Piezoelectric Water Chambers of Perperikon, Bulgaria

Bulgaria Discovers Biggest Ancient Water Tank on the Balkans

By Novinite.com
August 17, 2007

Bulgarian archaeologists announced they have discovered the biggest ancient tank for storing water on the Balkans, etched into the rock sanctuary of Perperikon, near Kardzhali in southern Bulgaria.

Top archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov, who unearthed the water tank to add it to the long list of exciting finds from the rock sanctuary, says the discovery proves that there were times when Perperikon was densely populated and with huge water supplies.

The tank, measuring twelve-meter-long, six-meter-wide and six-meter-deep, has a capacity of 432,000 litres.

It was just last month that Ovcharov showed the press two unique ceramic figurines of a cobra, dragon heads and a throne with an upright phallus that were discovered at the rock sanctuary of Perperikon.

The city of Perperikon has been inhabited since around 5000 BC, while a nearby shrine dedicated to Orpheus, near the village of Tatul, dates back to 6000 BC and is older than the Pyramids of Giza.


The Perperikon ancient sacred site shows all of the hallmarks of the Sanskrit kundalini sacred technology found throughout the world, often in gigantic dimensions. The piezoelectric calcite and quartz content of the stones are used to resonate the calcite biomineralizations of the pineal gland, inducing a hemispheric synchronization in the brain.

The water chambers discovered by archaeologists were quite likely used for the resonant production of free energy frmoo HHO plasmas as replicated by US researchers at Blacklight Power and Hydrogen Technology Applications. The world's ancient pyramids reflect this same design function by focussing standing waves of infrasound into their piezoeletric stone stuctures and chambers, hence the name 'pyr-a-mid' - a Greek word meaning 'fire-in-the-middle'. Other ancient sacred sites which likely functioned in this way include the Huashan caves of China and Giza's Orion pyramids among myriad other complex artificial subterranean facilities.

The complete set of synchonous features reveals that the piezoelectric temples were designed to transduce the sacred infrasound pulsation focused by the Orion pyramids. Perperikon, Bulgaria (41.69N 25.54E) is 866 miles from Giza, a distance that is 3.47% of the Earth's circumference.