise's first version of the plasma beam device which was not suitable to use with animate matter due to radiation, which was later controlled in his God Light version.

Also interestingly, the superfluid plasma research at MIT has progressed simultaneously with Hurtubise's work in Canada, with the public announcements of their achievements coming within days of each other. This God Light article from BayToday.ca was published only five days before the MIT Newsdesk published their findings. Similar research by Dr. Randell Mills of Blacklight Power has revealed HHO plasmas to be a resonant energy source.

It seems that Hurtubise has somewhat leveled the playing field by applying information from dreams to achieve what otherwise wouldn't be pursued academically. As emphatically stressed by Troy's anonymous German physicist associate, this technology would NOT be used to heal the human body until years of thorough testing had been done.

In the United States, current FDA regulations prohibit any medical use of light and sound healing devices, and the God Light healing beam device will no doubt take many years to enter into mainstream use, and yet the FDA approves known toxic chemicals (like aspartame and fluoride) as food additives. The full healing potential of this device has yet to be realized, while the desparate state of human consciousness and well-being is everywhere evident.

Hurtubise's unconventional methods and testing, on first himself and then consenting others, should be recognized as necessary risks taken on behalf of humanity. Clearly, the future of human technology will follow from this monumental discovery of cellular regeneration induced by bioplasma beams.