"The discovery of the stationary terrestrial waves [indicates]... that, despite its vast extent, the entire planet can be thrown into resonant vibration like a little tuning fork; that electrical oscillations suited to its physical properties and dimensions pass through it unimpeded, in strict obedience to a simple mathematical law, has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Earth, considered as a channel for conveying electrical energy... is infinitely superior to a wire or cable...

~ Nikola Tesla, 'Tuned Lightening', 1907

Nikola Tesla's most profound discovery -the existence of 'stationary terrestrial waves' by which he resonantly powered his wireless devices- went unpublished and unknown to the world for 35 years after his death. The Tesla Museum published his discovery in the Colorado Springs Notes in 1978, and in that same year a boy named Alex was born on a small Caribbean island, who would later spontaneously complete Tesla's unfinished theory. By the age of 26, Alex Putney had intuitively applied four-dimensional mathematics to produce spherical maps of Earth's standing wave infrasound patterns, and presents an astonishing perspective on the unfolding human reality that overturns many presently-accepted scientific, political, cultural and spiritual apperceptions.

While physicists now struggle to find a real-world application for quantum theory, Putney holistically applies quantum iterated functions to specific places and events, penetrating the great mysteries of the human spirit and informing a new understanding of DNA and phenomena of consciousness such as autism, savant syndrome, reincarnation, psychoacoustics, energy healing and crop circles. Alex's experience of synesthesia inspired the development of quantum maps that reestablish the ancient Sanskrit knowledge of Akasha - the invisible creative force of the cosmos. Fascinating past life continuities reveal the hidden thread of knowledge that binds consciousness through the karmic process of reincarnation, linking the inventive ability of Tesla with the life's work of an inventive mind of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

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Tesla's Rebirth

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