Resonance in the Ayurvedic Soma Press

Silver to Gold Alchemy & the Ayurvedic Soma Press

by Alex Putney
March 30, 2017

A stunning artifact coated in 24k gold was discovered in July of 2015 by workers clearing debris from a limestone chamber in an ancient cemetery in Jerusalem. While Israeli archeologists studying the 8.5kg artifact ran several tests to determine the elemental purity of the metal object, the results have not been made public for special reasons that will be revealed here, for the first time.

The size and precisely tooled geometric forms of the golden object (above) suggest its practical use in some sort of mechanical operation, as some sort of heavy tool held with two hands like a rolling pin for dough-making used today, but without the spinning axle. However, after many months of consideration, the exact function of the artifact has not been determined by any archeologists involved with the find.

The pristine condition of the artifact is indicative of pure precious metals that prevent corrosion by contact with water or air. The highly reflective object appears to be composed of solid, pure silver covered almost entirely by a fine gold coating that has been rubbed off in various places.

Large knobs on either side of the artifact fit perfectly into the palms, acting as handles designed for the manual activity of rolling --or pressing. The series of 8 deeply inset square grooves circumscribing the undular dowel, forming 7 ridges or teeth that served to press plant fibers of various kinds for a highly sophisticated purpose directly related to sacred bioelectrical functions of pyramids and temples.

Proper identification of this beautiful gold/silver object recovered in Jerusalem requires sacred knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic bioelectrification technologies developed by the Paleo-Sanskrit world-culture known as the Atlantean civilization. This ancient sacred knowledge has been lost even among the greatest Indian scholars of Ayurveda, who have confused and misinterpreted the predominant subject cryptically referenced throughout the Vedic hymns: Soma beverage, the Elixir of Life.

"Soma is food for the gods." ~ Chandogya Upanishad

"We have drunk the Soma and become immortal. We have attained the light the gods discovered...
One thinks to have drunk Soma... Of him...no one ever tastes."
~ Rig Veda

"The man who supplies food hath always [his Soma] pressing stones adjusted, a wet Soma filter...
he who hath this knowledge wins the luminous spheres."
~ Atharva Veda

What is this ethereal Soma that is the subject of so many ancient Vedic hymns? Soma is electrum, a special food and beverage additive consisting of gold and silver nanoparticles that are tasteless, invisible, and electroluminescent –gold nanospheres emit red light, while silver nanospheres emit blue light. Vedic wisdom clearly identifies the intracellular luminosity of electrum-enriched Soma waters and foods as endowing eternal life, directly defining a 'god' as one who 'discovered' and 'attained the light' by consuming electroluminescent gold and silver nanoparticles!

Ayurvedic traditions reveal the sacred function of the silver and gold artifact from Jerusalem as a Soma press, used to press juices and essential oils from sacred plants, such as ginger or neem leaves, which cause the chemical disaggregation of gold and silver nanoparticles from contact surfaces of the press.

The polished handles of the Soma press (as held above) were most likely lubricated with essential oils being extracted from plant matter, greatly reducing friction with the hands and allowing the press to be rolled effectively without any spinning central axle of the kind commonly used in rolling pins today.

Desparately clever disinformation articles and videos published six months after the artifact's discovery falsely proclaimed to have solved the mystery concerning the function of the ancient golden tool --oh, it's just a New Age bioenergetic healing tool manufactured in various sizes by a modern German company:

Weber Isis Beamer: "Universal energetic protection around the clock"... (Please note: The effectiveness of many alternative methods are not proved with conventional medicine. This is also valid for the Isis Beamer).

This silly corporate coverup may fool today's New Age consumers, most of whom remain ignorant of the basic fact that the cheap Weber replicas are made of polished brass, not high-purity silver and gold.

In reality, the ancient tool is a Soma press that must have been set into a heavy hardwood receptacle with a precisely matching series of 8 grooves that would have been slightly inclined to collect the extruded plant juices and essential oils in a shallow reservoir below the teeth of the press.

Wear-patterning on the Soma press from soft abrasion is clearly visible along its three central teeth as areas of unevenly exposed silver, where the fine 24k gold coating of the artifact has been chemically disaggregated into the plant juices extracted by the pressing process itself, just as designed.

This fine gold coating on the solid silver Soma press could not have been made using any known electroplating process because any flaking of the gold plating off the silver would not be healthy for consumption. Only ultrafine nanoparticles of gold and silver are rapidly synthesized by plant-based reducing agents, such as essential oils extruded from leaves by the rolling action of the Soma press.

Reduction of gold and silver by essential oils has only recently been identified by scientists studying ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of medicinal plants for applications in medicine and nanotechnology.

Various biochemistry studies have reported rapid synthesis of ultrafine gold and/or silver nanoparticles using extracts of alfalfa (Gardea-Torresdey et al., 2002), neem leaf (Shankar et al., 2004), aloe vera (Chandran et al., 2006), cinnamon leaf (Smitha et al., 2009), ginger leaf (Singh et al., 2011), bayberry (Huang et al., 2010), hedysarum (Forough et al., 2010), jasmine flower (Das et al., 2011), clove (Vijayaraghavan et al., 2012), geranium leaf (Franco-Romano et al., 2014) and pomegranate skin (Ahmad et al., 2011). These sacred plants were processed through Soma presses to produce the elixir.

The set of 7 square teeth that wrap around the Soma press represent Indra, the deified planet Jupiter, which --for astronomical reasons-- was closely associated with the sacred prime number 7 and the Great Pyramid candelabra symbol (presented below, which was later transfigured as the conventional Menorah of Hebrew religious tradition). The 399-day synodic period of the orbit of planet Jupiter was numerically understood in terms of multiplications of 7 with itself, according to the following calculation:

Piezoelectric oscillation of the Orion Pyramid complex at Giza was transmitted by infrasound standing waves to a global network of bioelectrification temples dedicated to Jupiter, which effectively amplify the many beneficial frequencies of planetary infrasound resonance from Jupiter received at special focal points on Earth according to the precise distribution pattern defined by the function [ zn+1 = zn2 ].

Seven lines referencing roaring infrasonic forces of the planet Jupiter were also engraved on the arm of ivory votive lioness figurines carved by the Zurvan religious tradition in Europe ~40,000 years ago. The great antiquity of advanced Ayurvedic knowledge underlying this symbolism is simply astounding.

The partaking of electrum-enriched foods and beverages formed an integral rite of sacred initiation practices at all the ancient pyramids, temples and sacred sites at resonance. Biblical accounts of the divine presence often refer to a sacred substance called manna, which was used in making holy items such as the 'bread of life' (or showbread) and the 'living water'. However, this holy bread was not simply produced by a common baker. Instead, Moses commanded the goldsmith Bezaleel to prepare manna for the 'Bread of the Presence of God' --apparently using yeast to convert silver nanopowder into gold.

Many unmistakable references preserved in the Book of Exodus confirm the biological process of atomic transmutation was used in the enrichment of food and water for the elevation of human consciousness. Advanced material and spiritual knowledge possessed by Moses is revealed in his demonstration that the presence of God is not conferred by gold idols, but by gold nanoparticles in sacred bread and water:

When Moses approached the camp and saw the calf and the dancing, his anger burned... He burnt the golden calf --melted it down, and then filed it to dust; and that the powder to which it was reduced might be taken notice of throughout the camp, he strewn it upon the water which they all drank of. He did this that it might appear that an idol is nothing in the world, he reduced this to atoms, that it might be as near nothing as could be. (32:19-20)

Sophisticated metallurgical processes mentioned cryptically in the Bible are directly supported by modern physics breakthroughs. My own fascinating experiences during development of the Geyser Reactor transmutation system in 2010-14 (below) have revealed the resonant atomic process by which the fine gold nanocoating of the Soma press from Jerusalem must have been manufactured:

Step 1: Tool's form was precisely carved in hardwood on a high-speed lathe and sanded

Step 2: High-temperature 2-piece ceramic mold of the wooden object was produced

Step 3: Tool was then cast in pure silver from the mold and polished to its perfected form

Step 4: Solid silver tool was submerged in a yeast bath for 3-4 hrs. @ 110F (43.4C)

Step 5: Cold water added to yeast bath quenches silver @ ~102F (39C), forming red nanogold

Step 6: Steps 4 and 5 were repeated several times until 24k gold coating was fully achieved

Active yeast produces carbon-dioxide nanobubbles that become absorbed into the lattice of silver atoms after hours of adsorption on exposed silver surfaces. Quenching of the metals with cold water forces the silver atoms to shrink rapidly, yet this contraction is prevented by the presence of adjacent gas atoms, which undergo quantum trapping and controlled nuclear fusion to allow the silver atoms to maintain their atomic diameter by resonant conversion into stable gold atoms.

Because each silver atom requires 6 adjacent absorbed gas atoms to convert into gold, adjacent silver atoms cannot be converted simultaneously. For this reason, a fine coating of red gold nanodots results from the first quenching event, and a solid coating of gold atoms can only be achieved by successive quenching events without dropping below ~102F (39C). If the quench drops the yeast bath temperature below this threshold, the newly formed gold atoms will actually convert to platinum atoms.

Comprehensive details concerning these reactions are presented in The Geyser Reactor (2014) ebook, illustrated with dozens of photos of various Geyser Reactors in operation, and gold coatings produced:

The yeast bath method is an astonishingly simple way to control the resonant atomic conversion of silver into gold that was certainly known to ancient civilizations in all parts of the world, having inherited in from the global Atlantean civilization. The Atlanteans developed advanced metallurgical techniques that have only recently been replicated using modern electrical equipment, requiring high-precision thermocouples and high-precision calculations of thermal expansion coefficients for every element.

The Atlanteans realized that Soma Elixir endows the Divine gift of life-force and enhanced longevity, kindling human consciousness with enhanced visual, auditory and telepathic perception described in the ancient texts as 'universal delivering' or 'samadhi'. This heightened state of synesthesia results from beneficial radiations of red and blue light within the body's cells, emitted by gold and silver nanoparticles of Soma Elixir under amplified bioelectrical conditions provided by piezoelectric pyramids and temples.

For centuries, the meaning of the term "luminous spheres" given often in the Vedic hymns has not been exactly understood. However, digital flash photography captures the flitting presence of plasma orbs (above) that display glowing geometric patterns (below) reflecting the sacred mandala [ zn+1 = zn2 ].

A thorough account of the many advanced applications of the Soma Elixir and resonant atomic transmutation of metals by various extraterrestrial civilizations for achieving transdimensional space travel is presented in Lightwater (2010), by this author. The following excerpt pertains to the most thoroughly verifiable contact case of Eduard 'Billy' Albert Meier, a farmer living in rural Switzerland:

Semjase provided Meier with Plejaren beamship metal alloy samples of a 7-stage metal conversion process from lead into a copper-nickel-silver-gold alloy, also containing traces of every stable element in a smooth curve from the heaviest elements through the lightest gases. Many aspects of this complex process were discussed during the 45th contact on February 25, 1976, in response to Meier's direct request --"Quite simply, we would like to know what sort of metal you use for your beamships?"

Semjase: This I can explain for you: We gain it from a process of conversion from lead. We extract this soft metal from many things, as for example lead-containing atmospheres from stars, from waters, from different plants, etc., as well as from the decay of different ore-stones of stars in destruction. By an, according to Earth understanding, very difficult process, we convert the lead substances we assembled into the soft metal lead, which we then change by further mechanical-chemical processes into a hard-metal form, which is much harder than your metal which you call steel. This still is unserviceable in this form for beamships, because it must be polarized by further processes of conversion into a beamship-suited alloy of a special sort and character, about which I am not allowed to give details. The final product, which must have quite certain characteristics, consists of... a copper-nickel-silver alloy, which for certain of the beamships also contains gold.

Meier: Oh yes, thus an alloy which could be produced on Earth... You mentioned a lot of manners before, in ways in which you gain the lead. Here it has struck me that you have mentioned no word of an ore mining of Earth kind. Is this sort of obtaining ores not usual with you?

Semjase: Ore-mining or other mineral mining on a planet or another star is done by us only in extreme emergency, because this process is equal to the destruction of the star. A planet or another star is never exploited in the form as is done on Earth. What the Earth human being does by that is equal to the destruction of the planet. The first evil effects of this destruction came up on the Earth already some decades ago, and at the present time it is already experiencing the pains of the destruction itself. This is to understand the way that the Earth human being exploits his planet, and robs from it its fundamental life force when he deprives it of its oil, gas and the different ores. The effect of this is that the Earth suffers shifts inside, leading to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, because the Earth is slowly breaking down into itself. The same event is generated also by the construction of dams and similar formations, which cause, by the assembled masses of water, very dangerous shifts. The worst delusion the Earth human being is performing is his subterranean and below-surface experiments with atomic bombs, as well as those cruel deep subterranean explosion tests, which he declares are atomic bomb tests, but which in truth are much more dangerous.

Copyright 2017 Alexander R. Putney