Sacred Initiation of the Maya, Mexico

Magnetic Activation of the Pyramids Through the Crystal Skulls

by Hunbatz Men, Itza Mayan Elder
October 26, 2002

The mysteries of the sacred Crystal Skulls have been recorded in the depths of time. That means that it is almost impossible for the human beings to understand them. This is the reason why thousands of people around the world feel restless; they want to know why the ancient peoples made these skulls.

Many stories have been told about these skulls and they have been made of many different materials, but the ones made of quartz have been given more importance than all the other ones. Some researchers claim that these skulls were made by men, but there is a Mayan skull that was found in Lubantun, Belize, that does not seem to have been made by men. At least, scientists have not been able to deny this belief. Even more, some of them assure that this skull was made with the laser.

As a matter of fact, nobody really knows what these skulls were used for or where they came from, but some scientists say that many of these crystal skulls were brought by the aliens to be given to the spiritual teachers and that is the reason why many Crystal Skulls have been found in many parts of the world. It is also said that the ancient initiates of all the races of the world already worshipped these skulls in their ancient temples.

To my point of view, it does not matter who made these Crystal Skulls. What really matters is to work with them since the crystal skull and the human being form a duality. The Crystal Skull and the human being make up a single unit, but the main difference between them is that the skull has more memory than us.

When all the crystal skulls of the world get together, it will be an important moment for the human beings because the memory that has been stored in these skulls will teach us how to recall our past lives. Currently, the modern human being does not know how to remember; and due to this, he does not know where he comes from or where he is going. And he does not know about his future either because he cannot remember where he came from or where he lived his past lives exactly...

There are some impressive geometric shapes that have been appearing in the fields of the European country of England, but the most impressive is the one that appeared on July 16th, 1999 in Windmill Hill, Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire County... As it can be seen, it is a large circle with a square in its center. Besides, the square has 328 small circles distributed symmetrically in its interior.

The information below was published in the magazine "Crop Circles" where Judith Moore and Barbara Lamb wrote the following: This 'Crop Circle' is the DNA chip that will evolve our mathematical capacity. Each one of these circles in an infinite fractal crystalline code, and each crystalline aspect is a fractal universe. This evolved system is the next step for mathematics on Earth. When this particular glyph becomes of collective knowledge, current mathematics will seem obsolete or primitive, like the difference between a stone axe and the laser. Qiuayon soen tra soen nas tra ka mix na ke te son tra laixwa mei ix nika. This is the ancient mantra for the activation of this process. In ancient history there were bearers of both the Mayan and Egyptian tradition that prepared the planetary essence to receive this evolutional leap. The crystalline codes were implanted in sacred sites and will be reactivated by those of you who bear the appropriate DNA codes to complete those ancient formulas and receive the mathematical formulas created in the collective mind. Those who will be part of this cosmic mission have already been reincarnated to activate this process.

The geometric writing exists, but the human being in general still can not understand it. In ancient times the peoples mastered it; for example, the Mayans could understand it and they applied this knowledge on the planning of their constructions when they built their ceremonial centers and they also applied it on their architecture. They knew that energy moves in geometric shapes using its perfect proportions.

The Greeks knew that geometry was important to understand the mysteries of life, but it was the Mayans the first ones to include it in their culture to live it everyday. The Christians speak of God, but they do not relate him to the geometric shapes. In the Mayan culture God and science are related to the geometric shapes; for example, the circle and the square are the symbol of Hunab K'u who is the Mayan God. The circle represents the movement and the square the measurement. 'The Giver of Movement and Measurement' can be found in these two crisscrossed geometric shapes; this is for the Mayas the Universal Creator...

On the initiatic work of magnetic activation we will carry out with the Crystal Skulls in the Mayan temples we will use this same geometric shapes that appeared in England. In this occasion, all the initiates and teachers will experience these geometric shapes applied to the construction of the Mayan temples, but we will also have to live them cosmically. If we observe the map that we will be using in this initiation, we will realize that the ceremonial centers of the ancient Mayas were based on a geometric planning viewed from the space just as it can be appreciated...

This map shows us that the Mayas built their ceremonial centers using the macro-geometry. We the initiates will use the micro-geometry when we perform our rituals to later connect it with the macro-geometry. Well, then, who will help us to expand this energy in order to achieve the activation of the pyramids? Well, that will be the role of the sacred crystal skulls because science has proved that quartz is able to expand energy much more quickly that human beings.

Let me tell you that this time the flowing energy will be used only for the human beings' benefit. As we previously said, the crystal skull and the human being form a single unit. When we work with this energy in the Mayan pyramids, then they will be activated and this energy will travel to the 8,000 ceremonial Mayan centers distributed in all the countries of the Mayan world to later continue its flow toward the other temples spread in the rest of the world...

The Crystal Skulls will work on the magnetic activation of the pyramids and in a natural way they will make several radiations of the cosmos to come to us. These radiations will concentrate on the axis of all and each one of the pyramids and of course in their center, too. The pyramids are huge accumulators of electromagnetic energy that will be activated by the crystal skulls together with the initiates and teachers in the Mayan temples in order to seek the human benefit. It is also important to send this energy already activated to the center of each human being skull so that he can raise his consciousness.

As a conclusion, we will quote an important fact related to the pyramids. It is worth mentioning here the scientific theory that talks about the atomic excitation that takes place in the Sun, the stars and the cosmic space. All these celestial bodies together produce a type of constant light, without any temperature or shade that is able to penetrate all the existent things. Well, when this cosmic excitation penetrates into the pyramidal constructions, it gets organized and forms perfect geometric figures, giving birth in this to the cosmic geometric writing...

We will do this work together in benefit of the natural laws, our Mother Earth, and all the human beings. It will also help us to start a communication with our cosmic family. This initiatic work will open the gate of the New Itza Age and the future generations will have a better world to live in, a world with a new consciousness achieved through this magnetic cosmic activation.


The Crystal Skulls are mnemonic tools of the Maya that recall the process of crystallization of the human body to become inorganic, like a mineral. The sacred waters of Tláloc are detailed in the codices and manuscripts of the Maya as the means of celestial transcendance of the cycle of rebirth. The ayurvedic Electrum colloid springwaters of Tlacote, Mexico and La Maná, Ecuador are prime catalysts in the holistic transformation of human consciousness initiated at the pyramids of the Maya, and indeed around the world in a mandala pattern of sacred sites. Human Resonance is the awakening of Queztalcoatl, the serpent of consciousness that has lain dormant in humanity. The sacred initiatic site of Calakmul (18.10°N 89.81°W) is 7,316 miles or 29.39% of the Earth's circumference from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.