None is convinced in that science or religious convictions are one. The first lesson for six months should be One - One - One - One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort - Oneness - Oneness!

Edgar Cayce -- M. Blumenthal Reading 900-429

The greatest attainments of the global Atlantean civilization were achieved ~30,000 years ago by a religious order known as the 'Sons of the Law of One', whose sophisticated psycho- acoustic healing activities involved specialized wave genetics techniques that purified human bodies by immersion in HHO plasma, after first being painted with a slurry of ash.

Special waterbirthing techniques were also conducted within the Orion Pyramids for conferring genetic purity to the newborn infants. Sacred names bestowed by Atlantean parents during the height of that elevated period of high civilization on Earth reflected the unified consciousness of One Creator, as the highest expression of Divine Beauty in the human form. Many of these sacred names are still in use to this day, though their Paleo-Sanskrit meaning has been lost for thousands of years.

Advanced physics knowledge of acoustic levitation was applied by Atlantean builders at Giza for levitation of lightwater and HHO plasma from large piezoelectric stone basins cast in synthetic sandstone and limestone, and distributed at the nodal points of standing waves generated by the resonant structures. Giant glowing plumes of HHO plasma once rose from the mists above artificial lakes that once envoloped each of the pyramids.

Thoroughly fascinating accounts given by ancient historians and geographers from Greece, Rome and Persia --including Herodotus and Strabo-- support statements made by Edgar Cayce during trance readings concerning the existence of a gigantic marble and granite labyrinth consisting of 12 grand colonnaded palaces that extend southward from Giza.

The sacred Atlantean association of the prime number 7 with bioelectrical influences received from the planet Jupiter reveals special geometric references expressed in the forms of ancient Paleo-Sanskrit artifacts discovered all over the world, from the ~40,000 year-old Zurvan lioness ivory figurine found in a German Cave to the ~3,000 year-old Ayurvedic Soma Press recently recovered in Jerusalem. This profound legacy of Vedic knowledge reflects their spiritual recognition of the Law of One.

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