"Soma is food for the gods." ~ Chŕndogya Upanishad

"We have drunk the Soma and become immortal.
We have attained the light the gods discovered...
One thinks to have drunk Soma... Of him...
no one ever tastes."
~ Rig Veda

"The man who supplies food hath always [his Soma] pressing stones adjusted, a wet Soma filter... he who hath this knowledge wins the luminous spheres."
~ Atharva Veda

What is this ethereal Soma that is the subject of so many ancient Vedic hymns? Soma is electrum, a special food and beverage additive consisting of gold and silver nanoparticles that are tasteless, invisible, and electroluminescent - gold nanospheres emit red light, while silver nanospheres emit blue light. Vedic wisdom clearly identifies the intracellular luminosity of electrum-enriched Soma waters and foods as endowing eternal life, directly defining a 'god' as one who 'discovered' and 'attained the light' by consuming electroluminescent gold and silver nanoparticles!

The partaking of electrum-enriched foods and beverages formed an integral rite of sacred initiation practices at all the ancient pyramids, temples and sacred sites at resonance. Identified in the Bible as showbread or manna bread, it was not made by a common baker, but by the goldsmith, to preserve the initiate from being burned in the tabernacle.

Maya wisdom prepares initiates at their sacred sites using the golden waters of Tláloc to crystallize and reawaken human consciousness, reflecting the highest wisdom of visitors from the stars as recorded by Maya ancestors in ancient times. Many renewed contacts taken up with individuals on various continents over the last several decades attest to the transdimensional use of lightwater with silver and gold nanoparticles in the ignition of HHO plasma for enhancement of consciousness and longevity through cellular regeneration processes enabling vastly extended lifespans of hundreds of years. The secrets of transdimensional travel have been revealed by extraterrestrial teachers from various confederations of peaceful planetary systems, including advanced applications of standing wave resonance for the resonant atomic transmutation processing of metals for spaceflight vehicles.

Concise explanations were given concerning the magnetic reversal of our entire solar system on December 22, 2012, and provide the timeline of specific intersecting events involving the Galactic Plane crossing, the intense blast wave of the Betelgeuse supernova and the incandescence of a Red Dwarf star at the edge of our solar system. The messages of visitors from the depths of the cosmos resonate clearly with the wisdom offerings of the indigenous Elders of Earth, preparing humanity for ascension in the resonant pulsations of worldwide aurora known as the Red Dawn, when the bleeding sky heralds the emergence of the Fifth World.

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