Resonance in the Atlantean Root Language

Paleo-Sanskrit Lexicon & Cipher Keys

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
May 17, 2014

The preeminent work of one of the world's most accomplished linguists, Professor Kurt Schildmann (1909-2005), culminated in his 1994 recognition of the phonetic structure of Paleo-Sanskrit from the Indus Valley texts, a breakthrough enabling his definitive decipherment of the Indus Valley script, and by extension to the decipherment of the scripts of the Illinois Cave archive and Tayos Cave, Ecuador.

Schildmann's ability and willingness to link modern aerial phenomena with the enigmatic statements of ancient cultures has been met with strict suppression. Professor Schildmann's scholarly excellence and decisive offerings in the field of Paleolithic epigraphy are reasserted here, presenting his comprehensive cipher key and a brief lexicon referencing the Sanskrit-English Dictionary of Arthur A. MacDonell (1893):

From the book Sanskrit

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