Resonance in the Vedruss Culture

The Ringing Cedars of Anastasia's Glade

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
March 30, 2015

From the depths of the Siberian taiga, the world's largest forest, radiates a voice of wisdom that speaks directly to the human heart. Her name is Anastasia, and her family represents a continuous line of Vedruss Elders possessing profound ancestral knowledge that extends far back in time, to the advanced Paleo-Sanskrit heritage of the Atlanteans.

The Vedruss understanding of Creation embodies the timeless clarity of a culture rooted in the attuned awareness of invisible forces that synchronize human consciousness and buoy human perceptions of reality. A sacred barefoot lifestyle according to Vedic wisdom teachings, combined with careful observation and meditation on the biorhythmic relationships of all lifeforms has enabled Anastasia's mastery of Nature's way. By these means she engages in direct communications with Nature's guardian spiritforms, the luminous orbs that are seen, filmed and photographed.

The existence of this living treasure of wisdom hidden in the northern forests was boldly announced to the world by merchant and explorer Vladimir Megré, who wrote and published a series of 9 best-selling books called the Ringing Cedars of Russia. After meeting Anastasia on the Ob River in 1994, further visits inspired Vladimir to dedicate himself as Anastasia's life partner, to give her children and share her visionary wisdom with the modern world.

According to Vladimir's recapitulation, Vedruss teachings describe the deep ringing resonance of giant Siberian cedar trees that selectively focus their stored cosmic energy onto the family lineage of those who planted them as tiny seeds. Anastasia provides a refreshing ancient conception of the function of DNA in the communication between plants and humans beings in creating medicinal foods that contain a unique balance of nutrients especially selected for the person who planted the tiny seed, making contact with the plant itself and through barefoot contact with the soil from which the plant receives nourishment.

The carefully selected words of Vedruss Elders express this timeless wisdom that reflects the deeply embedded Sanskrit heritage once shared by all of humanity. As with all of the world's diverse languages, the Russian language finds it roots in the Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphic language written and spoken by the ancient Vedruss. The name Anastasia signifies 'resurrection' in the Greek language, with the more ancient Sanskrit meaning corresponding to 'incorruptable', being untainted or reflecting purity.

Anastasia possesses the pristine knowledge of Creation that extends into the invisible, extraterrestrial, and higher dimensional planes of reality, allowing her complete control over her electronic body, allowing accurate remote viewing of any place and time. Furthermore, all the individuals of Anastasia's family line are also capable of instantly transmitting their physical body through space and time at will, an advanced skill defined by her grandfather as 'psychoteleportation'. They contend that this method is the natural means for exploring the Universe that all human beings are innately capable of, given the proper Vedic training.

Other siddhis, or advanced capabilities of pure consciousness, include Anastasia's ability to regulate her body temperature to withstand below freezing temperatures for extended periods of time without any physical exertion or discomfort. Another great attainment reflects her ability to consciosly enter into an extended state of anabiosis for deep, uninterrupted remote viewing while hibernating during the winter months, sealed inside her grass-filled earthen dugout enveloped in the roots of a giant tree.

Anastasia's family glade, in the taiga forests ~25km east of the Ob River (62.65°N 66.80°E), is situated approximately 2,760 miles from Giza, Egypt, a distance representing precisely 11.0% of Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. This resonant distance interval between Anastasia's glade and the Great Pyramid also constitutes 1/9 of Earth's mean circumference (24,892 / 9 = 2,765).

These significant geometric relationships conform to the ancient global positioning system implemented by the Paleo-Sanskrit pyramid-builders for infrasonic wave focusing. Anastasia's amazing mental capabilities are induced by resonant infrasound standing waves focused by the high-precision axis-symmetric geometry of the Great Pyramid, as brilliantly designed by Vedic adepts of the Atlantean era.

Infrasound resonance-induced electromagnetic anomalies and spontaneous piezoelectric fires recur with great frequency along this 11.0% great circle distance, with highly unusual fires having been reported multiple times in Mumbai, India and explosive aquifer upwellings from a mountain above Rangrik, India.

Enhanced electrical ground currents have also been recorded at this 11.0% distance in Laukvik, Norway during periods of intense solar activity resulting in severe geomagnetic storms.

The significantly enhanced acoustic and electromagnetic fields of Anastasia's secluded forest glade has provided her long family line of Ayurvedic masters with the special conditions of consciousness that engender telepathic communication between human beings, animals and plants. Among the many unusual ancient practices of Vedic Russia, small infants were taken on aerial viewing flights by large, majestic golden eagles trained through countless generations of conscious cooperation with advanced human beings.

Ancient Vedruss knowledge extols the resonant healing properties of Siberian cedars, understanding the special role of the cedar tree in the storage of cosmic energy beneficial to Man's well-being, as concisely explained to Vladimir by Anastasia's grandfather --a man whose appearance belied an age of 119 years:

"God created the cedar to store cosmic energy... When someone is in a state of love they emit a radiant energy. It takes but a split second for it to reflect off the planets floating overhead and come back to Earth to give life to everything that breathes."

"The Sun is one of those planets, and it reflects but a tiny fraction of such radiance... Only bright rays can travel into Space from Man on the Earth. And only beneficial rays can be reflected from Space back to Earth."

"Under the influence of malicious feelings Man can emit only dark rays. These dark rays cannot rise but must fall into the depths of the Earth. Bouncing off its core, they return to the surface in the form of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, wars, etc... The culminating achievement of these dark rays is their direct effect on the Man originating them, invariably exacerbating the man's own malicious feelings."

"Cedars live to be five hundred and fifty years old. Day and night their millions of needles catch and store the whole spectrum of bright energy. During the period of the cedars' life all the celestial bodies which reflect this bright energy pass above them... Even in one tiny piece of cedar there is more energy beneficial to Man than in all the man-made energy installations taken together."

"Cedars receive the energy emanating from Man through Space, store it up and at the right moment give it back. They give it back when there is not enough of it in Space --and, consequently, in man-- or in everything living and growing on the Earth... After five hundred years of their life they start to ring. This is how they talk to us, through their quiet ringing sound --this is how they signal people to take them and cut them down to make use of their stored-up energy on the Earth. This is what the cedars are asking with their ringing sound. They keep on asking for three whole years. If they don't have contact with living human beings, then in three years, deprived of the opportunity to give back what they have received and stored through the Cosmos, they loose their ability to give it back directly to Man. Then they will start burning up the energy internally. This torturous process of burning and dying lasts twenty-seven years."

*Footnote -- Trees indeed capture a wide range of radiation beyond the visible light. Man-made antennas are but an imitation of branching pattern in trees. Both the structure of trees and the materials composing them betray natural wave receptors. Tree sap is a great conductor of electricity (this is why a tree hit by lightning virtually explodes), and static electricity was first received from amber -- a fossil resin from conifer trees.

The profound Vedic awareness of the magical taiga forest and the divine healing function of its ringing giants seems fantastical to many readers, yet these contentions are directly supported by the widely suppressed findings of nonlinear acoustics and resonant metallurgy. A powerful resonance emanates from circular pendants made from the wood of ringing cedars, presenting concentric circular growth rings that represent the sacred Sanskrit mandala depiction of planetary infrasound standing waves:

The old fellow said... this was a most unusual cedar. The piece should be worn on one's chest as a pendant. Hang it around your neck while standing barefoot in the grass, and then press it to your exposed chest with the palm of your left hand. It takes only a minute or so to feel the pleasing warmth emanating from the piece of cedar, followed by a slight shiver running through the whole body...

The old fellow confidently assured me that within three months the possessor of one of these 'ringing cedar' pendants would feel considerable improvement in his sense of well-being, and will be cured of... "any and all diseases!"

The potent healing qualities that the Vedruss Elders ascribe to the many products derived from Siberian cedars can only be preserved for direct human healing benefits through the careful application of ancient Vedic techniques. Special restrictions must be observed when preparing the resonant essential oil of the Siberian cedar nut:

I also asked my daughter and her husband to set up cedar oil production. I told them about the ancient technique I'd learned of from Anastasia... The expression was carried out using the cold pressing method, which is supposed to preserve the greatest amount of the oil's beneficial substances, and using wooden blocks. It was necessary to do this, because the cedar nut kernel and oil contain the entire periodic table [of elements], and certain elements can oxidize if they come in contact with metal. In addition, only glass containers were used during bottling...

However, it differed from cedar nut oil I'd tried in the taiga. I got the impression that it contained less life force than the taiga cedar oil... [W]e saw a change in quality as soon as we moved the whole production process --from nut storage to the pressing of the oil and its packaging-- to a village in the taiga a hundred-and-twenty kilometers outside the city [of Novosibirisk].

As replicated in antigravitic metallurgy, the presence of every element in Siberian cedar nut oil is not observed in cedar populations outside the protective taiga forest, due to the degradation of interdependent plant communities and environmental nutrients in most populated areas of the world today. The acoustical and electrical energy storage capacity of giant Siberian cedars represents the natural model after which the Atlantean pyramid network was designed --for advanced bioelectrical qi healing techniques.

However, misjudging the powerful energy bursts of both pyramids and ringing Siberian cedars can also have fatal consequences, as in the case of Anastasia's parents, who were both killed by such a fatal miscalculation. Vladimir cites Biblical references that directly support Anastasia's explanations regarding the special resonant quality of Siberian cedars that generates their ultra-low frequency ringing sound:

Cedar wood possesses special phytoncidal properties even once its been cut, so a moth will never take up residence in a closet made of cedar. And the Old Testament's King Solomon, who also seems to have known of cedar's mysterious properties, built a temple out of it, having given away several entire cities of his kingdom in exchange for certain specially chosen cedars.

But the priests were unable to perform services in the temple because a cloud formed inside it. (3rd Kings, 8:11)

This enigmatic event retold in the Bible has not been fully understood by any readers in our time or before, for it poignantly describes the acoustically-induced levitation of light water, resonant water molecules exclusively composed of protium. Nikola Tesla's infrasound resonance experiments at Colorado Springs replicated the condensation of dense fog in his lab, leading to his 1899 discovery of standing waves.

The same invisible resonant vibratory forces that underlie natural isotopic shifts of atomic and molecular structures in our atmosphere also mitigate interactions between all creatures on the Earth, perpetually inundating the surface with infrasonic wave rhythms by which all life orients itself in space-time through the expression of DNA. Electrical interaction of insects and flowers has revealed another invisible aspect of their symbiotic relationships with a great diversity of flowering plant species (Robert et al., 2013):

[B]ees have a positive electrical charge because they fly in air, which is full of all kinds of tiny particles, such as dust and charged molecules. Friction from these particles causes bees to lose electrons, leaving bumblebees positively charged. Flowers, on the other hand, "are electrically connected to ground..." Unlike copper wire, which transfers charges very quickly, plants conduct electricity very slowly and tend to possess a negative charge.

The researchers... studied how interactions between the two changed the electric fields and the bees' behavior.

They determined that when a bee lands on a flower, this generates its own electrical field, and therefore a force. It's as though a mini spark results when the two connect... "[T]he bee can sense this electrically induced force." It appears to improve the bee's memory of flower rewards, such as pollen and nectar, affecting later foraging... The flower, in turn, is electrically changed for a short period after the interaction.

This fascinating aspect of insect/plant interactions also extends to physical contacts with human beings. Insects and plants receive the same electrifying sensation and attraction for human contact, yet the electrical reward cannot be received from human beings who are not purified in body or consciousness. Only mindful human beings who have purified their physical bodies and maintain a resonant barefoot lifestyle may engage in the sacred life-giving interactions with Creation as originally designed.

Adepts of Ayurveda achieve telepathic communication with the elemental spirits of Nature, known in popular culture today as 'orb phenomena' or as ball lightning by today's scientists, which are actually sentient plasma beings that swarm around bodies of purified water where consciousness is endowed.

Anastasia's interactions with the luminous plasma entities was witnessed and retold by her grandfather:

[Three days after Anastasia's parents were killed at the Ringing Cedar, Anastasia sat at their burial mound. "She] took her first little step away from her parents' grave, then a second step. Her little feet got mixed up in the grass and her little body lost its balance and started to fall. But the fall -- well, that was something quite unusual."

"At the moment she fell, a barely noticeable bluish glow came flooding over the glade, and changed the Earth's laws of gravity just on that particular spot. It touched us too with some kind of mellow languor. Anastasia's body didn't fall, but gradually and smoothly descended to the ground. Once she got up on her feet again, the bluish light disappeared, and the normal gravitation field was restored."

"With careful and hesitating footsteps, Anastasia went over to a little branch lying in the glade and was able to pick it up. We realized she had started cleaning up the glade, as her mother had done many times. This wee little girl then carried the dry branch to the edge of the glade. But once again she lost her balance, began to fall and dropped the branch."

"During her fall, once more the bluish glow sparked into life, changing the Earth's gravitational field, and the branch flew over to the little pile of dry branches lying at the edge of the glade... Some invisible presence was carrying out little Anastasia's desires."

"But she wanted to do everything herself, as her Mama had done. And, no doubt in protest against this help from her invisible ally, she thrust her little hand into the air and waved it gently above her head... We looked up and saw it. Over the meadow we saw hanging a small spherical mass, pulsating and glowing with a pale blue light. We could see a whole multitude of fiery discharges inside its transparent covering, giving the effect of multicoloured lightening. Indeed, it was very similar to large ball lightening. But it was intelligent!"

"We couldn't tell what it was made of and what kind of intelligence we were dealing with... We could feel some kind of unknown and unseen power in it. But there was no sense of fear of this power. On the contrary, it seemed to be radiating a pleasant, languid grace. We didn't feel like moving. We just felt like being..."

"Even though it was a bright sunny day, the leaves on the trees and the petals on the flowers turned in its direction. In its bluish glow there was more power than in the Sun's rays. And it could change the Earth's gravitational field at the moment Anastasia fell -- just in the right place and at the right time. The change was so precise that her body descended smoothly, but yet was not torn away from the Earth."

"Anastasia spent a long time collecting branches. Sometimes she would crawl, at other times walk all over the meadow with slow steps, until she had cleared them all away. And the fiery sphere, still pulsating, hovered over the wee little one. But it no longer helped her pick up the branches. The powerful fiery sphere seemed to understand the gesture of her little hand and obeyed it."

"Expanding and dissolving in Space, contracting and producing internal discharges (like flashbulbs) of some kind of energy from goodness-knows-where, the sphere would momentarily disappear and then reappear, as though it were somehow excited, and this excitement caused it to sweep through space at incredible speed..."

"She stood and looked at the place where she had always slept with her Mama at this time, but now there was no Mama around... It was not clear just what she was thinking at that moment, only once again a tiny tear glistened in a sunbeam on Anastasia's face. And right away the bluish glow came pulsating across the glade, flashing at irregular intervals."

"Anastasia raised her little head, saw the pulsating mass of light, sat down on the grass and began staring at it continuously. It remained still under her gaze. For some time she just sat there staring like that. Then she held out both her little arms in its direction, as she was wont to do when summoning one of the creatures to her side. At that point the fiery sphere sparked up in a multitude of powerful lightening bolts, reaching out beyond its blue covering, and... made a dash for her arms like a fiery comet. Looking as though it had the ability to sweep away everything in its path, it took only a split second to reach Anastasia's face, start rotating and with one of its lightening flashes wipe away a tiny tear glistening on her cheek. And at this point it extinguished all the discharges and became a pale blue, faintly glowing sphere in the arms of the little one sitting on the grass."

"For a time Anastasia sat there holding it, examining it and stroking it in her hands. Then she got up, lifted up the blue sphere, and with careful steps carried it over and put it down on the place she used to sleep with her mother. And again she caressed it gently."

"The sphere took up a position on the ground and pretended to doze off, just as Anastasia's mother had done. And the little girl lay down beside it. She fell asleep. She slept there on the grass, all curled up into a ball. The sphere took flight, disappearing into the heavenly heights, then spread itself low over the glade, as though it were a blanket. Later, once more contracting into a small, pulsating ball, it took up a position next to Anastasia, who was still sleeping on the grass, and began stroking her hair. It was a strange and unusual caressing. With the most delicate luminescent and flickering threads of lightening, it took each individual strand of hair, lifted it and caressed it."

"She smiled, as she always did in the morning, and everything around her responded to her smile with an even brighter glow and accelerated movement. Then Anastasia carefully knelt down and began meticulously examining the grass and the shining, multicoloured bugs scurrying about. When she lifted up her head, the slightly worried look on her face betrayed a measure of concentration. She looked up and, even though nothing was visible up there, stretched her little arms to the sky. All at once the still air stirred, and in her hands appeared the bluish sphere. She held it up to her face, then put it down on the grass and tenderly stroked it. And we could hear their conversation. Anastasia was the only one who actually spoke, but we had the distinct impression that the sphere was understanding her and even silently responding. Anastasia spoke with it tenderly, with just a touch of sadness:"

"'You are good. You are very good. You wanted to delight me with your beauty. Thank you. But change it back, please change it back to the way it was before. And do not ever change it again.'"

"The blue sphere emitted another pulse, then lifted slightly off the ground, and the lightening discharges flashed from within. But the glowing scene did not fade. Anastasia fixed her gaze upon it and spoke to it once again:"

"'Every little beetle, bug and ant has its Mama. All Mamas love their children just the way they were born. It does not matter how many legs they have or what colour they are. You have changed everything. How will the Mamas recognize their children now? Please, make everything as it was before!'"

"The sphere gave a faint flash, and everything in the glade was restored to the way it looked before. Once again it descended to Anastasia's feet. She stroked it and offered a 'Thank-you!' She stared silently at the sphere for a while, and when she spoke to it again, her words really impressed us. She told it:"

"'Do not come to see me again. I like being with you. You are always trying to do only what is good for everyone, always trying to help. But do not come visit me. I know you have a very large glade of your own. But you think very fast, so fast that I cannot understand all at once. Only later shall I understand a bit. You move faster than everything else. Much faster than the birds and the breeze. You do everything very fast and very well, and I know that is how you must do it to get everything done, to do good in your own very large glade.

But when you are with me, it means that you are not there. So when you are with me, there is no one to do good in the other glade. Go away. You need to take care of the large glade."

"The blue sphere contracted into a little lump, and took off way up high. It began sweeping through Space, sparkling more brightly than usual, and once more plunged down like a fiery comet to Anastasia, who was still sitting in the same spot. It stayed still be her head for a while, then a multitude of tiny flickering rays reached out to Anastasia's long hair and stroked each strand individually, right down to the tip."

"'What are you taking your time for?' Anastasia said quietly. 'You should get going back to those who are waiting for you. I'll make everything alright here myself. And I will be happy to know that everything is alright in the large glade too. I shall be able to feel you. And I want you to think of me too, but just occasionally.'"

"The blue sphere began ascending, but not with its usual carefree bounce. It rose from Anastasia in fitful bursts, and finally disappeared into space. But it left something invisible all around. Each time when something happened that affected Anastasia negatively, the surrounding space would grow still, as though paralyzed. That is why you lost consciousness when you tried to touch her without her consent. She pacifies this phenomenon by waving her hands in the air whenever she can. Just as before she wants to everything all by herself."

"We asked our little Anastasia: 'What was that glowing thing that was hovering over the glade, what do you call it?'"

"She thought for a bit, and then answered briefly: 'I would call it Good, Grandpakins.'"

From the forthcoming book Akasha

Copyright 2015 Alexander Putney