Piezoelectric Fires in Messina, Italy

Italy: Clocks in Sicily Mysteriously Jump Ahead

by Natalie Aldern for Italy Magazine
June 9, 2011

For over a week, the digital clocks in Catania have been perplexing owners by skipping ahead 15 to 20 minutes every day.

The inexplicable time changes caught the attention of two computer technicians in Sicily, who turned to Facebook to confirm the phenomenon.

Posing a question to ask if their friends and colleagues had noticed anything amiss with their clocks and radios established a definite pattern of electronic misbehavior.

Experts in the University of Catania's electronic engineering department have been unable to give a singular answer to explain the irregularity. The digital misfires could have to do with the network of power generators based in Sicily, or even with an underwater electric cable that is currently under construction.

Sicilian digital clock owners will have to go back to old-fashioned timepieces, or they are destined to be 20 minutes early for all their appointments until the electrical variations can be accounted for.

Mysterious Fires in the Messina Area

AGI in Messina
February 10, 2004

The mysterious phenomenon of the spontaneous fires that provoked fear and surprise among the residents of Canneto on the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Messina has come to a standstill in the last twelve hours. The thirty or so inhabitants of the village who were evacuated for security reasons have not yet been able to go home. Experts of the State Rescue Services continue to carry out checks whilst awaiting special machinery from Milan in order to get more precise results.

Yesterday the fires had become paradoxical and were even breaking out in water pipes or between pieces of electrical wire which had been cut and were lying on the ground without being connected to any source of energy. The electricty has been turned off in Canneto for several days but this did not stop the fires breaking out. In the course of the last few days the flames developed again and again without any plausible explanation in domestic appliances, intercoms, plugs, meters. Checks by electricity company ENEL and technicians from the RFU have for the moment excluded any link between the fires and the electrical pylons of the Palermo-Messina railway line which passes only a few metres from the houses and which the residents believe are in some way responsible.

Eolie: "Boiling Sea", Bad Weather Blocked Experts

AGI in Lipari
January 29, 2004

The bad weather, with a strong northwest wind and a stormy sea, prevent a team of technicians and experts of the Civil Emergencies Centre to make an inspection in Panarea, where the so called phenomenon of the 'boiling sea' resumed. This phenomenon is due to the creation of sulphur whirpools caused by underwater de-gasification activities. Staff from the forecast and prevention of volcanic risks of the CIvil Emergencies Centre and geo-chemists of the National Institute of Volcanology and Geo-Physics were due to make exams and analysis, after a superficial boiling with an intense sulphur smell was noticed by a fisherman among the Bottaro and Lisca Bianca reefs.

The Lisca Bianca reef was also concerned by a small landslip, as the Coast Guard and the Lipari major, Mariano Bruno, reported. This area is the same when the 'boiling see' phenomenon was observed for the first time in Nov. 2002. After a peak in December it progressively slowdown. The last inspection on the stretch of water between Bottaro and Lisca Bianca was made last Monday, when the situation seemed normal.

Update: Village Blazes Again

Jeremy Charles for The Mirror
March 18, 2004

A village hit by a series of mystery fires was in flames again yesterday, leaving experts more baffled than ever. The phenomenon began two months ago as fridges, washing machines and cookers all burst into flames for no reason.

Locals were evacuated amid calls for an exorcism but experts put the fires down to electrostatic interference from power pylons.

But just a month later, as villagers were moving back to Canneto di Caronia, near Messina, Sicily, fires have started again. Disconnected fuse boxes have burst into flames, car central locking systems blocked up and mobile phones have caught fire.

Yesterday mayor Pedro Spinnato said: "Yes, it's started all over again. Now we are back to where we started."

Last night experts, surveyors and engineers were probing the mystery.

Canneto di Caronia, This is Not Your Average Ghost Town

Tamara Ferrari
April 4, 2004

Natural phenomena, fraudulent actions or Poltergeist? What's happening in Canneto di Caronia, a small center near Messina, in Sicily, is absolutely incredible. Unexpected house fires, cars shit their doors by themselves and cellular phones turn themselves on and off... and people in panic! Real panic!

The inhabitants of Canneto had to evacuate their homes and for two months now they have been living with their friends or their relatives in other towns, while the Police, the Protezione Civile (litterally,Civic Protection) and expert investigators of electromagnetic phenomena are going around town to study the affected houses and the desert roads of Canneto in order to make assessments and find out what is really happening.

"All this has begun in January - the Mayor of Canneto, Pedro Spinnato, tells us - When some citizens had reported to the firefighters unexpected fires in their houses. At first we assumed that the problem was electrical and we called the electricians." So now the technicians from Enel, the Italian Electrical Company, have completed their first assessments but the whole region is in total chaos.

"I have seen the machineries of the technicians inexplicably signal the highest values in the measurement of electromagnetic fields", a scared citizen tells us. A technician from Enel adds: "I saw an electrical cable catch fire despite the fact that the electricity had been shut down." "At first we thought that it was our problem, therefore we connected all the cables of the area close to the railroads, the area where the first incidents took place, to an electrical generator - a technician from Enel reports - For a few days it seemed that everything was back to normal. But, unexpectedly a fire ignited in one house. We shut the electricity down, thus causing a black out in the entire region. But still there were additional fires."

The population is in total panic. The inhabitants of Canneto are asking for the help of the authorities, or that a priest will visit Canneto. Infact, while the mayor Pedro Spinnato asked for the help of the Protezione Civile and of technicians able to make assessments, someone said that it is the Devil who is responsible for all the fires. Father Gabriel Amorth, Honorary President of the International Association of Exorcists, stated: "These fires are the work of the Devil. I ask that a priest comes to Canneto to bless the houses." But the Mayor, Pedro Spinnato answers: "We don't know the cause of the fires, but, for sure, it's not the Devil."

Spinnato declared the State of Emergency for the entire area. The Protezione Civile installed a machine in every house to monitor all telephone conversations. "We want to understand what is causing the fires," Pedro Spinnato explains, "but recently we experienced additional strange phenomena."

The Magistracy excluded that these fires were the result of fraudulent actions, the Protezione Civile and the CNR's technicians decided to liquidate the matter and define it 'a natural, rare phenomenon." But now new, alarming episodes are occuring. "The new problems are with cars and cellular phones that are shutting themselves on and off without human command," Spinnato tells us.

The Police have already seized some cars and telephones. The authorities have assured the scared inhabitants that they want to unveil the mystery. Doctor Giuseppe Maschio, professor at the University of Messina and member of the Great Risks Commission of the Protezione Civile, has been called to Canneto to make additional assessments. The Ministry of Italian Communications has sent new telephones for the survey of electromagnetic fields and one team of experts from the Navy. "They will perform meteorological, geophysical and electromagnetic monitoring in order to understand the causes of the fires and to prevent the re-occurrence of these accident", they explain while they are getting to work.


Indeed this 'natural, rare phenomenon' is a growing resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity. The fact that the authorities have assured the residents that they want to unveil the mystery is contradicted by their dismissal of the case as a 'phenomenon'. The research shared at this site fully elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal and the new solar age on our planet.

The piezoelectric calcite content of the limestone bedrock below the Messina region (37.88N 14.30E) is transducing focused infrasound waves into a very strong electromagnetic field. This same effect was utilized by the Sanskrit megalithic temples of Malta and the Sanskrit megalithic dolmen of the Black Sea coast of Russia.

All three sites share the same distance from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, geopositioned at an exact distance of 1,120 miles or 4.5% of the Earth's circumference, as shown in the resonance map above. Waves of piezoelectric fires previously scorched Italy's Berici Hills and are simultaneously occurring in Ratria, India, Bodibe, South Africa, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.