Resonant Healing in Abadiānia, Brazil

The Amazing Cures of a Brazilian Miracle Man

Selection from 'The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joćo de Deus' (1997)
by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich

A gifted spirit medium, Joćo de Deus incorporates spirit entities who perform physical surgery and psychic healing through him with miraculous results.

Thoughts of our origins and the purpose of our existence most often occur in that brief moment before we slide into sleep state. When our day's work is done, we watch the six o'clock news and grow weary from too much television. In that dark, waiting state, between 'lights out' and the welcome veil of sleep, our minds will often query the reason for our being. I know I did!

I was just like you - hard-working, dedicated, ambitious-and after twenty-five years of twelve-hour days I felt I had made it... But deep inside me I often felt that life must have a greater purpose. Surely this could not be all there was to it. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, the 'Lord tooketh away'... I had the first glimpse of how fragile, how futile a purely material life really is.

It was in the following bleak months of receivership that I was forced to look for a deeper meaning to life. When the world finally stopped spinning and all I held dear was gone-marriage, wealth, properties, income and, most of all, my self-worth-it was time to look for another meaning; not, I hasten to add, the ritualism of modern religions or the zealous fanaticism of the newborn breed. My years of calculated commercialism left me with a permanent factual attitude to life, so I needed proof in cold hard facts to support any new beliefs.

I have been given the opportunity to observe, at first hand, irrefutable proof of the reason for our existence. The contents of this book are based on my personal observations.

Where we came from and where we are going are difficult questions to contemplate in our modern-day rush for financial survival. That bedlam between the Corn Flakes and the six o'clock news does not provide much time for concerted thought. It takes time, quiet time, and lots of it. It requires instruction, explanation and education on a subject which is the antithesis of materialism; one which is totally intangible, incomprehensible, another world-literally, another world.

As physical human beings, we require proof before we believe. I, for most of my life, accepted only what I could see, feel, eat or put into a cash register as real. I was the ultimate sceptic. On that memorable day in January 1996 when I first squatted on the floor of the main hall at Abadiānia, so closely I could touch the action; armed with SLR camera and flash I watched earnestly for the 'hidden card', the sleight of hand or the obvious 'set- up'. What I saw astounded me, as it astounds countless thousands of first-timers. I saw Raul rise from his wheelchair, after fifty years as a paraplegic, and walk. Still reeling from disbelief, my incredulity received a coup de grāce when I witnessed a tumour removal from a woman's eye by a blindfolded Joćo, using only a kitchen knife.

Now, having observed countless operations, healings and cures, including my own lifelong affliction of chronic asthma, I am converting those energies I wasted on scepticism and false sophistication to this simple chronicle of a man's dedication to humanity, of a scale and sincerity that defies our western logic. We all need proof as a means of verification, but sometimes, even when we see the evidence, we still find it difficult to accept because its comprehension is contrary to our western upbringing. Such is the situation with the cures of Joćo Teixeira da Faria.

Joćo is a humble man who has a twofold purpose in life: to heal the sick; and to make people aware that we are here on Earth to improve our level on the 'other side', to elevate and better the position of our souls in the hereafter by what we do in this physical life.

Although Joćo is probably the most observed, recorded and tested healing medium ever to enter this physical world, it is difficult for even the most dedicated author to compile a logical record of his life. Information about his early life is scant. As a youth he was more occupied with daily survival than recording dates and occurrences. Even simple, chronological compilation of events in correct years of occurrence is a frustrating endeavour. There are no records save those in the memories of his associates, and they differ widely.

Joćo himself is a poor source of precise details because he remembers nothing of his actions whilst incorporated by spirit, and even when he is disincorporated he is still partially under their controlling guidance. Mediums of high elevation are, for the most part, attuned to spirit levels all the time. Much like a television left on with the volume turned low, they can still function but their attention is diverted.

Even today, his works are a fast succession of miracles, performed so quickly and with such frequency it is almost impossible to record the details of one before another is underway. The sheer numbers of people who seek his help allow little time for reflection or maintenance of precise records. He operates and heals more people in one day than a large Western hospital achieves in a month. His staff members are all volunteers, but only one of them is dedicated two days each week to administrative records.

And so, to the issue of proof.

We humans are strange creatures. Sometimes we see the evidence but reject the explanation, grappling instead for our own one to fit with our narrow, limited knowledge; preferably an explanation that isn't going to rock our 'conscience boat' too much, that does not require too much in the way of a radical life-change, and that does not shake the shell of security that is our understanding and perception. In light of the evidence in this book, there is no alternative explanation.

Joćo Teixeira da Faria is the living proof. He has been tested and examined by the best scientific minds this planet can muster. He permits and welcomes these investigations in the hope that they will prove to everyone the existence of the spirit world and the importance of living correctly in this life so as to elevate ourselves in the next, instead of enduring a karmic penalty.

Joćo dedicates his life to healing the sick and incurable, without payment and without prejudice. He encourages the video recording of his daily work and welcomes the observation of anyone, especially medical doctors whose participation he particularly welcomes.

To see Joćo pass his hand over the cancerous breast of a woman who has been diagnosed with malignant carcinoma and then lift her blouse to reveal a fresh incision, neatly stitched, and the tumour gone, requires even the most reluctant observer to ask, "Who did that?". The answer to this question is connected to the one we ask ourselves on those dark quiet nights: "What's it all about?". Perhaps the life story of this extraordinary man will help you find the answers to those questions.

Joćo Teixeira da Faria is arguably the most powerful medium alive at this time and must surely rank amongst the greatest of the past two thousand years.


The full article in Nexus Magazine is quite worth reading for more complex details regarding Joćo's astounding work. His advanced spiritual attunement and ability to act as a medium for advanced spirits to perform surgery and healing can be further understood in terms of sacred geometry and planetary resonance.

The research presented throughout this site reveals that the low-frequency humming of the planet is the prime factor mitigating all interactions of consciousness. The theory of magnetic resonance posits that all sacred sites and resonant healings occur within the framework of global infrasound shaped like the ancient Sanskrit mandala - a square within a circle.

While the planetary hum likely emanates from the magnetic North pole, the precisely geopositioned pyramids have been designed to focus this energy into a coherent mandala pattern, as recounted by indigenous traditions around the world. If this hypothesis is correct, the spiritual energies enabling Joao's healings are being focused on the Abadiānia area by the octagonal geometry of the Orion pyramids at Giza, Egypt.

Abadiānia, Brazil (16.1S 48.8W) is 6,180 miles from Giza, or 24.82% of Earth's circumferencial distance (of 24,892 miles). This one-quarter circumferencial distance relationship of Abadiānia with Giza confirms the sacred geometric configuration of a square within a circle.

This same humming of planetary consciousness is also levitating boulders and weaving crop circle formations at other resonant points along this 25% radial distance from the Great Pyramid.