"Creator diminishing your presence, reducing your action Jupiter, entirely, for diminishing are your 30 resonances, malevolent also, life's will is."

-Malta stone inscription

"Spaceships approaching, spaceships... Oh, for diminishing are the eternity-built workings of the stars."

"Jupiter: that preventing life from want, for the stars he is, shining Vishnu, good for protection, oh eternity, killer of suffering, for delivering works of the life of the era, oh inundation swelling."

"Jupiter: that declining brilliance, evil building, also death, reducing the good spaceships' brilliance for granting, darkness growing, oh, the era for delivering that, for the flooding."

"For brilliance is dwindling for granting the good mother, the one hero's measured breath of life, for also cursing, granting breath, works of the good life, works of the two for granting, for good."

-Glozel clay tablet texts

"Protection stopping, workings of the thundering, Mercury and the 30 resonances of spacecraft, whirring action of brilliance diminishing in protection, Speedy Messenger, spaceship of the Maker."

"Deluge Maker, vengeful is he."

"Cataclysm! Famous segregation (of terrestrial and subterran populations), to the spaceship's commander tributes be made in children. Cattle-devouring, the maker of the spaceship. Sensing strengths, feeling from Jupiter granting protection, make it so!"

"From your diminished state, oh what human races reside below, your displacing what is universal."

-Illinois Cave stone texts

Paleolithic stone and ceramic artifacts from around the world preserve a great wealth of information concerning the highly advanced Atlantean civilization and the cataclysmic events that crashed their worldwide pyramid network, thrusting terrestrial humanity into darkness and segregation from those residing below in vast, climate-controlled subterranean cities.

Enigmatic phrases from hundreds of Paleo-Sanskrit artifacts reveal the advanced aerial and spaceflight technologies of our great ancestral civilization known as Atlantis. The hieroglyphic languages of Sumer, Egypt and the Maya are descendant languages of the diaspora that followed the cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis, which today lies hidden, thousands of feet below the ocean's surface, covered in the silt residues of millennia.

High Vedic physics knowledge concerning psychoacoustics and planetary infrasound resonance are expressed in the direct language of the ancient hieroglyphs, as resolved by the breakthrough decipherment of expert epigrapher Professor Kurt Schildmann. His definitive translations provide insight into the Atlantean origin of so-called UFO phenomena, including 'alien' abduction, livestock mutilation and subterran civilizations.

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Chapter 1: Paleo-Sanskrit

Chapter 2: The Illinois Cave Archive 1 & 2

Chapter 3: Mediterranean Texts 1 & 2

Chapter 4: The Visoko Pyramids

Chapter 5: Balkan Relics

Chapter 6: Glozel, Lascaux, Chauvet and Tewet Caves

Chapter 7: Gobekli Tepe Hieroglyphs

Chapter 8: Tiwanaku Texts & Wari & Ica Artifacts

Appendix I: Psychoacoustics & Earth Resonance

Appendix II: Paleo-Sanskrit Lexicon & Cipher Keys

A comprehensive guide to the Paleo-Sanskrit
decipherment of Professor Kurt Schildmann (1909-2005),
providing the cipher key and several of Schildmann's original
translations in addition to dozens of new translations.

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The Schildmann Decipherment

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Excerpts from Schildmann's out-of-print work
Als das Raumschiff 'Athena' die Erde kippte-Indus-,
Burrows-Cave- und Glozel-Texte entziffert
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