Aerial HHO Plasma Beams Over Xiamen, China

'Rain of Luminous Beams' Appears in the Sky of Xiamen Huandao Road

The Southeast Express
July 12, 2010

The singular sight lasted for nearly one hour. (Photo: Southeast Express)

Dozens of vertical luminous beams appeared in the night sky of Xiamen about 11:30pm last Friday, reports Southeast Express.

The singular sight, which lasted for nearly one hour, was first discovered by Mr. Wang's friend, a resident in Huangcuo, near Xiamen's famous Huandao Road.

According to Mr. Wang, his friend first saw several luminous beams in the sky and then told them to go outside and take a look. They were stunned by the sight before their eyes.

"At first, there were only five of them, hanging very low in the sky, but after a short while, the number increased to about 50, and they were higher and higher, just like a stave hanging in the sky," Mr. Wang said.

The Xiamen meteorological observatory said no such astronomical phenomenon was monitored by the observatory. "But it was not a meteor shower," a staff member said.


The luminous plasma columns witnessed in the night sky above Xiamen, China are an intriguing atmospheric phenomena that is being witnessed in many electromagnetic vortex areas in other parts of the world. While these examples in China are manifesting for hours in the high atmosphere, much like glowing columnar auroral formations, other similar events have been recorded in brief flare-ups near ground level, as captured by motion-sensing gametrail cameras in Longview, Texas on 9/9/9.

The nonlinear distribution of the spectacular luminous columns observed in parallel rows over Xiamen reveals their connection with invisible nonlinear standing infrasound waves, as does the location of the event itself in reference to the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt. Xiamen, China (24.47N 118.09E) is 5,233 miles from Giza, or 21.02% of the Earth's mean circumference, reflecting a resonant whole percent distance within the pyramids' infrasound standing wave network.

This exact distribution pattern of auroral columns was also just reported by astronomers mapping the alignment of quasars, Another related aspect of this unusual atmospheric activity is witnessed by events taking place nearby above the Chinese coastal cities of Dalian and Yantai, and in several other major cities throughout the world where the luminous plasma spiral displays of aerial plasma ships have been recorded by dismayed residents.