Sacred Waters of Tlacote, Mexico

The Manuscript of the Crystal Golden Water of Tlacote

Translated by Gerardo Aceves Quetza Sha
June 17, 1996

'El Bajo' is a hacienda located about 2 km from Querétaro and about 300 km from Mexico City. Millions of people have traveled there to try the 'wonder water', which has been a great enigma since its first discovery in this area. How can simple water emerging from earth possess the power to cure diseases and soothe pain?

Profound examinations and studies have been made by the most scientifically advanced laboratories in the US, Japan, Europe, and the NASA, to define and analyze the healing properties of this water. But the only result was the fact, that the water was much purer than usual, and that it contained six additional crystalline compounds, none of which could be related clearly to the healing qualities of the water. 80% of the people to drink the water were healed of pain and disease. 20% weren't healed for karmic reasons.

The water was brought to the USA, to Central and South America, and to Europe, but unfortunately this flow of the Golden Water was impeded by certain people for political reasons. The water isn't any kind of 'wonder water', but it is crystalline water, and one doesn't need faith to experience its healing power. It is a sacred liquid causing healing changes in physical organisms.

The manuscript of the Golden Water was deciphered by the Maya-Aztek priest Gerardo Aceves Quetza Sha, who received this knowledge through intense energetic contact with the Golden Water of Tlacote both on physical and spiritual level.

Quetza Sha is offering us the explanation of this first sacred manuscript, permitting us to understand the changes in the vibrational frequencies that are about to occur in all dimensional levels, bringing great changes for humanity.

Tlacote: the Golden Waters of the Chichimeca Empire

Tlacote is a great assembly point of the ancient gods where once existed the Golden City of the Golden Water, built by the Chichimeca and the Chichicastl. In other times, our ancestors left us transcendental information. The Chichimeca created the City of the Golden Water using chants, dances and rituals of integration with the elementals. Those way entities from other dimensions appeared to share their knowledge with the Chichimeca and Chichicastl, and they wrote this information down on tree-leaves. This happened in an advanced intellectual manner, because ever since the beginning of creation man has dedicated himself to the inner quest, knowing that there is more about life than being born, growing, reproducing and dying.

Man has always been looking for something else, something that lives inside of him, and he recognized the inner light manifesting in his heart. It is this inner light that will cause the changes in humanity and that will make the dream come true, that the animal which is the human being will be able to live thousands of years. Man opens his heart to understand the revealing truth, creating consciousness and elevating his thoughts.

This process is necessary, because we must understand and solve the enigmas of earth and the planetary system, in order to develop in perfect conscience right from the beginning of creation. We meet thousands of phenomena in our life. Man calls this coincidence; spirit calls it cycles of comprehension in the evolution of man. Therefore, if a new race emerges to a new cycle of existence, this happens because the information imprinted in the subconscious of the Inner Self has been completed.

All the information we need is imprinted in the subconscious of the inner self, so it may evolve according to its individual level, remembering who it is and knowing its task on earth: 'AWAKEN, INNER SELF, and recognize your inner creation in order to understand the movements of the universe!' This is how the different races and religions developed in their particular states of evolution. Each religion in its particular language has accompanied us on a very important part of our path and accomplished the demands of a particular time. Now humanity is awakening to a new cycle of consciousness. A new race is born, constantly bringing in new knowledge and spheres of conscience, and being aware of the past, the present and the future. So we begin our incessant quest for new enigmas that will occur in life, now and in the future of humanity.

On July 11, 1991 there was a total eclipse in Mexico. It represented an integration of the sun and the moon, a fusion of two planetary spiritual entities of the same solar system in order to create the new sun under which we are living at the moment. The great changes are manifesting powerfully, and the challenges for conscience are getting more and more complicated to explain. This is the time where the bronzy race is born. The bronzy race is proceeding from the fusion of all races, cultures and religions. We must be aware of the fact that all the religions were right and on their way to absolute truth, though each one of them is vibrating in a distinct frequency. All the religions are searching for God, no matter whether he is named Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha, or Quetzalcoatl; all of them are divine entities who have left us important information concerning our evolution.

When the gates opened on July 11 in 1991, the great prophecy was fulfilled, that predicts the awakening of all our sources, not as natives, but as what we really are. That means, that we are living on earth in order to later develop spiritually on other planets too.

In their sacred cities the prehispanic people (Maya, Aztecs, Toltecs, Chichimeca, Zapoteca, Mixteca and others) have left us sacred messages in glyphs and manuscripts, supplying us with knowledge about communicating with other worlds and revealing to us who we are and where we are going.

We are all in a process of inner evolution, and each one of us is on a different level of this inner evolution. This is revealed to us in codes, manuscripts and glyphs coming from archaeological sites throughout the world. We should remember that our ancestors have left this wisdom behind for future generations, and us so the new vibrational cycle can manifest. Entering the new frequency of vibration will bring changes on earth, which we will only be able to understand, if we look into our hearts and dearly love the message revealing to us.

This message predicting the awakening of the Golden Water is sacred and was created and given to us by beings from other dimensions, so that other generations can be born, prepared for the great changes that will be produced from the center of the earth.

Tlacote is the center where the Chichimeca got in contact with entities from other worlds receiving knowledge from them about the awakening of humanity. The divine plan will be completed through the fusion of all races in this New Age, and Tlacote represents a sign of the creator of the universe.

Since the beginning of the conquest, Mexico had to live the experience of colonization. This had been arranged by a religious movement of divinities of the old world in order to delay the evolutionary process in this land. For the same reason Christianity was introduced. Because of this, almost all of the sacred messages of our gods remained unrevealed like for instance the instructions of the Father of America, Quetzalcoatl, who told us about the incarnation of higher entities in this world and how to communicate with entities in other worlds. Quetzalcoatl was a spiritual leader of the peoples of the Americas; he was the fire entity to lead them to an elevated spiritual level. He is the one to awaken the inner fire of man and the new sun of the past, present and future.

If we recognize the grandeur that lives inside of humanity, we will realize that we are gods in different states of evolution. Quetzalcoatl tells us, that we are penetrated by the divine breath in order to transform our thoughts, feelings and actions to get on with our interior and exterior evolution.

Quetzalcoatl is the deity of Central America. He is the one to facilitate the elevation of our consciousness, so that we may follow the great path of light. We must be prepared for all these changes approaching earth. We are living the Apocalypse, the time of transformation and the return of balance on earth. The first changes will proceed in Mexico and Central America, which doesn't mean, that these will be the only countries awakening. But the changes need a center to manifest, and this center is Mexico.

When we awake from our dream into the increasing inner truth, we will understand, that God is everywhere. But he created locations, where a more intense awakening is possible. That is the reason for the existence of sacred spiritual centers like Chichen Itza. It is the only place on earth, where a solar mirage descending to earth can be seen. Every year on the day of the spring equinox (March 21), the solar semen penetrates the earth to nourish our thoughts in the micro- and macrocosm. All these changes happening are no coincidence. An example is places like Tlacote, where the "awakening of the Golden Water" is occurring. These places possess a very special transcendental vibration.


The sacred awakening of the Tlacote waters of the Chichimec is also occurring at other ancient sites being simultaneously activated, notably at La Maná, Ecuador. Tlacote (20.36°N 100.08°W) is 7,709 miles or 30.9% of the Earth's circumference from the Orion pyramids at Giza. This precise distance reflects the golden ratio, as calculated by using the Fibonacci sequence (F# 138).

The complex pyramid technologies, by their geopositions, encode the complete phi geometry of the nonlinear acoustic resonance structure into which the Earth's hum is focused. The potent healing effects of the waters are most significantly achieved within the strong electromagnetic fields transduced by the calcite crystals of the pyramids.