"God created Man immortal. To witness this, only three conditions are required to be observed:

1st --create a living Space which will attract Man
to itself and to which Man has aspired.

2nd --there should be, somewhere on the Earth,
at least one person who thinks of you
with kindness and love.

3rd --never even admit the thought that you can
be overtaken by death --and this is
extremely important... The Universe
will not stand by and allow a life-
creating thought to die...

"The new civilisation, Vladimir, will be characterised by a new conscious awareness as well as by new perceptions of the surrounding world. This great principle, that has been given birth in people today, will remain invisible to ordinary sight until the appearance of the planet known as the Earth has changed. It will affect life in the Universe as a whole...

"Even though our planet is but a small particle, it is in close interaction with other parts of the Universe. Even if one small particle should change, its changes can influence the whole spectrum of the Universe."

Prescient words of Vedruss Elders from the forests of the Siberian tiaga reflect that timeless wisdom once possessed by all people. The reemergence of potent seeds of knowledge closely precedes an astronomical event that will shift the appearance of Earth and the conjoined perception of all terrestrial human beings.

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