Subterranean tunnel systems below La Maná, Ecuador have yielded an extensive archive of over 300 metal, stone and ceramic artifacts that attest to the ancient worldwide Atlantean Kundalini culture, detailing a complex psychoacoustic technology linked with celestial springwaters and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. The artifacts are estimated to be perhaps over 12,000 years old, and include a boulder engraved with the contours of the continents of the globe as they were during the last glacial period, with large continental landmasses indicated in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that directly correspond to the legendary lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Two unusual and striking effects are demonstrated by these enigmatic Atlantean artifacts, which include a set of 13 lathe-turned stone cups, 3 mandala discs, a kundalini cobra lingam and representations of figures wearing full-body bioelectrification suits accompanied by psychoacoustic helmets. Dozens of stone masterworks show a measurable magnetism and are incised with geometric patterns inlaid with special calcite-based mortars that display a dazzling fluorescence under the influence of ultraviolet light generated by resonant HHO plasma.

Dozens of exquisite stone artifacts present intricate multi-colored inlaid patterns that relate a wealth of information revealing the advanced psychoacoustic activation of the third-eye chakra by heartbeat synchronization of the pineal gland, induced through the resonance of infrasound standing waves that converge at all sacred pyramid and megalithic temple sites in a global nonlinear distribution pattern.

Among the UV fluorescent symbols are quantum maps detailing the standing wave structure of the electron and the atom, as well as the molecular structure and crystallography of calcite -the piezoelectric mineral that comprises the limestone blocks of every pyramid and is present in the human pineal gland as biomineral microcrystals.

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Kundalini in Ecuador: The Ultraviolet Archive

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This extensive survey of advanced ayurvedic artifacts includes over 130
high-resolution color photographs in both daylight and under ultraviolet,
contextualized by comprehensive scientific explanations of the profound
psychoacoustic technologies and serially encoded quantum formulae.

The sacred crystalline springwaters of La Maná were used to generate HHO
plasma, which emits the UV light by which the inlaid stoneworks were seen
to fluoresce. The luminescence of the calcite mineral inlays of the La Maná
artifacts recreates the brilliant appearance of the Great Pyramid operating at
high resonance, its white limestone blocks brightly fluorescing under the
intense UV light of HHO plasma plumes enveloping the giant monuments.