Piezoelectric Fires in the Berici Hills, Italy

The Berici Hills Mystery

Sunday Express - 11 March, 1990
Guardian - 22 March, 1990

The trouble started in San Gottardo, a mountain village of 500 people above Vicenza in northern Italy, on 14 February 1990. Aldo Calgaretto saw the fuse box outside his house start to burn. Electricians found no faults, but even before they left, the new fuse box was in flames. Within two days, other bizarre events struck nearby houses on the narrow winding lane called Via Calora. Televisions switched themselves on and off, indicator lights flashed on a locked car, and armchair caught fire, as did a pair of ski boots and a plastic canopy. The electricity men returned with a sophisticated machine but the plastic switches melted.

When the fires started, Lucio Donatello, one of the joint mayors of San Gottardo, thought the village was affected by mass hysteria, but he soon changed his mind. 'One day I discovered my car engine running with all the doors locked. Then the right front door burst into flames in front of my eyes. Another time, I was given a jolt when the electric razor I was using caught fire in my hands!'

The next event was Bertilla Moran's house filling with acrid smoke. The wheelchair used by his disabled father and kept under the stairs had caught fire and was destroyed. Dozens of people began to complain of headaches, sickness, stomach pains, and skin inflammations that seemed to be resistant to medication. Pets went off their food, while sheep, goats and chickens became restless.

Police, firemen and electricity men were unable to explain the events. Reaction in the village ranged from bafflement to terror. There was talk of the devil, UFOs, Martians, the supernatural. Some experts suspected 'excess electricity produced by high-power generators at a nearby US communications base.' The only reason many refused to leave was the fear that their homes would burn down in their absence and they would lose everything. Many families took turns to sleep so there was always someone to watch for fires.


Indeed this 'natural, rare phenomenon' is a growing resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity. The fact that the authorities have assured the residents that they want to unveil the mystery is contradicted by their dismissal of the case as a 'phenomenon'. The research shared at this site fully elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal and the new solar age on our planet.

The eleven-year solar cycle reveals a connection between this and later fires in Messina, Sicily, which both begin at the Solar maximums of 1990 and 2001, preceeding the next solar shift of December 22, 2012.

The piezoelectric mineral content of the bedrock below the Berici Hills region (45.9N 11.3E) is transducing focused infrasound waves, likely amplified by the nearby US military communications output. This effect was also utilized in ancient times by the recently discovered Orion pyramids of Montevecchia, Italy to the west. This ring of resonance lies along a great circle of sites about 1,630 miles or 6.6% of the Earth's circumference distance from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, as shown in the resonance map above.