Galactic alignment induces Earth's magnetic field reversal with the Sun, down-shifting planetary resonance from 8 Hz to 1.45 Hz
resulting in the global synchrony of human consciousness, the new solar age of vaporous skies ablaze with the perfect red light
* * *
The binary nature of our solar system becomes observable to astronomy as the brown dwarf companion star of our Sun approaches
the orbit of Pluto and its dormant surface reignites with a vibrant red light and our solar twins become visible to the naked eye
12. 21. 2023
+ Concentric circles, line clouds and anomalous light refraction signal termination of the Galactic Wave Cycle on November 3, 2024

12. 14. 2023
+ 560'-tall Vrtra Underground Pyramid discovered in Unalakleet, Alaska; positioned directly below the 480'-tall Vrtra Dome structure

12. 10. 2023
+ UFO contacts from Ganymede detail evacuation of the 5th planet, linking Atlantean origins with the Aldebaran Mothership of 11 worlds

12. 02. 2023
+ Pyramids of Yuk 2 presents giant geopolymer headbands, gestation yokes and the green, glowing blood of dwarves in Puerto Rico

11. 03. 2023
+ Pyramids of Yuk reveals the sunken Bimini Road, mariculture nurseries, shell mounds, geopolymer metates and levitation spheres

10. 16. 2023
+ Nordic ET Bloodlines from Wolf 359c linked with haplogroup U5a and UFO bases below the UK, Norway, Spain, Italy and Canada

09. 21. 2023
+ Area 51 Decrypted: Tesla's radar and invisibility cloaking inventions were applied in the Aurora Program's TR-3B iii Astra Supercruiser

08. 08. 2023
+ 'Alien Interview' (1991) was recorded at Area S4 at Papoose Lake, NV --directed by 'Curious' George Scherf, Jr., 41st US President

07. 20. 2023
+ Ferrite cement veins emit the 'Fire of Life'; vital forces for biophtonic enhancement of cellular metabolism, optimizing DNA repair

06. 20. 2023
Dr. Salvatore Pais discusses the Unified Field and condensed pasma physics enabling use of free energy from the quantum vacuum

05. 22. 2023
+ Discovery of the Pyramids of Aarat in Ukraine's Carpathia Mountains confirms Edgar Cayce's readings and the Plejaren ET contacts

04. 22. 2023
+ Ron Wyatt's 1982 discovery of the Ark of the Covenant revealed the properties of a radiant alloy containing gold and moscovium-296

02. 20. 2023
+ Siddha Master alchemy techniques facilitate bulk conversion of mercury into gold by phonon resonance at calculated temperatures

02. 02. 2023
+ 1938 excavation of the Dzopa caves in Bayan-Har, China recovered 716 magnetic granite discs linked with superheavy isotope Mc296

10. 25. 2022
+ Rasayana elixirs of Agharta enable teleportation and healthy lifespans exceeding 300 years by illuminating the qi meridian system

10. 12. 2022
+ 3D cranial reconstruction of giant Homo draconis shows ridges shielding pit organs, along with venom glands and fused molar roots

06. 15. 2022
+ Firestone of Oak Island contains gold and osmium flecks, while radium alloys were discovered below Nevada's Black Rock Desert

05. 31. 2022
+ Metamaterials of Ajax of Ode invented 30,000 years ago include aurichalcum, black geopolymer magnetite, and geopolymer jaspers

05. 09. 2022
+ High-speed aurichalcum levitation sleds of the Ax-Telos sledline run >1,340 miles underground, linking 14 Atlantean city complexes

04. 11. 2022
+ The 'Nazarene One' Jesinavarah is recognized as Thiaoouban Master Aarioc, preparing humanity for ascension to 4th-density

11. 05. 2021
+ Lithium is confirmed as a phonon transfer agent for positronic fluids, replicating cyclical transmutation cascades in human blood

08. 15. 2021
+ Using ancient pyramids as UFO bases, ET visitors from many worlds interact selectively with Earth humans for dual purposes

08. 07. 2021
+ Quantum properties of Soma elixir are induced by photon, electron and neutrino emissions of Ag/Au nanocolloids with osmic acid

06. 22. 2021
Anastasia visits an off-world 'invasion center' where ETs are developing a glowing transmutation medium for weaponizing emotions

06. 08. 2021
+ Quantum healing capability of nanocolloids prepared in the Tunguska chalice reveals it as a phonon reactor: the Chalice of Life

05. 10. 2021
Inversions of Earth's magnetopause induced by incoming supernovae blastwaves of Betelgeuse and Cassiopeia from the nightside

05. 09. 2021
Supernova in the Cassiopeia constellation brightens suddenly to M5.5, after its initial appearance observed at M9 on March 19, 2021

02. 22. 2021
+ Grand Canyon's Hopi Temple Complex identified; Garuda Bell from West Virginia matches the Kalpa Vigraha of Lo Manthang, Nepal

11. 01. 2020
+ Meteorite-borne threat of pneumonic plague resurges in 2020 with the dramatic increase in meteoric debris from the brown dwarf

10. 07. 2020
+ Quantum predators reside below boulder fields of 'Ringing Rocks' --the ruins of Atlantean temples razed by the Baal ET consortium

09. 16. 2020
+ Baal consortium uses Atlantean pyramids as UFO bases for predatory abductions harvesting adrenochrome and GDF11 from blood

07. 03. 2020
+ Mg57Zn2Al1 quasicrystal superconductor identified and linked with phonon resonance transmutation of bismuth to gold & platinum

04. 19. 2020
+ Swiss UFO contactee Eduard Meier implies Plejaren beamship fleets monitoring supernova disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere

04. 14. 2020
+ Magnetic geopolymer pavements discovered worldwide, composed of Atlantean 'firestone' tiles containing ferromagnetic metals

04. 14. 2020
+ The Parantha, Entiat & Kamiah pyramid complexes of the Northwest US are identified by UFO sightings and Sasquatch encounters

04. 10. 2020
+ Betelgeuse supernova blastwave precursor disturbs Earth's magnetosphere 13 days prior to calculated wavefront arrival date

03. 27. 2020
+ 3D reconstruction of Puma Punku temple complex reveals Atlantean 'firestone' gateways for giants, humans, hobbits and gnomes

12. 26. 2019
Imminent supernova of supergiant star Betelgeuse confirmed by a sharp 60% drop in intensity from October to December, 2019

11. 25. 2019
+ Karuk & Hupa Pyramid Complexes of Northern California identified in association with clusters of giant Sasquatch encounters

10. 15. 2019
+ Paleo-Sanskrit bloodlines of Zu identified as mtDNA haplogroups D1 and D4h3a; founding lineages of the American continents

09. 19. 2019
+ Pyramids of Zu discovered in Ravalli County, Montana; an immense Atlantean city with the tallest pyramid in the world at 731' (223m)

07. 13. 2019
+ Atlantean Aurichalcum Reactor Products & Specifications are made available for sale by Alexander Putney at Human-Resonance.org

07. 03. 2019
+ Atlantean superalloy 'aurichalcum' is recreated by phonon transfer alchemy, converting Cu into Ti3Au biocompatible superconductor

04. 20. 2019
+ Psychoacoustic architecture of 4 gnome temples at Puma Punku has been reconstructed, with gateways of resonant golden alloys

03. 18. 2019
+ Granite obelisks at Axum, Ethiopia display Paleo-Sanskrit texts and signs of geopolymer manufacturing by the Atlantean civilization

12. 20. 2018
+ Light refraction by HHO plasma sheets induces never-seen-before rainbow effects, signaling termination of the Grand Cycle

12. 18. 2018
+ Atlantean titanium steel manufacturing processes now easily replicated by resonant atomic transmutation of iron into titanium

12. 18. 2018
+ UFO abductees reveal ET/human hybridization dynamics exemplified by living human specimens presenting clear ET physiology

08. 06. 2018
+ Phonon transfer alchemy facilitates resonant transmutation of lead into gold, confirming the methods of Franz Tausend in the 1920s

06. 30. 2018
+ Phonon transfer alchemy process enables resonant atomic transmutation of copper surfaces into silver and gold nanocoatings

06. 24. 2018
Earth and entire solar system enter a magnetic null zone preceding Geomagnetic Reversal and the Betelqeuse supernova blastwave

05. 11. 2018
+ 5G microwave attacks being emitted from high-tech hollow fiberglass poles installed in May, 2017 at the La Maná Pyramid Complex

04. 28. 2018
+ Streaks of HHO plasma were recorded on Comet 67P by the Rosetta spacecraft, moving along unseen infrasound standing waves

04. 06. 2018
+ Earth's water vapor canopy recorded over Russia by the ISS live video feed, covering the entire eastern hemisphere of the planet

04. 06. 2018
+ The Norimitsu Ôdachi is the largest samurai sword ever found, made in 1447 for a giant Nephilim warrior of the Muromachi Period

03. 28. 2018
Purple, glowing HHO plasma auroral formation envelops ISS again, NASA responds by shutting off the ISS live feed to the public

03. 26. 2018
Red, pink, orange, green and purple HHO plasma auroral formations are recorded on video my amazed residents in Athens, Georgia

03. 26. 2018
Red, glowing HHO plasma auroral formation entirely envelops the ISS, threatening severe electrical failures as Earth's auroras expand

03. 23. 2018
+ GOES-16 satellite records red auroral formations along latitudinal bands --across the entire United States, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

03. 14. 2018
+ Sky stone of Kangbe, Sierra Leone is identified as a siloxonate geopolymer colored with indigo dye, invented by Atlantean chemists

02. 23. 2018
+ Giant rock art murals of Chiribiquete, Colombia display geopolymer refaçading and pictograms translated as Paleo-Sanskrit texts

02. 06. 2018
+ Earth's core slows rotation in a periodic 5.913-year Length Of Day Oscillation resulting from passes of our sun's binary companion star

01. 26. 2018
+ Chromotherapy eliminates Leishmania protozoan parasites by exposure of lesions to red light (644 nm) in 12-minute sessions

12. 29. 2017
+ ~10,000-year-old antler from Golebiewo, Poland bears Paleo-Sanskrit script echoing texts from pyramids in Bosnia and Ecuador

12. 18. 2017
+ Streaking ground-level sprites and a giant, glowing plasma dome recorded on home security camera in Prairieville, Louisiana

12. 05. 2017
+ Past life memories and psychic readings reveal US censorship: Tesla's companion Lillie B. Delaney was erased from history

11. 15. 2017
+ Immanuel & Jesinavarah: Deciphering the Story of Jesus reveals the Bible as an alamgamation of two distinct spiritual teachers

10. 05. 2017
+ Ultrafine gold-coated artifacts reveal Nahuange alchemical knowledge of resonant transmutation of copper into silver and gold

10. 02. 2017
+ Psychoacoustic whistles and cannabis smoke induce hemispheric synchronization, enhancing biophoton emission of blood and skin

10. 01. 2017
+ Governmental weaponization of the Leishmania protozoa is overcome by Cayce's nano-iodine and bioelectrification treatments

10. 01. 2017
+ Cayce predicted the sudden illumination of a Red Dwarf binary solar companion, completing a 36,666-year Precession cycle

10. 01. 2017
+ The Red Dwarf Alignment of December 18-21, 2015 preceded Magnetic Reversal and reignition of a Brown Dwarf companion star

09. 06. 2017
+ Cosmic signs preceding the Red Dawn triggered by the Betelguese supernova blastwave indicate arrival on December 21, 2017

07. 09. 2017
+ Subterranean complexes of the gnome humanoid species in Casper, Wyoming and Kamiah, Idaho were cast in geopolymer basalt

04. 17. 2017
+ Resonant atomic transmutations occurring in the blood and skin enhance biophoton emission from qi meridians of the human body

04. 11. 2017
+ One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort!"

03. 30. 2017
+ Ancient Ayurvedic manufacturing process of the Soma Press employed simple methods for resonant transmutation of silver into gold

03. 21. 2017
+ Red, orange, purple and pink auroras form in 2017, signaling approach of the Red Dawn prophesied by Apache and Hopi Elders

03. 16. 2017
+ Magnetic basalt geopolymers are identified at Twyfelfontein and Kuidas Camp, Namibia --cast from powdered stone, clay and ash

02. 22. 2017
+ The Circular Force of infrasound resonance induces cloud circles, ice circles, rotating islands and fog domes in 2016 and 2017

02. 01. 2017
+ Atlantean votive names reveal a psychoacoustic society that flourished nearly 30,000 years ago in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

12. 17. 2016
+ Suzanne Benoit's 'Message to Mom' --advice that everyone should take to heart during these times of great change on Earth

12. 04. 2016
+ PizzaGate reveals the Satanic rituals of the ruling class cause kuru --a neurodegenerative disorder resulting from cannibalism

10. 26. 2016
+ Magnetopause destabilization intensifies from October 21-26, preceding a blastwave released from the Betelgeuse supernova

10. 18. 2016
+ Geomagnetic Reversal begins in October, 2016, as geomagnetic disturbances prompt government warnings and preparations

10. 18. 2016
+ Resonant transmutations in deep space generate extraterrestrial isotopes of aluminum in meteorites and uranium in red rain cells

10. 08. 2016
+ Recent scientific findings support the reality of HHO plasma regeneration, inducing the flow of carbonic acid in the DNA core

09. 16. 2016
+ Impressive Paleolithic ivory figure from Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave represents a Zurvan lioness idol that dates back to ca. 40,000bp

07. 05. 2016
+ Edgar Cayce's readings for the Sons of the Law of One detail the Atlantean psychoacoustic society of the pyramids ca. 29,900bp

04. 26. 2016
+ Psy-op 1988 Hollywood film 'Beetlejuice' was designed to obfuscate the significance of the Betelgeuse supernova and binary cycle

10. 11. 2015
+ Worship of reptilian giants in Africa, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Isles linked with an exoplanetary interspeciation program

10. 07. 2015
+ Authentic 1947 autopsy video of a Reticulum grey hybrid is supported by ancient skulls presenting nanotechnological circuitry

08. 13. 2015
+ Survey of skulls from ancient cultures implicate the giants of Paracas, Peru as hybrids of a much larger species of nephilim giants

08. 10. 2015
+ Giant skull from Alacao, Ecuador reveals exoplanetary genetics of hybrid kings, confirmed by archeology and channeled sources

07. 29. 2015
+ Photo reveals the kakamora --diminutive hobbits thriving on Makira, of the Solomon Isles, a hybrid species derived from gnomes

06. 03. 2015
+ The Baltic Sea Object is an Atlantean monument dedicated to Jupiter, the One, cast in titanium-loaded magnetic basalt 'firestone'

05. 03. 2015
+ Megaceramic jars of the La Maná Pyramids are identified as semiconductor onggi that electromagnetically sterilize their contents

04. 24. 2015
+ Magnetic earthenware sherds from the Hummingbird Pyramid contain quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, nickel, iron and laterite inclusions

04. 17. 2015
+ Magnetic basalt pavement stones from walkways of the Hummingbird Pyramid contain fine particles of iron, nickel and pyrite
03. 30. 2015
+ Taiga sage Anastasia shares Vedruss knowledge of the resonant properties of Siberian cedar nut oil that contains every element
03. 07. 2015
+ High-tech alloys and metallic geopolymer stones from Ark of Noah confirm the Great Flood as the second destruction of Atlantis
02. 07. 2015
+ Indonesia's Padang Pyramid consists of metallic andesites identified as Atlantean firestone --still generating a strong EM vortex
01. 17. 2015
+ Synchronous channels present a mosaic of prophetic information containing accurate predictions on topics of global importance
01. 13. 2015
+ Stone tablets from Japan's submerged Yonaguni monument bear Paleo-Sanskrit votive texts praising Indra, the planet Jupiter
01. 09. 2015
+ Psychic readings by Edgar Cayce identify the Ohum civilization as the Paleolithic builders of the pyramids of La Maná, Ecuador
12. 04. 2014
+ Red ochre hand stencils and animal pictograms within Tewet Cave, Indonesia were inset with hieroglyphic Sanskrit phrases
11. 09. 2014
+ Excavations at the megalithic temples of Gobekli Tepe, Turkey uncover animal pictograms with embedded hieroglyphic phrases
10. 26. 2014
+ Hieroglyphic scripts of the Wari culture replicate those on the Ica artifacts, revealing a common Paleo-Sanskrit linguistic origin
10. 17. 2014
+ Ancient Sanskrit geoglyphs in Kazakhstan and Peru linked with UFO skyglyphs expressing the concept of DNA synchronization
10. 10. 2014
+ Pictographic texts from the Andean sites of Tiwanaku, Ica, Nazca and Paracas show known dinosaurs and the DNA double-helix
09. 25. 2014
+ Mexico's Altavista petroglyphs translated as Paleo-Sanskrit votive inscriptions marking basalt megaliths for bioelectrical healing
09. 13. 2014
+ Ecuador's Llanganates Pyramids display the same geopolymer construction characteristics observed in the La Maná pyramids
09. 08. 2014
+ Julius Caesar: High Priest of Jupiter replicated Paleolithic geopolymers as Roman concrete for transducing infrasonic resonance
08. 30. 2014
+ US dollar collapse in April, 2015 follows plans for 'The War Reaction' used to block Tesla technologies from becoming available
08. 23. 2014
+ Alexander Putney gives The Lightwater Reactor transmutation system to the world for easy conversion of deuterium into protium
08. 23. 2014
+ Fleischmann & Pons 'Cold Fusion' experiment confirmed as phonon resonance induced transmutation of deuterium into helium
08. 13. 2014
+ Alexander Putney gives The Geyser Reactor transmutation system to the world for FREE, detailing conversion of silver into gold
06. 25. 2014
+ Phonon resonance reaction cascades in human blood revealed as exact atomic mass recombinations of blood metal isotopes
05. 24. 2014
+ The Essene Gospel of Peace is recontextualized within the more ancient Sanskrit concept of the standing wave field of Akasha
05. 17. 2014
+ Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphic language of the Atlantean civilization is revealed in a basic lexicon and comprehensive cipher keys
04. 23. 2014
+ Mapping of strange, recurrent Fortean phenomena reveals clusters in alignment with Fibonacci bands of infrasound resonance
04. 13. 2014
+ Geopolymer reinforcement at Chauvet Cave, France reveals bioelectrical functions in transducing infrasonic granting from Indra
04. 03. 2014
+ Balkan relics engraved with Paleo-Sanskrit texts praise the protective influences of focused infrasound from the Great Pyramid
03. 22. 2014
+ Tablet texts from Glozel, France describe decreasing lifespans and growing evil due to the diminution of planetary resonance
03. 18. 2014
+ Paleolithic murals at Lascaux Cave, France are subtitled with hierolgyphic texts lamenting the dwindling planetary resonance
03. 01. 2014
+ Fibonacci alignment of the Azores Pyramid is paralleled by the Golden Rectangle layout of the Atlantean canal-city of Poseida
02. 11. 2014
+ The Hummingbird Pyramid is discovered in La Maná, Ecuador among 17 ancient temples cast in magnetic geopolymer basalts
02. 06. 2014
NUCLEAR ALERT -- 'Imminent situation' salt truck caught fire deep underground at US nuclear site in Carlsbad, New Mexico
02. 06. 2014
Brentwood man badly burned by house explosion in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, house doubled as his ammunitions and gun shop
02. 05. 2014
Two houses are flattened following huge gas explosion that left 10 injured in Clacton, Essex, sounded like bomb went off
02. 05. 2014
Unusual death of missing man found with mutilations in Sabine, Texas parallels a 2002 Northumberland, Pennsylvania case
02. 05. 2014
Gas-freight train derailment caused by fire from overhead system failure in Central Russia, the third train derailment in 6 months
02. 01. 2014
Student injured after iPhone bursts into flames in pants pocket in Portland, Maine, the cause was due to hot lithium ion batteries
01. 30. 2014
FLASHBACK -- California Drought: January 2013 there were 0 wildfires in California; January 2014 there were over 400 fires
01. 30. 2014
Winter wildfire scorches 400 acres in Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, while previous grass fire occurred in same exact area in 2012
01. 28. 2014
Winter wildfires across Oregon State broke out in logging debris on private lands, fire has been burning since late November!
01. 28. 2014
Arctic Winter Wildfires: Norway experiences freakish historic fires in January --3 major wildfires have erupted since December
01. 27. 2014
January wildfires threatens and burns Tibetan monasteries in the hills of Nyagchuka County, Gyalthang County and Serthar
01. 27. 2014
Winter wildfire torches 70 acres in Union Country, South Carolina where the daytime temp is currently 31F! --cause unknown
01. 23. 2014
Newly unveiled federal data indicates more crude oil was spilled in US railway incidents in 2013 than prior 37 years combined
01. 20. 2014
10 hurt in explosion at animal feed plant in Omaha, Nebraska witness heard loud crack and saw back wall of building collapse
01. 20. 2014
Dry lightening sparks 450 bushfires in 6 days across Australia amid heatwave while just days before 'fire tornadoes' trap family
01. 18. 2014
NUCLEAR UPDATE -- Fire at plant in New Hill, North Carolina due to 'overheated transformer' after many recent shutdowns
01. 13. 2014
300,000 begging for water in Charleston, West Virginia --chemical spill at Freedom Industry contaminated water in 9 counties
01. 12. 2014
100ft-long x 10" deep crack appears after loud booming sounds in Waupun, Wisconsin are heard and strongly felt for many miles
01. 09. 2014
Tank containing toluene solvent caught fire at Rhineland refinery in Cologne, Germany releasing "masses of carcinogenic soot"
01. 08. 2014
Explosions and 2-alarm fire rages at PSE&G power switching station in Branchburg, New Jersey --caused by transformer failure
01. 07. 2014
Railway train oil explosion near Casselton, North Dakota slipped off rails was struck head on, marks third explosion in 6 months
01. 01. 2014
FLASHBACK -- Super psychic kids in Vietnam (11) and Philippines (3) mystify scientists: Pyrokinesis is conclusion to findings
12. 28. 2013
Supplies for St. Lucia flood victims destroyed in mysterious fire at Red Cross building on the outskirts of Georgetown, Guyana
12. 23. 2013
'Turned-off' space heater is to blame for shed fire in St. Paul, Minnesota, also engulfed the side of apartment building and attic
12. 21. 2013
A short circuit fire breaks out in Civil Secretariat in Jammu, India, this incident being the second in the past couple of months
12. 20. 2013
Spontaneous fires burn 45 houses since August in Budaka, Uganda --when property is returned to house, moments later, fire
12. 19. 2013
Fire devours historic village, 90 people hospitalized in Southern Norway --strong winds and media drones exacerbated rescue
12. 19. 2013
Apollo theatre ceiling and balcony collapses, injuring more than 80 people in London's West End --wet stormy weather cited
12. 17. 2013
A second Mile One market gutted by mysterious inferno in Rivers, Nigeria, as a natural gas explosion was ignited in an oven
12. 17. 2013
House explosion follows gas leak in Fort Worth, Texas leveling home: windows and pieces of house were blown across street
12. 13. 2013
Weeks-old smouldering fire continues to burn 750 tonnes of building and timber recycling materials in Swindon Skips, UK
12. 10. 2013
Massive fire at the famous Sam's Food & Spirits in New Albany, Indiana, the restaurant was closed at the time of the incident
12. 04. 2013
Repeated spontaneous fires since August have haunted a family and burned down five homesteads in Plumtree, Zimbabwe
12. 04. 2013
+ Cloth samples support unusual details of Brazilian contactee Urandir Oliveira's HHO plasma beam levitation transport
12. 02. 2013
Acoustic resonance in Stonehenge reveals stones sound like bells, drums, and gongs when played- or hit with hammers
12. 01. 2013
Train derailment kills 4 and injures over 60 in New York City, operator reports critical failure of electronic braking system
11. 28. 2013
Rumblings and loud booms continue in the Puget Sound area, as previously documented throughout Seattle, Washington
11. 26. 2013
Spontaneous fire at post office with electricity overload problems in Freetown, Sierra Leone is similar to 2 earlier incidents
11. 24. 2013
10 major volcanoes have erupted along the Ring of Fire during the past few months is highly unusual, media strangely quiet
11. 22. 2013
Spontaneous combustion fires: Northhampton, Hopkinsville, Londonderry, Brighton, Hanson, Georgetown, Seattle, Williams
11. 21. 2013
After power outage, wet bag of clothes ignites for second time in Gweru, Zimbabwe days later fires burn wardrobe, mattress
11. 16. 2013
Big rig carrying 4,000 lbs of hydrogen erupts into flames on freeway in Los Angeles, California, fire started by "pop in engine"
11. 15. 2013
Shop complex spontaneously caught fire in Limpopo, South Africa, similar to Otse, Ekwulobia, Ramotswa and Thohoyandou
11. 14. 2013
ALERT -- Cellphone fires update: Dagupan City, Philippines, Palm Bay, Florida, Portland, Oregon, and in Abu Dhabi, UAE
11. 08. 2013
A loud roaring noise like large jet engine rattled windows and shook homes in Oklahoma City in early morning hours
11. 08. 2013
Shop in Canberra, Australia evacuated after brand new demo iPad Air explodes and fills up mobile phone store with smoke
11. 07. 2013
Tesla Model S  3rd electrical lithium-ion battery car fire in 5 weeks, this, after hitting road debris on a Tennessee freeway
11. 07. 2013
Firefighters battle business fire at outboard motor shop in northwest Oklahoma City, neighbors reported hearing an explosion
11. 06. 2013
Airplane in Montreal, Canada caught fire when cargo belt loader approached cargo door, then sparked an engine fuel leak
11. 06. 2013
Spontaneous explosion and large barn fire in York, Pennsylvania burns while barn 30ft away also caught fire, cause unknown
11. 04. 2013
Fire in 2-storey restaurant, cafe and apartment building in Durham, North Carolina had been ignited within a ventilation duct
11. 04. 2013
Flames erupted from several manholes forcing building evacuations in SoHo, New York City after electrical transformer surge
11. 04. 2013
Fire breaks out in wall of West Yarmouth, Massachusetts restaurant kitchen -- flames and smoke appeared in storage area
11. 03. 2013
Factory fire kills 6 workers, including 4 women in New Delhi, India, an electrical short circuit believed to be cause of the fire
11. 01. 2013
VIDEO: Huge electrical fireball travels down power lines in Montreal, Canada after wind knocks out power from rainstorm
11. 01. 2013
2-alarm fire damages townhome, displaces 2 people in San Jose, California, after ignition within the walls of the structure
10. 26. 2013
+ Tesla's Gravity Motor and HHO plasma invisibility cloaking technologies stolen and applied in Nazi/CIA antigravity_drones
10. 24. 2013
Harvester suddenly catches fire on road south of Wiltz, Luxembourg, cause of the dramatic blaze leaves firefighters baffled
10. 24. 2013
Spate of spontaneous fires kills several villagers near Hwange, Zimbabwe, located close to industrial coal bed mining site
10. 22. 2013
Electrical equipment in Flower Mound, Texas Orthopedic Associates mechanical room malfunctioned and caused explosion
10. 22. 2013
Delta flights make emergency landings in: Syracuse, New York, and Pasco, Washington for smoke alarms from electrical fires
10. 20. 2013
Train crash in Buenos Aires, Argentina due to break failure and "flash" as train lifts off tracks, similar incidents: 2012 and 2013
10. 19. 2013
Fire destroys one of world's biggest sugar terminals in Santos Port, Brazil similar to fire at Port of Tampa, Florida recycling plant
10. 18. 2013
Sleeping tenants in London, England lucky to escape electrical fire -- fuse box overheated, melted causing plumes of smoke
10. 16. 2013
Repeating blazes, intensifying in severity, strike almond processing plant in Robinvale, Australia --this eruption lasted 7 days
10. 16. 2013
+ Excavations in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids uncover megaceramic healing platforms with Paleo-Sanskrit hieroglyphs
10. 16. 2013
Spontaneous fire in 26-storey building under demolition in Sydney, Australia was sparked by electrical fault during shutdown
10. 12. 2013
Airplane crashes worldwide: 10/3, 10/3, 10/3, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/6, 10/6, 10/6, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/9, 10/10, 10/11, 10/12, 10/12
10. 11. 2013
Early morning fire in Kobe City, Japan hospital started on ground floor of 4-storey building killing 10, injuring 8 patients and staff
10. 11. 2013
Gas line explosion obliterates rural home in Follansbee, West Virginia spreading debris over 500 away, killing 11-year-old girl
10. 09. 2013
Pipeline explosion sparks large fire in Harper, Oklahoma prompting evacuations after the fire continued to rage a full day later
10. 08. 2013
New NSA data center plagued by chronic electrical surges, 10 explosive meltdowns in 14 months, preventing center's opening
10. 07. 2013
ALERT-- Lightning strikes intensifying: 7/31, 8/22, 9/3, 9/6, 9/11, 9/14, 9/14, 9/18, 9/18, 9/20, 9/23, 9/29, 10/1, 10/7, 10/7, 10/9
10. 06. 2013
Fire erupts in shop with no power supply at newly constructed Sangarmaal in Srinagar, India exposing failed firefighting system
10. 04. 2013
+ Breakthrough Paleo-Sanskrit decipherment of Professor K. Schildmann enables translation of glyphs on the Great Pyramid
10. 03. 2013
Woman's brand new Tesla car bursts into flames on roadway after debris hit the car's lithium-ion battery, causing the ignition
09. 30. 2013
Explosions and power outages plague UC Berkley, California as in prior incidents: 2/14, 2/13, and previous years 2012, 2011
09. 30. 2013
Chemical factory fires & explosions in September: West Virginia, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and in South Korea
09. 26. 2013
Power loss shuts down New Haven, Connecticut Metro line causing a 2-3 week disruption for more than 40,000 commuters
09. 26. 2013
Airplane emergency landing as lithium battery spontaneously ignites inside camcorder stored in an overhead compartment
09. 23. 2013
For 5 days, spontaneous ignition of mattresses and couches in Otse, Batswana are suspected to result from an electrical fault
09. 19. 2013
Train derailment injures 2 near Ashland, Virginia chemical plant including diesel fuel spill and fire, similar to Alberta, Canada
09. 19. 2013
Fire and explosions at chemical plant supplying oilfield production near Thomas, Oklahoma destroyed facility and 12+ vehicles
09. 18. 2013
+ Atlantean relics from Caria, Italy honor spaceship captains and identify Sasquatch hybrids as being delivered by spacecraft
09. 17. 2013
Massive explosion obliterates 6,000 sq ft house in North Stamford, Connecticut near NYC, 500-gallon propane gas tank on site
09. 17. 2013
Explosion leveled home in Stony Ridge, Ohio due to leaking propane tank, killing 2, injuring 3, scattering debris up to 1/4-mile
09. 17. 2013
Logan Airport fire at fuel pumps in Boston, Massachusetts strands planes, one of a dozen fuel pumps was engulfed in flames
09. 16. 2013
For the second time, shock as mysterious fire razed 7 houses within 4 hours in Teso, Kenya, with all fires starting on tin roofing
09. 16. 2013
Mom loses 5 children and boyfriend to a massive mobile home fire near Toledo, Ohio, no indication of anything suspicious
09. 16. 2013
Fire on Russian nuclear submarine near Vladivostok, Russia spontaneously ignites while undergoing routine repairs at shipyard
09. 14. 2013
Mysterious fires burn 13 "reserved for the elderly houses" in less than a week in Siaya, Kenya leaving many people homeless
09. 13. 2013
3 dozen hot tar roofs go up in flames at Jersey Shore boardwalk consuming a 4-block stretch, was ignited in powerless building
09. 13. 2013
+ Paleo-Sanskrit artifacts from the Mediterranean echo those of other sites in praising ULF resonance from Jupiter and the Sun
09. 10. 2013
Red lightning bolt strikes 14th-century lighthouse in Ilfracombe, UK, 3 shattered glass panels and surge charge of electronics
09. 09. 2013
Plane landing gear malfunction on emergency landing in Bangkok, Thailand, sparks from right landing gear near engine noticed
09. 07. 2013
5 homes have been destroyed in 3 weeks by sudden mysterious uncontrollable fires tormenting a family in Plumtree, Zimbabwe
09. 06. 2013
Man missing for 5 days found dead in unnoticed self-contained house fire in Hatfield, UK flames did not spread to rest of house
09. 03. 2013
Ship sinks after short circuit fire broke out aboard two tankers off Pulau Lima, Malaysia, as fire spread from main engine room
09. 02. 2013
Parked luxury car spontaneously melts in front of skyscraper in London, England, buckling the vehicle's bodywork and mirror
09. 02. 2013
2 KLM Citychopper emergency landings in 2 days: Bologna, Italy, autopilot malfunction; Hanover, Germany, air pressure failure
09. 02. 2013
6-alarm fire and broken water main destroys warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia, considered among the largest this last decade
08. 31. 2013
Underground explosion in Detroit, Michigan launched manhole covers into the air and blew out windows on nearby buildings
08. 30. 2013
Vapor build up in scrap metal pile spontaneously ignites explosion at Denison, Iowa recycling center, reverberating blocks away
08. 29. 2013
+ Paleo-Sanskrit texts among stone artifacts from an Illinois Cave describe the cataclysmic displacement of planetary resonance
08. 28. 2013
Fire rages through chemical storage yard in Santa Ana, California, repeatedly smoldering, flaring up and bursting into flames
08. 28. 2013
Expanding smoldering underground fire near Eagle, Alaska has been spewing clouds of sulphur dioxide gases for over a year
08. 28. 2013
Multiple overheated avionics warnings on flight over Irkutsk, Russia prompts crew to declare Mayday after resolution attempts
08. 28. 2013
Lightning strike on flight while descending to Tbilisi, Georgia sustained damage to antennas, multiple rivets, burns on radome
08. 28. 2013
Emergency landing declared on mid-flight to Pocatello, Idaho after one of it's two engines unexpectedly shut down on it's own
08. 28. 2013
Nighttime electrical surge ignites house fire 30 minutes after power supply is restored to area in Makurdi, Nigeria killing 3 people
08. 27. 2013
+ Trance channel Edgar Cayce describes Atlantean electro-transmutation of resonant alloys in the fabrication of plasma ships
08. 26. 2013
"Ball of fire" distroys home filled with computers and household appliances after installing electrical wires in Berbice, Guyana
08. 25. 2013
Airplane taxiing for departure in Shenzhen, China when the APU caught fire emitting large smoke plume, 12 injured with burns
08. 25. 2013
Volcanic 'geyser' erupts near airport in Rome, Italy, motorists alarmed by hot, stinking gasses spurting from a newly formed crater
08. 24. 2013
4 people killed in oil industry helicopter crash off coast of Shetland, Scotland after loss of control and contact with air traffic control
08. 22. 2013
5 injured, several scorched cars in Queens, New York after 3 manholes start smoking, several loud underground booms heard
08. 21. 2013
3 dead, hundreds evacuated in Oaxaca, Mexico from explosion of ammonia leak while construction equipment struck pipeline
08. 20. 2013
+ Prototyping of Nikola Tesla's Gravity Motor was recorded in dozens of psychic readings by Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce
08. 20. 2013
Several months of periodic booming sound near Carytown, Virginia is described by residents as a "boom that has an echo to it"
08. 20. 2013
Explosion injured 8 at Navy Station in Earle, New Jersey , workers were doing routine maintenance at the time of the explosion
08. 20. 2013
Two trucks unloading chemicals caught fire and exploded at a facility in Harvey, Lousiana officials say, man suffered leg injury
08. 20. 2013
A natural gas pipeline ruptured and caught fire in Kiowa, Oaklahoma burning hay barn and field and 30' wide, 20' deep crater
08. 19. 2013
Emergency plane belly landing after take-off in Yellowknife, Canada due to visible engine fire, landing gear did not extend
08. 19. 2013
Explosion rocks Cedar Falls, Iowa power plant while undergoing required annual "urge test" on a gas combustion turbine
08. 19. 2013
10,000-gallon fuel oil tank exploded at industrial park in Greenville, Pennsylvania spills 7,500 gallons of fuel into dike nearby
08. 15. 2013
Chemical plant fire in Valdosta, Georgia, 2 other fires reported in city before thunderstorms, similar to 8/3 recyling plant fire
08. 14. 2013
ALERT -- Manhole explosions and fires on the rise in US: 1/17, 1/27, 2/10, 5/13, 5/30, 6/7, 6/9, 6/27, 7/6, 7/23, 8/13, 8/13, 8/14
08. 14. 2013
Massive lightning bolt hits commuter train while crossing bridge in Tokyo, Japan, causing sparks to fly around it, no injuries
08. 14. 2013
18 dead from explosion on berthed submarine in New Delhi, India, witness heard sound like rocket or jet engine, then blast
08. 14. 2013
UPS cargo plane on approach to runway at Birmingham, Alabama airport burst into flames after touching down short of runway
08. 12. 2013
Lightning sparks massive fire at a very large oil refinery in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela producing 200,000 barrels of oil daily
08. 10. 2013
Spontaneous combustion of 3-year-old occurred for the fourth time in Chennia, India due to skin excretion of flammable gases
08. 09. 2013
Engine fire breaks out on Ukraine aircraft carrying 49,000 baby chicks preparing for departure from Leipzig, Germany airport
08. 08. 2013
Fourth underground electrical fault catches pavement on fire in Sutton, UK since April, another manhole explodes in Pimlico
08. 07. 2013
Manhole explodes in Georgetown in Washington, DC due to burnt cable, witnesses say smoke and fire came out of manhole
08. 07. 2013
60 injured, 19 missing after natural gas explosion destroys apartment block in Rosario, Argentina, several buildings damaged
08. 07. 2013
FLASHBACK -- 2009 British and Austrian scientific study of ball lightning strikes reveals deadly phenomenon on airlines today
08. 07. 2013
Strange plasma lights recorded by security cameras hovering over a pool in Naples, Florida, baffling condominium staff members
08. 07. 2013
Avianca Airbus enroute near Bucaramanga, Colombia suffers long durations of severe vibrations, off and on but landed safely
08. 06. 2013
Blowout leak on maintenance caused by depressurization of ammonia pipeline in Ukraine's Donetsk Region kills 5, injures 20
07. 31. 2013
Cargo plane experiences double-engine electrical surge near Hong Kong, China, causing temporary shut down and auto-restart
07. 29. 2013
Propane gas plant carrying 53,000 propane canisters explodes in Tavares, Florida, likely caused by an intense electrical surge
07. 28. 2013
Air France flight 777 evacuated in Paris, France while boarding after crew noticed smoke and strong burning odour in the cabin
07. 28. 2013
Asiana B744 plane crash near Jeju Island, South Korea due to severe vibrations and spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries
07. 25. 2013
78 killed, 130 injured from train derailment in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, video reveals plasma flash at moment of disaster
07. 25. 2013
Backward-moving storm reverts westward, lashing Kansas with 100 mph winds and softball-sized hail, and electrical blackouts
07. 21. 2013
Lithium battery-fed fire scorch empty Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise 787 in London, England similar to crash of Dubai cargo plane
07. 22. 2013
Belly landing of Southwest Airlines 737 at La Guardia Airport, New York due to nosegear collapse, tire damage, sparks, smoke
07. 18. 2013
For the second time, Air Force drone crashes and explodes in Tyndall, Florida closing down Highway 98 similar to other crashes
07. 15. 2013
Transformer explosion and fire destroys a car parked above a manhole in midtown Manhattan, New York, no one was injured
07. 12. 2013
Spontaneous explosion of a house in Corpus Christi, Texas injured 3 people and damaged homes as far as 3 blocks away
07. 12. 2013
Asiana flight 214 wreckage at San Francisco, California International Airport began smoking noticably while removed by crane
07. 10. 2013
ALERT -- Cellphone explosions, fires, electrocutions worldwide: 2/7, 2/21, 5/17, 6/23, 7/3, 7/10, 7/10, 7/15, 7/15, 7/19, 7/29, 8/13
07. 10. 2013
500,000 homes in dishwasher fire risk alert:, Bosch appliances 'may burst into flames', 269 fires linked to products since 2010
07. 10. 2013
3D-comparative cranial analysis confirms Homo Floresiensis as a separate human species corresponding to local knowledge
07. 07. 2013
153-year-old structure within the Hampi Ruins, a World Heritage Site in Karnataka, India, flattened by bulldozers to widen road
07. 07. 2013
6 hospitalized among 70 injured as train derails in Krasnodar, Russia --a result of ground vibrations deforming the train tracks
07. 06. 2013
Boeing 777 crashes during landing in San Francisco, California described by witnesses as a brief fireball and tail detachment
07. 05. 2013
Ball lightning strikes twice in Emanzhelinka, Russia leaving household appliances, electrical wiring and even roof tiles melted
07. 04. 2013
Cracked windshield on US Airways B752 departing Shannon, Ireland, originating as electrical surges in the heating controller
07. 04. 2013
Psychic children see and talk to ghosts regulary at family home in Cheshire, Connecticut and have made friends with them
07. 02. 2013
Video: Russian rocket explodes just seconds after departure from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan due to destabilization
06. 29. 2013
2 consecutive airplane engine shutdowns departing Las Vegas, Nevada, then tires overheated and deflated during return taxi
06. 28. 2013
Manhole cover popped due to faulty electrical cable that cut off power to city of Albany, New York for sixth time in 2 months
06. 28. 2013
Ancient mummies discovered in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile reveal nicotine was smoked by most individuals of the culture
06. 28. 2013
Spontaneous fire destroys 6 shops in Thohoyandou, South Africa called the worst yet in an ongoing problem over many years
06. 26. 2013
+ Edgar Cayce's health and life readings for Dr. Nikola Tesla link the inventor's knowledge with a prior Atlantean incarnation
06. 25. 2013
We are more than atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as biophotons are emitted by the body
06. 24. 2013
5 separate fire indications on airfreighter near Washington Dulles Airport and while taxiing to gate crew declared "hot" tires
06. 24. 2013
Rare "ball lightning" bounces through a village at high speed in West Sussex, England, blowing out all power and internet
06. 20. 2013
Substation fire causes partial blackout in Prague, Czech Republic while across town another transformer station catches fire
06. 20. 2013
LiDAR technology reveals Hidden City of Angkor Wat, the cityscape at the heart of the Khmer Empire of the 9th to 15th centuries
06. 18. 2013
Family 'on fire' calls for peace in Ramotswa, Botswana after 2 members are repeatedly attacked by fire in several residences
06. 18. 2013
Spontaneous explosion of projectile stockpiles at military range in Chapayevsk, Russia hospitalizes 4 with non-lethal injuries
06. 17. 2013
Spontaneous explosion injures 3 workers at a Postville, Indiana plant, in a recent string of lethal chemical plant explosions
06. 15. 2013
Massive cloudburst and flash floods appear after ancient diety Dhari Devi is removed for dam construction in Uttarakhan, India
06. 15. 2013
Spontaneous explosions and fire cause havoc in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, forcing the evacuation of a 5-block area
06. 14. 2013
Research on atmospheric pressure plasmoids defines laboratory phenomenon with striking similarity to natural ball lightening
06. 14. 2013
Fluorescent rock spontaneously ignites within a fisherman's pocket in Piriápolis, Uruguay, causing second degree burns
06. 14. 2013
Spontaneous fire guts 150 shops in Ekwulobia, Nigeria leaving many financially destitute and in need --cause unexplained
06. 13. 2013
Spontaneous fire damages school playground in Laveen, Arizona which had ignited in small pile of grass and wood chips
06. 13. 2013
Spontaneous piezoelectric explosion and fire at a chemical plant in Donaldsonville, Louisiana leaves 2 dead and 77 injured
06. 13. 2013
Spontaneous electrical surge ignites methane gas explosion in Westminster, Colorado severely damaging several homes
06. 12. 2013
+ Qi Master John Chang generates HHO plasma flashes around his body during healing and pyrokinesis demonstrations
06. 12. 2013
Electrical surge ignites metal file cabinets in Satwari, India damaging offices at the same time as the pair of events in Nigeria
06. 12. 2013
Spontaneous piezoelectric fire guts the Edo State Ministry in Benin City, Nigeria after previous spates had struck the area
06. 12. 2013
Spontaneously exploding stove ignites house fire in Lagos, Nigeria claiming the lives of a grandfather and granddaughter
06. 10. 2013
Home wrecked by fire in Phoenix, Arizona is believed to have been spontaneously ignited by a car parked in the car port
06. 09. 2013
28 dead, 22 vaporized in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, Canada as train carrying 72 cars of crude oil rolled, derailed and exploded
06. 09. 2013
Video: Strange sky sounds similar to bells, rumbling heard in Curitiba, Brazil; Mississauga, Canada; and Clearwater, Florida
06. 09. 2013
Mandala formation reported in Finale Emilia, Italy displays a large crescent ring inset with an alignment of 8 smaller circles
06. 08. 2013
Unexplained spontaneous fire razes entire property in Owa-Aladinma, Nigeria displacing 7 families who escaped the blaze
06. 08. 2013
Parked motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles in Surat, India are rapidly engulfed in unexplained spontaneous combustion event
06. 06. 2013
Overnight mandala formation in wheat reported in Barbiano Lugo, Italy, depicting a large ring with a pair of adjoined circles
06. 06. 2013
FLASHBACK -- Repeating unexplained spontaneous fires strike in Chiyangwa, Zimbabwe causing community-wide confusion
06. 06. 2013
Unexplained spontaneous fires raze haunted house in Santa Cruz, Jamaica after spates of stone-pelting from invisible sources
06. 06. 2013
Spontaneous piezoelectric fire engulfs parked truck in Kelowna, BC, Canada, and spread to an adjacent car before being stifled
06. 03. 2013
Spontaneous fire at Nairobi, Kenya airport, witness heard "a couple of explosions, which I think were a couple of gas canisters"
06. 03. 2013
119 killed, 60 others injured in Dehui, China at highly secured poultry plant, investigators suspect ammonia leak, electrical surge
06. 03. 2013
Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone delivers resignation letter to evade criminal charges, following ex-Pope Ratzinger
06. 03. 2013
Family left homeless after spontaneous fire in Georgetown, Guyana consumes their home, repeating spates of similar events
06. 02. 2013
Unexplained humming noise similar to the so-called Ranchlands hum widens past Calgary, Alberta, Canada neighbourhood
06. 02. 2013
Mandala formation in oilseed rape reported in Wiltshire, England features 2 crescents and an offset cross with 4 outer circles
06. 02. 2013
Multiple spontaneous automobile fires in Ashford, England leave firefighters baffled after a busy night of unexplained mayhem
05. 30. 2013
Spates of spontaneous piezoelectric fires in Misau, Nigeria plague family after attempts to rebuild simply fed newly ignited fires
05. 29. 2013
Video and photographs show downed wheat formations in Saragia of Trikala, Greece from ground-level HHO plasma discharges
05. 27. 2013
+ Mesmerizing body art waveforms of the Surma culture of present-day southwest Ethiopia reflect an ancient Sanskrit heritage
05. 25. 2013
+ Glowing red eyes of Sasquatch and other 'demonic' entities linked to bioelectrification and resonant atomic reactions in blood
05. 24. 2013
Mandala formations in tall grass appear in Vendôme Loir-et-Cher, France, showing many circles connected by linear pathways
05. 22. 2013
Unexplained spontaneous fires destroy two houses in East Bay, Rhode Island in separate events that occurred 1 week apart
05. 21. 2013
Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules at 18 sites around the world supports theory of cometary impact 12,800 years ago
05. 21. 2013
FLASHBACK -- Telepathy between a mother and daughter in Khaleej, India reflects biorhythmic synchronization of couples
05. 19. 2013
+ Concentric bedrock structures in Mauritania's Sahara Desert are not results of meteor impact, but infrasound standing waves
05. 15. 2013
Mandala crop formation discovered in a Gray, Tennessee hay field, surprising locals who did not notice unusual aerial activity
05. 15. 2013
Fourth X-class flare released in sequence from the limb of the solar disk, leaving solar physicists fearing an Earth-directed hit
05. 14. 2013
Remotely-guided luminous aerial objects threaten highway drivers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, creating dangerous distractions
05. 12. 2013
Lost 'White City' discovered near the Mosquito Coast, Honduras with pyramids and stone carvings of human-monkey hybrids
05. 11. 2013
+ Next-generation whole genome DNA sequencing of the human-hybrid Sasquatch reveals an engineered subterranean origin
05. 10. 2013
FLASHBACK -- Downed swaths of reed beds reported on April 12 in Volga-Akhtuba, Russia caused by HHO plasma discharges
05. 10. 2013
Downed grasses in Thil, France caused by brief flash of HHO plasma --a precursor to the mandala crop formation phenomena
05. 10. 2013
Underground landfill fire nears nuclear waste dump in St. Louis, Missouri raising serious health concerns for the entire region
05. 05. 2013
Limousine taking 9 women to a bachelorette party erupts in flames in San Francisco Bay, California killing 5 of 9 passengers
05. 04. 2013
Airbus engine shutdown in flight departing Helsinki, Finland after several loud bangs accompanied streaks of flames from engine
05. 03. 2013
Mandala crop formation discovered in a Gray, Tennessee hay field, surprising locals who did not notice unusual aerial activity
05. 03. 2013
High-intensity light of the brightest gamma-ray burst ever recorded strikes Earth from a supernova near the Constellation Leo
05. 02. 2013
Boeing 767 suffers 2 lightning strikes 3 minutes apart on departure from Dallas, Texas, one on windshield and side of nose gear
05. 02. 2013
Jetblue Embraer crew reported a spontaneous fire just outside their windshield while taxiing off runway in Orlando, Florida
04. 27. 2013
Boeing 737 departing from Luxembourg forced to make a second emergency landing after second incident of burning odor
04. 26. 2013
Video: A faulty power cable causes multiple pavement explosions in London, England while man on cell phone stands nearby
04. 25. 2013
Video: 38 killed in psychiatric hospital fire near Moscow, Russia, faulty electric wiring and short circuit determined as the cause
04. 21. 2013
Nuclear reactor fire erupts in Hartlepool, England after startup combined with oil leak lagging around a turbine, witnesses say
04. 21. 2013
Explosion rocks downtown street in Ottawa, Canada where investigation of manhole suggests spontaneous electrical ignition
04. 18. 2013
100 firefighters tackle "severe" fire at paper mill in Birmingham, New Hampshire as thousands of tons of cardboard burn for 2 days
04. 15. 2013
Fire on board flight appears and disappears on its own while descending to Minneapolis, Minnesota baffling crew and investigators
04. 11. 2013
Explosion in an underground PSE&G vault closes Hackensack, New Jersey intersection while firemen fought blaze for 4 hours
04. 11. 2013
Spontaneous flash triggers methane pocket tunnel explosion in Pickerin, Ontario during an evacuation, sending 4 to hospital
04. 10. 2013
+ Native American knowledge of cave-dwelling Sasquatch reveals their role as Shadow Guardians of subterranean domains
04. 09. 2013
Four workers seriously injured in spontaneous explosion at large smelting furnace in Osaka, Japan copper ore processing plant
04. 09. 2013
Airbus crew declares emergency over the Atlantic Ocean after electrical short out strikes laboratories and entertainment system
04. 08. 2013
Burning smell and visible smoke onboard Airbus departing from Hangzhou, China but investigators find no evidence of fire
04. 08. 2013
Plane engine shut down in flight departing Knoxville, Tennessee after loud bang forces emergency landing 20 minutes later
04. 08. 2013
Flight crew declares emergency after overheated oven raises serious fire concerns east of St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
04. 08. 2013
Oxygen tank explodes in moving truck triggering a larger fire forcing closure of the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan, New York
04. 08. 2013
Various chronicles of the Spanish Conquistadors report battling a race of 9-12' giants in the Caribbean, Florida and Mexico
04. 08. 2013
Unexplained repeating spates of explosive booms blast neighborhoods in lower Michigan, leaving residents concerned
04. 05. 2013
Unexplained electrical fire causes underground explosion in San Francisco, California blowing manhole cover 4' to hit nearby car
04. 04. 2013
3 injured as loud explosion destroys home in Geneva, Switzerland and investigators say explosion came from inside house
04. 03. 2013
Luxury skyscraper hotel engulfed in a massive blaze in Chechnya, Russia leaving the building almost completely destroyed
04. 03. 2013
Airplane suffers loss of computer flight control near Panama City, Florida, forcing the crew to divert for emergency landing
04. 02. 2013
Amazing red auroral 'arcs' suspended above the lower latitudes of Europe were photographed by all-sky cameras in 2011
04. 02. 2013
Spontaneous smoking oven on airplane over Catania, Italy causes alarm and diversion for an emergency landing nearby
04. 01. 2013
Another cracked windshield on airplane flying over Knock, Ireland alerts crew to divert the flight for an emergency landing
03. 28. 2013
Raging blaze that killed 2 adults and 5 children in Gray, Kentucky remains unexplained after arson and foul play ruled out
03. 26. 2013
Piezoeclectric fire errupts in Fort Collins, Colorado after hundreds fled their homes as 130 firefighters fought the blaze
03. 26. 2013
High-functioning autistic girl in Khaleej, India astounds scientists by demonstrating her ability to read her mother's thoughts
03. 23. 2013
3 alarm fire destroys landmark barn in Litchfield, New Hampshire, after gas tanks had spontaneously exploded on the scene
03. 22. 2013
Unexplained electrical fire in a chimney in West Kelowna, British Columbia baffles firefighters as they struggle to extinguish it
03. 19. 2013
Unexplained well explosion linked with strong electrical discharge in Columbiana, Ohio, which blew the lid off a storage tank
03. 12. 2013
Early morning house fire in Windsor, Ontario sends one to hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation, repeating prior events
03. 07. 2013
+ Vertebrates utilize blood potassium for resonant atomic transmutation into calcium during the biomineral formation of bone
03. 04. 2013
Mysterious beam of light from the sky blamed for circle of fire in Tasmania, Australia, as witnesses suspect UFO involvement
03. 02. 2013
Piezoelectric fire razes homes, shops in Warri, Nigeria, spreading rapidly to many buildings through the conjoined electrical wiring
02. 21. 2013
Spontaneous explosion, fire destroys 2-story house in Georgetown, Guyana leaving 4 people homeless, repeating prior incidents
02. 21. 2013
+ Vedruss wisewoman Anastasia foresees a great change in Earth's appearance and the 're-embodiment' of all living beings
02. 20. 2013
+ Sun's coronal plasma flows illuminate infrasound standing wave paths in a new video released by NASA Heliophysics Lab
02. 20. 2013
Piezoelectric fire erupts in the basement of National Medical Centre in Karachi, Pakistan, where a short-circuit caused ignition
02. 20. 2013
Man dies in fire while major storm approaches in Sequoyah, Oklahoma, spontaneous combustion is determined as the cause
02. 15. 2013
Powerful shock wave unleashed from the explosion of 10,000-ton meteorite over Chelyabinsk, Russia injures over 1,000 people
02. 13. 2013
Criminal charges force the abdication of Pope Benedict, with the former pontiff planning to hide in the Vatican to avoid arrest
02. 11. 2013
Lightning appears to strike the Vatican the day the Pope resigns in Rome, Italy, witnesses wondering, "Is this an act of God?"
02. 11. 2013
Lightning strikes airplane in final approach in Venice, Italy, which was then diverted to nearby Triest for emergency landing
02. 11. 2013
Mystery over multiple bus fire incidents in Perth, Australia continue the trend of recent months, sparking a deeper investigation
02. 07. 2013
+ Bacterial digestion converts bone phosphorus into carbon and fluorine, while bone formation is copied by biomimetic stone
01. 31. 2013
14 dead, 80 injured in Mexico oil company blast in Mexico City, Mexico while 30 workers remained trapped in the rubble
01. 28. 2013
Underground electrical equipment fire and explosion in Omaha, Nebraska caused pillar of fire bursting from manhole
01. 27. 2013
Video: House obliterated in explosion in Royal Oak, Detroit after many other booms reported in the area that same week
01. 27. 2013
Spontaneous fire starts cascading effect to 2 other cars in Madinat Hamad, Bahrain as onlookers attempt to put the fire out
01. 27. 2013
Fire leaves 4 homeless in Henrico in Richmond, Virginia where hidden fires started in walls and then traveled up to the attic
01. 26. 2013
Exploding manholes and falling buildings menace residents and highlights aging infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
01. 25. 2013
Lightning strikes airplane as pilot prepares to land at Izmir airport, Izmir, Turkey, while panicked passengers remain calm
01. 25. 2013
Skyscraper under construction is set ablaze in the business district of Moscow City, Moscow leaving one person injured
01. 25. 2013
+ During prolonged heat stress, as human skin passes 49°C, sweat gland secretions transmute sodium atoms into potassium
01. 25. 2013
Spontaneous fire claims life of an elderly man in Port Harcourt, Nigeria burning his rental unit completely to the ground
01. 25. 2013
Spontaneous blaze guts an historic 2-story secondary school building in Baramulla, India leaving few clues to its origin
01. 22. 2013
+ Potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning cases caused by transmutation of hot nitrogen gas on contact with lung tissue
01. 19. 2013
300-million-year-old UFO tooth-wheel found in the Russian city of Vladivostok, Russia again puzzling scientists as to it's origin
01. 16. 2013
Spontaneous fire ignites rubble in part of an abandoned stone building in Speightstown, Barbados leaving little evidence
01. 14. 2013
Mysterious "explosion" sounds, heard for at least three months in Montauk, New York rattling windows and shaking the ground
01. 13. 2013
Strange Clouds - Extreme Weather Phenomena - 2013 video displays formations in the sky worldwide enhanced by HAARP
01. 11. 2013
+ Subtle glow of leaves revealed as a byproduct of resonant transmutation of magnesium into sulfur in chlorophyll molecules
01. 11. 2013
Spontaneous explosion caused by gas leak levels house in Lewisville, Texas sending three people to emergency room
01. 11. 2013
While exiting from Interstate 77 in Marietta, Ohio spontaneous fire erupts on tanker truck carrying non-flammable contents
01. 11. 2013
U-Haul truck fire claims woman's family heirlooms in Nashville, Tennessee which started as smoke under hood and then fire
01. 11. 2013
SUV catches on fire on State Highway 1 near coastal Auckland, New Zealand suspecting engine malfunctioned and caught fire
01. 11. 2013
Double explosion and fire send families fleeing from duplex in the night in Indianapolis, Indiana as investigators search cause
01. 11. 2013
Fire breaks out inside vacant Sixth Avenue building in Troy, New York where someone observed smoke and called the police
01. 10. 2013
Vacant home destroyed by fire in Bel Ridge, Missouri being the second vacant home in less than a week to burn mysteriously
01. 10. 2013
SUV catches on fire on State Highway 1 near coastal Auckland, New Zealand suspecting engine malfunctioned and caught fire
01. 10. 2013
Passenger bus bursts into flames on the Ortigas Avenue Extension in coastal Manilla, Philippines due to electrical malfunction
01. 10. 2013
School bus bursts into flames on State Highway 70 in Minocqua, Wisconsin as some suspect the vehicle's heating system
01. 10. 2013
Van bursts into flames then crashes into tree near coastal Melbourne, Florida as unconscious driver is rescued by police
01. 10. 2013
Another spontaneous engine fire in unattended parked pickup truck to burst into flames in parking lot in Cornwall, Canada
01. 10. 2013
An early morning fire breaks out in abandoned building in Mount Eden, Kentucky damaging 2 other buildings in the vicinity
01. 09. 2013
Something mysterious is definitely going 'boom' in the night in Evansville, Kentucky leaving many residents quite puzzled
01. 09. 2013
They're back: Unexplained booming noises were reported from South Carolina to California shaking houses just slightly
01. 08. 2013
Mysterious booms and ground shaking witnessed by hundreds in Salt Lake City, Utau as far as Wyoming remain unexplained
01. 07. 2013
For the fourth time this year, piezoelectric fire razes INECs Voters Registry Office in Abuja, Nigeria causing pandemonium
01. 07. 2013
Series of explosions hit university campus' underground power station in Eugene, Oregon leaving 3,000 students in the dark
01. 05. 2013
Piezoelectric fire guts block of flats in Gwagwalada, Nigeria as some suspect a mattress caught on fire due to cell phone charging
01. 04. 2013
Mysterious sounds heard in Guthrie described as an unnerving boom Guthrie, Oklahoma which shook the houses just slightly
01. 04. 2013
Southcentral authorities silent on cause of booming noise in Eagle River, Alaska as investigations rule out the usual suspects
01. 03. 2013
Source of loud boom in Red Bank, South Carolina remains a mystery as some say it sounded like a plane crash or explosion
01. 02. 2013
32 killed and more than 120 people were injured in a major gas explosion at a Mexico oil firm in Mexico City, Mexico
01. 02. 2013
Piezoelectric fire melts Margaret River Dairy Company in Cowaramup, Washington causing an estimated $5 million in damage
01. 01. 2013
Mystery Microwaves that turn on by themselves, some catching fire and windows that shatter spontaneously worldwide
12. 31. 2012
Fire tears through closed and empty sushi restaurant in Bois-des-Filion in Montreal, Canada destroying the entire building
12. 31. 2012
Risks associated with old power infrastructure as private power poles become fire trap all over NE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12. 31. 2012
Wembley Downs house fire in Perth, West Australia caused $800,000 in damages and luckily no injuries were reported
12. 30. 2012
Pregnant woman and 3 others die in mysterious fire in Asaba, Nigeria as fire spread rapidly and escape was not successful
12. 30. 2012
Electrical short-circuit ignites devastating fire in Pattaya City, Thailand in an occupied condo while the owner was away
12. 29. 2012
3 perish, 3 suffered smoke inhalation in apartment fire in San Jose, California displacing 56 other residents in the building
12. 29. 2012
Authorities say transformer fire discovered in Northeast Philadelphia manhole caused 1,000 customers to be without power
12. 28. 2012
50 "more" electric power poles burst into flames overnight throughout Central Texas leaving 4,000 residents without power
12. 26. 2012
Mysterious fire guts the Nigerian Television Authority station in Abakaliki, Nigeria causing the station to go off air abruptly
12. 25. 2012
Manhole explosion shoots restaurant woman many feet into the air in Beijing, China as she looks curiously into manhole
12. 24. 2012
300-400 spontaneous fires follow family to 3 other houses in Siirt, Turkey arousing great concern in the community
12. 24. 2012
Flight ANA B788 departing from Okayama to Tokyo, Japan suffered a cracked windshield causing flight to be grounded
12. 20. 2012
Massive power outages in Anne Arundel, Maryland leave 68,000 without power after blue and green explosions light up sky
12. 20. 2012
Power pole fire triggers outage in Fort Bragg, California which became a spectacle of arcing wires and exploding breakers
12. 17. 2012
Piezoelectric fire guts the local general store in Jamberoo, Australia stunning residents who frequent the location daily
12. 17. 2012
Underground explosions rock downtown Newburgh, New York as investigators blame a short circuit in electrical system
12. 11. 2012
Manhole explodes near Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil adding to the list of other exploding manholes
12. 10. 2012
Piezoelectric fire and stones terrorize family Vleifontein, South Africa fearing that a spell has been cast on the house
12. 07. 2012
List of unexplained fires, explosions and deaths on the increase worldwide raises alarms in the blogging community
12. 06. 2012
Utility pole fire shuts down I-30, creates traffic nightmare in Rockwall, Texas the cause of which is unknown at this time
11. 21. 2012
Tribeca manhole explosions perplex police and fire departments in Tribeca, New York leaving many to fear future explosions
11. 19. 2012
Utility pole and power lines on fire with a transformer explosion in Palatine, Illinois causing the grass below to catch on fire
11. 16. 2012
Utility pole fires caused by plasma charges across the Rio Grand Valley in McAllen, Texas leaving 18,000 without power
11. 12. 2012
Power restored in Avon, Ohio after utility pole fire that affected a sub transmission line shut down 8,500 customers in area
11. 10. 2012
+ Resonant standing waves in the Martian atmosphere generate stationary tornadoes depositing carbon on the dry ice
11. 08. 2012
+ The Essene Gospel of Peace clearly identifies standing wave resonance as 'The Holy Streams' in ancient Aramaic
11. 01. 2012
The measurable glow of Saturn's largest moon Titan confirms the presence of atmospheric plasma -- yet NASA ignores
10. 28. 2012
+ 'Antifreeze' bodies of Antarctic icefish transmute iron into manganese in transparent blood at the freezing point of water
10. 18. 2012
Unexplained spontaneous explosion of an entire ammunitions depot outside Orenburg, Russia causes large evacuation
10. 17. 2012
Meteor impact in Minden, Louisiana part of ongoing bombardment related to the brown dwarf solar companion's approach
10. 13. 2012
Crop formation in Ipuaçu, Brazil presents large central circle surrounded by a ring of 30 conjoined, counter-rotating circles
10. 05. 2012
+ Pelagic alchemists employ resonant atomic transmutation to convert copper into iron --into titanium and vanadium
10. 05. 2012
Large 52m crop circle formation discovered in Tlapanaloya, Mexico for the second year near the Teotihuacan pyramids
09. 28. 2012
Unrelated manhole explosions in Albany, New York stir authorities to investigate other manhole explosions nearby
09. 19. 2012
Russia's Olkhovka river begins to spontaneously boil without any geological explanation being given by local authorities
09. 10. 2012
Unexplained hum reported by disturbed residents of Mt. Victoria, New Zealand who cannot get answers from local officials
09. 06. 2012
For the fourth time, an explosion blows out manhole cover in Indianapolis, Indiana causing damage to nearby storefront
09. 06. 2012
Residents continue to report low rumbling and humming in West Seattle, Washington after years of loud, repeating spates
09. 05. 2012
Millions of DNA switches that regulate the expression of the human genome's complete operating system are discovered
09. 01. 2012
Underground low rumbling frightens villagers in Kadidond, India in spates similar to those experienced in Mumbai, India
08. 25. 2012
Oil refinery explosion kills 39, injures 80 in Punto Fiju, Venezuela by ignited natural gas leak, reports 79 accidents since 2003
08. 22. 2012
Man says his dining room table spontaneously exploded in his home in the infrasound hotspot of Seattle, Washington
08. 02. 2012
Unexplained ground heat in Outjo, Namibia leaves smoldering heap of ash burning for months, having burnt children's feet
07. 20. 2012
Synesthesia is revealed as a natural enhancement of consciousness that occurs under the influence of electrical stimulation
07. 19. 2012
Woman in Stourbridge, England driven 'mad' by overnight rumbling and vibrations in her home that cannot be identified
07. 05. 2012
Five dead and one injured as kids are electrocuted while swimming in separate lakes in Missouri, Tennessee and Iowa
06. 16. 2012
+ Ancient knowledge of the Qi meridian system of the human body linked with Atlantean resonant transmutation technology
06. 13. 2012
Repeating micro-quake swarms in Mumbai, India follow spates of devastating spontaneous fires that struck in previous years
06. 08. 2012
Loud rounds of explosive booming on the Indiana-Michigan border prompt hazmat response helicopters, cover-up ensues
06. 06. 2012
+ Resonant atomic transmutation of metals in human blood reveal the primary source of the body's biophoton emissions
06. 05. 2012
Nine cars are gutted by spontaneous fires in Gudaibiya, Bahrain in connection with electrical short circuits causing ignition
06. 05. 2012
Electrical failure causes plane crash in urban Lagos, Nigeria, where police battled the large crowd for control of the scene
06. 05. 2012
Unexplained spontaneous fire damages a vacant house in Donegal, Ireland which did not have electricity or gas at the time
06. 03. 2012
Separate spontaneous blazes destroy cars and a warehouse overnight in Canterbury, England causing suspicions of arson
06. 01. 2012
Data reveals intense solar plasma eruptions emitted high-energy particles that released neutrons measured worldwide
05. 30. 2012
Giant plumes above the south pole of Enceladus offer insights into the study of plasma, as predicted by nonlinear models
05. 30. 2012
Fire erupts and rapidly engulfs a bookshop in Lahore, Pakistan during a power outage resulting from electrical overload
05. 29. 2012
Multiple spontaneous fires destroy a farmhouse in Keetmanshoop, Namibia, strangely occurring in the presence of a little girl
05. 26. 2012
Unexplained spates of fires wreak havoc in Lukwa Rafi, Nigeria, as 3 separate onion storage buildings ignite simultaneously
05. 25. 2012
Persistent and unusual fire still burns underneath Centralia, Pennsylvania, after 50 years of monitoring and mass evacuation
05. 24. 2012
Unexplained spontaneous electrical fire erupts onboard nuclear vessel sitting idly at dock in Portsmouth, Massachusetts
05. 23. 2012
Black magic suspected in a series of unusual blazes claiming eight homes in Ghosarimala, India over the course of two days
05. 23. 2012
Recurring dumpster fires in the same spot in Houston, Texas has investigators puzzled, suspecting arson without any evidence
05. 23. 2012
Irregular Kuiper Belt orbits suggest brown dwarf solar companion lurks at the edge of our solar system causing perturbations
05. 17. 2012
Woman at San Onofre Beach, California receives severe burns after the spontaneous combustion of a handful of beach rocks
05. 17. 2012
Unusual electrical fire destroys part of the Electoral Institute in Abuja, Nigeria after continual spates of previous fires burned
05. 16. 2012
Real life mutant girl in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is capable of igniting things around her, as fires erupt wherever she goes
05. 14. 2012
Unexplained spontaneous fire damages a vacant house in Donegal, Ireland which did not have electricity or gas at the time
05. 12. 2012
Mandala crop formation at Water Eaton Copse in Wiltshire, England encodes quadratic function for nonlinear standing waves
05. 09. 2012
What people in 1859 thought of the bizarre electromagnetic effects of the Great Solar Storm (Hint: they were very confused)
05. 07. 2012
Repeating medium-intensity quakes have seismologists in Ica, Peru warning of the increasing potential of another mega-quake
04. 30. 2012
Unexplained cannon-like booms followed by flashes in Roslindale, Massachusetts leave the community asking questions
04. 28. 2012
Earthquake swarms continue to strike both the east and west coasts of Canada, perplexing BC and New Brunswick residents
04. 26. 2012
Solar scientists are stumped by the sun's asymmetrically reversing magnetic field, displaying behavior that is without precedent
04. 24. 2012
Complex set of grass circles with standing centers are discovered in Bosschenhoofd, Southern Holland by psychic medium
04. 20. 2012
Solar scientists say our sun may soon have four magnetic poles in preparation for the full magnetic reversal later this year
04. 20. 2012
Spontaneous fire erupts in an electrical panel at the San Onofre nuclear plant Pendleton, California, burning for 40 minutes
04. 16. 2012
'Sounds like dynamite exploding' accompany two weeks of microquakes battering residents of Mcadam, New Brunswick
04. 14. 2012
Three new buses ignited as spontaneous fire erupts at a bus depot in Bhayandar, India leading to speculations of arson
04. 14. 2012
Spontaneous bed mattress combustion event in Torquay, Australia was put out by the quick response of surprised witnesses
04. 13. 2012
Two children perish in a spontaneous late-night blaze in Abeokuta, Nigeria, which razed their 6-bedroom bungalow in minutes
04. 10. 2012
Two spontaneous brush fires in the same spot two hours apart in Payson, Arizona bewilder firefighters returning to the scene
04. 10. 2012
Baffled drivers in Hanoi, Vietnam driven into panic over spontaneous engine fires that continually recur in dramatic episodes
04. 10. 2012
Unusual fire engulfs and completely destroys a small home in Georgetown, Guyana which had no electricity whatsoever
03. 23. 2012
+ Unexplained fire guts the National Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria due to spontaneous electrical surge - as happened last year
03. 22. 2012
Spontaneous fire erupts in a childrens' toy box in Benton City, Oregon, damaging the home of a baffled family of witnesses
03. 22. 2012
+ Rattling booms striking Clintonville, Wisconsin spread to neighboring Montello over 70 miles away, setting off micro-quakes
03. 21. 2012
+ Spooky goings on at the Milk Market in Limerick, Ireland as security cameras record glowing balls of light before a burglary
03. 17. 2012
+ Unexplained rumbling sounds and vibrations bring down an old barn in Sooke, British Colombia and continue to resound
03. 16. 2012
+ Meteorologists detect extra-low frequency sound emissions causing a devastating tornado but fail to find hidden source
03. 14. 2012
Spontaneous fires ignite simultaneously in 3 different 'smart meters' in various parts of Victoria, Australia during a single night
03. 13. 2012
Cause of brush fire on a small island in Surf City, North Carolina remains unexplained as a few acres burn through the night
03. 13. 2012
+ Odd methane gas explosions at hog farms mirror occurrences of exploding manhole covers in Peterborough and New York
03. 09. 2012
+ Unexplained explosions repeatedly heard by residents in Croy Canyon, Idaho are not generated by military aircraft
03. 07. 2012
Earthing: Studying the many health implications of reconnecting the human body with the surface electrons of the Earth
03. 06. 2012
+ Raging spontaneous fire in Freetown, Sierra Leone leaves many residents homeless after destroying their many properties
03. 05. 2012
What's causing the mysterious repeating spates of sounds coming from the sky, loud enough to set off dogs and car alarms?
03. 05. 2012
Ancient builders created monumental structures out of resonant stones that altered sound and mind, researchers say
03. 04. 2012
+ Fire damages police headquarters in Durban, South Africa in a recent series of unexplained police station blazes
03. 02. 2012
+ Continuing unexplained spates of loud rumbling in Windsor, Ontario was addressed by an MP on his Washington trip
03. 01. 2012
+ Elevated levels of low-frequency humming disturb residents of in a 7km area of rural Beaufort, Ireland without relenting
02. 28. 2012
The Cassiopaeans Hit List 06: Let's do the planetary twist to the tune of the brothers heliopolis and other great oldies
02. 28. 2012
Residents booming with big bang theories to explain the odd, loud noises being heard coming from the empty skies above
02. 26. 2012
+ Two deaths occurred in an unexplained fire that ravaged most of the Brazilian Base of the Antarctic Research Station
02. 25. 2012
Fire rips through the Tabarre market in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti leaving shop-owners with nothing but questions and ashes
02. 24. 2012
From hidden psychoacoustic caverns to the megalithic Stonehenge, ancient cultures painted consciousness with sound
02. 24. 2012
+ FLASHBACK -- Fire blazes through the central market of Makurdi, Nigeria leaving shop owners with nothing but ashes
02. 24. 2012
+ Rapidly spreading fire devastates politician's home in Makurdi, Nigeria, following the recently devastating market blaze
02. 22. 2012
+ Unexplained, loud night-time noises plague the town of Derry, Ireland in repeating episodes that have alarmed residents
02. 21. 2012
+ Spates of spontaneous fires that plague a Roosevelt Park, Michigan community ignited and destroyed a parked boat hull
02. 20. 2012
Are the trumpets of the Angels heralding some cosmic arrival? Mysterious sky sounds baffled many early explorers too
02. 16. 2012
+ Mysterious fires strike Our Lady of Apostles Girls Senior High School in Ho, Ghana after unexplained electrical surges
02. 15. 2012
Spates of UFO sightings accompany the simultaneous appearance of humming metal boxes on several Oregon beaches
02. 15. 2012
+ Electronic cigarette explodes spontaneously in the face of an unsuspecting smoker, knocking out just about 'all his teeth'
02. 13. 2012
Archeoacoustics research reveals the hidden sonic landscapes created by various ancient psychoacoustic monuments
02. 10. 2012
Rotational velocity of Venus is slowing down significantly every year, just as in the cases of both Saturn and the Earth!
02. 09. 2012
World's network of pyramids are activating, beaming measurable energies to a mysterious cloud approaching our system
02. 09. 2012
+ Unexplained spates of low-frequency sound continue to inundate a Nelson, British Colombia community without answers
02. 08. 2012
Massive colored flash of plasma arching above a power station explosion in Moscow, Russia leads to various speculation
02. 03. 2012
Strange loud booming noises over night disturb residents of Milford Haven, Wales, but the military denies responsibility
02. 01. 2012
+ Giant unidentified circular hull discovered leaving a long drag mark along the bed of the Baltic Sea due to semi-levitation
01. 31. 2012
Massive fire erupts near recycling yard in Flint, Michigan as simultaneous blazes also ignite in 2 separate homes in the area
01. 30. 2012
Ten dead in a series of multi-vehicle accidents on I-75 in Florida reportedly caused by dramatic marsh gas explosions
01. 25. 2012
+ Unexplained rumbling sounds and rattling throughout Sooke, British Colombia spark intrigue and concern among neighbors
01. 25. 2012
+ Spontaneous melting of a car's rear-view mirror in a closed garage in Los Angeles, California leaves the car owner baffled
01. 23. 2012
+ Brightly shining plasma ship with blue-glowing probe photographed above the sacred mountain of La Maná, Ecuador
01. 23. 2012
Researchers confirm ancient wisdom traditions - the human eye actually emits light in the form of measurable biophotons
01. 22. 2012
+ Unexplained fire guts the Mombasa, Kenya Airport VIP lounge after a spontaneous air-conditioner explosion occurred
01. 17. 2012
Unexplained blast rocks apartment buildings near the downtown core of Houston, Texas to the dismay of residents
01. 16. 2012
Strange, loud low-frequency groaning and rumbling similarly heard and recorded in many different parts of the world
01. 14. 2012
+ Unexplained electrical failures cause a massive cruise ship to run aground onto the jagged rocks of the Italian coast
01. 13. 2012
+ Hundreds of fatalities as unexplained explosions ripped through an arms dump in Brazzaville, Congo, flattening homes
01. 13. 2012
+ Unusual fire guts building in Benin City, Nigeria, with electrical surge preceded by loud, explosive boom reported
01. 11. 2012
+ Concerned residents of Derry, Ireland are allowed back home after evacuations followed a massive explosive detonation
01. 11. 2012
+ Unexplained fire in an antique collector's home in Castlebellingham, Ireland leaves police investigators searching
01. 11. 2012
+ Home gutted in devastating fire that rapidly consumed the building in Mathendele, Swaziland, leaving residents nothing
01. 11. 2012
+ Several automobile and motorbike fires engulf vehicles in various parts of Central Vietnam, leaving a wake of confusion
01. 10. 2012
+ 30 minutes separate antipodal earthquake pair - M6.3 quake off Indonesia triggers a M5.0 seismic event off Ecuador
01. 09. 2012
+ Continuing spates of unexplained vehicle fires confound drivers, pedestrians and news reporters in Hanoi, Vietnam
01. 07. 2012
+ Spontaneous fire ignites the rear seats of a mini-bus, surprising passengers in transit on a Southern Vietnam highway
01. 06. 2012
+ Elderly woman killed in an Omaha, Nebraska house fire where investigators are left clueless as to the ignition source
01. 03. 2012
Giant human footprint over 1 meter in length is video-recorded in South African granite that is older than 200 million years
01. 01. 2012
Mysterious low-frequency sounds heard just before earthquakes in various parts of the world could be artifically induced
12. 31. 2011
+ Blaze damages the Justice chambers and hall of the Court of Appeal in Calabar, Nigeria, thought to be an electrical fault
12. 26. 2011
+ Partial damage sustained from spontaneous fires that simultaneously struck 3 cars in different parts of Chandigarh, India
12. 26. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Residents of 40 homes forced to evacuate after unexplained fires in Gulu, Uganda frighten hundreds
12. 26. 2011
+ Annual nighttime fires continue to ravage the central market in Enugu, Nigeria, this year destroying hundreds of shops
12. 25. 2011
+ Three siblings killed during latenight fire in Abuja, Nigeria - a blaze that claimed two houses and remains unexplained
12. 24. 2011
Nuclear industrial city of Trekhgorny, Russia witnesses fly-over by cloud forming UFO that was recorded by videographer
12. 21. 2011
+ Sacred body markings on the Turin Shroud identified as the result of a brief, intense flash of UV light from HHO plasma
12. 19. 2011
Medical journal article reports 14,000 US deaths linked to Fukushima reactor disaster fallout over the continental US
12. 19. 2011
+ Dozens of cars and motorcycles suffer spontaneous fires in Hanoi, Vietnam, leaving residents and news teams baffled
12. 19. 2011
+ Flames rapidly engulf the first floor bedroom of a home in Halstead, England without any causal evidence being found
12. 14. 2011
Giant fountains of methane over 1,000m across erupt into the high atmosphere from below the surface of the Arctic ice
12. 14. 2011
+ Unexplained fire destroys several vehicles in a barn in Worcester, England to the surprise of residents and firefighters
12. 14. 2011
+ 12-year-old dies in unexplained house fire in Bangalore, India in a case being called unnatural by police investigators
12. 14. 2011
+ Fire guts an entire section of Gamboru Market in Maiduguri, Nigeria, leaving vendors and shop-owners without a clue
12. 13. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire destroys historic former hotel in Sandown, England without leaving a clue as to the cause of the blaze
12. 13. 2011
+ Unexplained fire rips through a steelworking plant in Llanwern, Wales, requiring 12 hrs to be extinguished by fire crews
12. 13. 2011
+ Rains of apples fall from a clear sky above Coventry, England, stopping traffic and surprising pedestrians on the road
12. 13. 2011
+ Small cargo vessel's engine in disrepair spontaneously ignites in flames in the docks of the Old Mundra, India port
12. 12. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Over 400 huts burn in a devastating blaze that tore through the Shanti Nagar slums of Karachi, Pakistan
12. 12. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Hundreds of huts burn in a raging fire in Shanti Nagar area of Karachi, Pakistan leaving families homeless
12. 12. 2011
+ Over a dozen shantis destroyed in an unexplained fire in Karachi, Pakistan, a region of recurring spontaneous combustion
12. 12. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire ignites the side mirror of a car door in South Benfleet, England that was noticed and reported to police
12. 12. 2011
+ Explosive boom that shocked residents of Perry County, Kentucky linked with steaming cracks in the earth found afterward
12. 12. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire kills sleeping couple in Levubu, South Africa without leaving any evidence of any commotion or cause
12. 12. 2011
+ Extensive blaze ravages a large market in Kaduna, Nigeria killing several people and gutting hundreds of market shops
12. 10. 2011
+ Low-frequency rumbling and mild earthquakes rattle Erattupetta, India, leaving villagers in fear of building pressures
12. 10. 2011
+ Devastating hospital fire in Kolkata, India kills at least 73 patients before full evacuation of the building was completed
12. 09. 2011
+ Furniture and carpets spontaneously ignite in the Ashoorkhana Imambada, a Shia place of worship in Hyderabad, India
12. 08. 2011
Earth hit by fireball storm of 5 cometary objects whose paths through the solar system were tracked to their firey demise
12. 06. 2011
+ Spontaneous blaze rips through an estate in Basingstoke, England leaving firefighters without any clear evidence of cause
12. 05. 2011
+ Loud explosion and rattling quakes strike mountain near the small town of Bac Tra My, Vietnam driving residents into panic
12. 03. 2011
+ Cosmic sources predict imminent 9.6 megaquake and tsunami will soon destroy Tokyo, Japan as quake series culminates
12. 02. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire destroys home in Georgetown, Guayana, leaving 7 residents homeless and in shock after narrow escape
12. 02. 2011
Sadahurip mountain in Garut, Indonesia identified as an pyramid temple artificially augmented thousands of years ago
12. 02. 2011
+ Spontaneous combustion of a patient's face during a surgical operation in Crestview, Florida leaves doctors bewildered
11. 30. 2011
+ Unexplained apartment fire in Gautier, Mississippi baffles investigators as the cause of fire appears to be human combustion
11. 30. 2011
+ Another self-combusting Apple iPhone awakens sleeping resident of Sao Paolo, Brazil to the thick smoke of melting plastic
11. 29. 2011
+ Extensive market fire in Mumbai, India continues a pattern of ongoing severe blazes that deny any obvious explanation
11. 29. 2011
Earth's atmospheric 'heartbeat' detected by space-based instruments and identified as ionospheric infrasound resonance
11. 29. 2011
+ Airline passenger's Apple iPhone superheats - glowing red-hot and emitting dense smoke during flight to Sydney, Australia
11. 26. 2011
+ Upper storey of an elderly man's home in Bandar Seri Begawan, Borneo ravaged by unexplained fire after unusual sounds
11. 25. 2011
Data obtained in the Cassiopaea Experiment on 3,600-year cometary cycle confirmed by historical and archeological records
11. 24. 2011
+ Pedestrian couple narrowly avoids second manhole cover explosion in Peterborough, England recorded by CCTV camera
11. 23. 2011
+ Multi-colored flashes illuminate the sky after spontaneous power station transformer explosions in Bridgewater, New Jersey
11. 22. 2011
Mysterious man unconscious in hospital after apparently suffering spontaneous human combustion in Gothenburg, Sweden
11. 22. 2011
+ School bus breakdown followed by spontaneous combustion in New York City startles several children evacuated safely
11. 22. 2011
+ Fire guts Shawarma Express restaurant in Windsor, Ontario - the inevitable culmination of consistent humming reported
11. 18. 2011
+ Recurring spontaneous fires terrorize residents in Tshiozwi, South Africa, who witness mattresses and clothing ignite
11. 16. 2011
+ Surprising fire ravages a D'Urban Backlands home in Georgetown, Guyana, leaving a mother and two children clueless
11. 15. 2011
+ Empty apartment destroyed by raging fire in Glasgow, Scotland baffles police investigators, leading to arson suspicions
11. 14. 2011
+ Unexplained fire demolishes a house without electricity in Caneville, Guyana while the family was staying elsewhere
11. 12. 2011
+ Weather manipulation by Nexrad installations produces earthquakes, storms and severe tornadoes throughout Oklahoma
11. 11. 2011
Ancient prophecy fulfilled by the Mayan Elders bringing together 13 crystal skulls during ceremonial events in Los Angeles
11. 11. 2011
+ Surprising hedge fire ignites a row of roadside conifers in Ortons, England without leaving any trace evidence of the cause
11. 10. 2011
+ Concentric stone circles discovered near Spout Run, Virginia reveal ancient artifacts associated with the sacred site
11. 09. 2011
+ Unoccupied house catches fire spontaneously - for a second time - in Waterford, England, leaving investigators baffled
11. 08. 2011
+ Truck damaged by unexplained spontaneous fire in an Gangyal, India automotive shop, without evidence of the source
11. 07. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire in a two-storey wooden house in Georgetown, Guyana catches sleeping resident, neighbors by surprise
11. 07. 2011
+ Unexplained hay plant fire kills temporary Irish worker in New Norcia, Australia, involving exploding methane gas canister
11. 05. 2011
Great Pyramid 11-11-11 meditation ceremony with over 2,000 participants cancelled by political controllers citing 'concerns'
11. 04. 2011
+ Gravitational lensing reveals the nonlinear structure of glowing quasar accretion discs of plasma surrounding black holes
11. 03. 2011
+ Spontaneous fire ignited in a Bluffton, Indiana corn field leaves firefighters puzzled, without any clues as to its origins
11. 01. 2011
+ Chicago man dies after puncturing his own chest in an unsuccessful attempt to remove his malfunctioning pacemaker
10. 29. 2011
+ Two vans ignited in an unexplained roadside blaze in Steeple, England without any obvious cause having been identified
10. 29. 2011
10,000 Mayan codices in museum basement contribute essential information for humanity on "how to go 4th dimensional"
10. 27. 2011
+ Bright cluster of vortices appears in the high atmosphere of Uranus along the 19th latitude, in the northern hemisphere
10. 26. 2011
+ Fire destroys an historical African Methodist Episcopal church in Georgetown, South Carolina without leaving causal traces
10. 25. 2011
Solar flare ignites dramatic red auroras that were witnessed and documented in Kansas, and as far south as New Mexico
10. 20. 2011
+ Unexplained fire consumes government ministries building in Freetown, Sierra Leone, requiring evacuation for the day
10. 19. 2011
+ Automated all-sky camera regularly captures circular auroral flashes in the same aerial location above New Mexico
10. 17. 2011
+ Plasma orbs photographed at the sacred springs of celestial water in La Maná, Ecuador, displaying geometric mandalas
10. 14. 2011
+ Set of crop circles forms in a corn field in Bark River, Michigan, with thick corn stalks bent close to the ground by heating
10. 13. 2011
+ Spontaneous house fire in Campbellville, Guyana leaves the victims and neighbors clueless as to its invisible origin
10. 10. 2011
Electrical stimulation of specific points of the brain creates bright color shapes and images that could help the blind see
10. 09. 2011
Mutated fruit, flowers, weeds and shrubs bearing discolorations documented in the vicinity of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
10. 07. 2011
+ Township of Swatara, Pennsylvania asking geological experts to investigate recurring events of explosion-like shaking
10. 05. 2011
+ Unusual explosion in Crewe, England blasts manhole covers into the sky, injuring 2 after initial unexplained power surge
10. 03. 2011
+ Unexplained explosion causes extensive fire at a large chemical production facility in Surrey, England, injuring eight people
10. 03. 2011
+ Massive fire follows unexplained explosion at an industrial chemical production plant in Waxahachie, Texas, none injured
10. 02. 2011
CNN has openly admitted that a massive brown dwarf 4 times the size of Jupiter is in our solar system, hurling Oort comets
10. 02. 2011
+ Loud, unexplained and recurring booming noises batter residents in Louisville, Tennessee, leaving investigators baffled
09. 29. 2011
+ Anomalous ground heating in Cartagena, Colombia causes smoke to rise, leaving residents and officials to speculate
09. 29. 2011
+ Disturbed residents of Ranchlands, Alberta report persistent annoyance with a recurring low-frequency humming sound
09. 29. 2011
+ Mall closed and over 300 evacuated after an unexplained gas main explosion in Subyang Jaya, Malaysia injured 4 people
09. 27. 2011
New forecast: Massive plasma ejections of solar 'superstorms' could doom satellites by generating intense electrical surges
09. 26. 2011
Meteorite impact kills 1 woman and injures 6 people in a Buenos Aires, Argentina suburb, eyewitness videographer arrested
09. 24. 2011
+ Multiple unexplained gas explosions kill 6 in a family home in Neasden, London, UK, while 2 escaped with severe burns
09. 24. 2011
+ Loud 'kaboom' reported by many surprised residents in Greenwich, Pennsylvania raises questions but goes unexplained
09. 23. 2011
+ Inquiry concludes spontaneous human combustion caused the death of an elderly pensioner in a Galway, Ireland fire
09. 22. 2011
+ Man suffers 50 percent burns in an unexplained fire in Coventry, England while his surroundings suffered little damage
09. 20. 2011
Evidence mounts suggesting planetary alignments with Comet Elenin are responsible for a series of big earthquakes
09. 18. 2011
Nexrad weather manipulation generates severe tornadoes: Government coverup claims radar circles just migrating birds
09. 17. 2011
+ Depictions of the Maya God Tláloc present standing waves, concentric circle alignments and auroral plasma plumes
09. 16. 2011
Microcurrents applied to the brain enhance brain function, confirming bioelectrification with gold and silver colloidal waters
09. 16. 2011
+ Unexplained fire in a disused house on the FitzPatrick estate in Dublin, Ireland leaves police seeking political motives
09. 15. 2011
+ Derelict unit block in Darwin, Australia's city center was destroyed by an unexplained fire, before scheduled bulldozing
09. 15. 2011
+ Thousands of desert geoglyphs discovered from the air in Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia appear to be ancient structures
09. 14. 2011
Unexplained booming sounds heard throughout the world perplex scientists, heralding the imminent arrival of a blastwave
09. 13. 2011
Solar flare could unleash nuclear holocaust across planet Earth, forcing hundreds of nuclear power plants into meltdowns
09. 13. 2011
+ Standing stone monuments in Darhad Valley, Mongolia show circles, zigzag waveforms and animal spirit imagery
09. 13. 2011
+ Deep rumbling and shaking reaches peak intensity in Windsor, Ontario with the arrival of plasma ejections from solar flares
09. 12. 2011
+ Unexplained petroleum pipeline explosion in Nairobi, Kenya kills more than 100 people, and severely burns 80 others
09. 11. 2011
Native American trackers tested during Viet Nam war prove that long hair acts as an antenna array for psychic perception
09. 09. 2011
+ Unexplained fire in a council office in Mpumalanga, South Africa leaves officials seeking possible motives for arson
09. 09. 2011
+ Coronal mass ejection causes electrical surge that ignites power substations, leaving 6 million in southwest US blackout
09. 09. 2011
+ Electrical ground currents measured in Norway during intensified geomagnetic storm activity caused by coronal ejections
09. 09. 2011
+ Spontaneous mattress fire ignites a utility pole in Corvallis, Oregon, causing significant damage before being extinguished
09. 07. 2011
+ Shack fire in a Cape Town, South Africa slum kills 3 residents including a pregnant woman, leaving over 200 homeless
09. 07. 2011
Resistance to microbial infection during plagues is historically connected with natural tobacco use, before toxins were added
09. 07. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Spontaneous fires and glowing plasma forms witnessed by officials in Brooklyn, New York in 1882 and 1895
09. 07. 2011
+ Vimana spacecraft display geometric patterns in glowing plasma that correspond to known quadratic iterated functions
09. 04. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Tablecloths, curtains and a phonebook spontaneously ignite in Windsor, Canada in eyewitness accounts
09. 01. 2011
+ Red sprites depicted in ancient murals and geoglyphs - rising above the Great Pyramid and the Teotihuacan pyramids
08. 31. 2011
Simulation map of cesium-137 deposition across the Pacific by CEREA shows US contamination greater than western Japan
08. 31. 2011
+ FLASHBACK -- Tibetan levitation techniques reported by a scientist in 1939 using drums, trumpets and large stone basins
08. 27. 2011
+ Standing wave diagrams adorn the megalithic passage chamber of Knowth, Ireland, used for acoustic levitation of water
08. 27. 2011
+ Focusing the heartbeat of the sun: How giant concave transducers levitated water at many megalith and pyramid sites
08. 27. 2011
Russian resupply spacecraft disaster is the second to fall from the sky: Is the International Space Station in dire trouble?
08. 27. 2011
+ Mystery of the biggest crop circle in the world revealed: Planned and executed by XL-D-Sign with volunteer crew of dozens
08. 28. 2011
+ Rapidly spreading blaze kills 11 people in a house fire in Brisbane, Australia, leaving the police searching for answers
08. 25. 2011
+ Two nearly simultaneous fires ignite in Nelson, British Colombia - a park fire and spontaneous combustion at a library
08. 16. 2011
+ Unexplained and recurring electrical surges responsible for major Amazon data center power outages in Dublin, Ireland
08. 15. 2011
+ Underground electrical explosion blows manhole cover skyward in London, England, injuring a pedestrian standing on it
08. 15. 2011
Scientists use infrared telescopes to hunt a giant hidden binary twin of our sun, or some other unknown planet lurking nearby
08. 15. 2011
+ Evacuation of a government building in Bloemfontein, South Africa occurs after unexplained fire ignites in a storage room
08. 14. 2011
+ Steaming deposits on the cliffs of Hope Ranch, California reach temperatures near 800°F, following unusual events in 2006
08. 14. 2011
+ Unexplained blaze sweeps quickly through a restaurant in Homosassa, Florida, leaving the owners clueless as to the cause
08. 12. 2011
+ Deep rumbling sounds heard around Windsor, Ontario continue to annoy and bewilder residents seeking explanations
08. 11. 2011
+ Loud metallic groaning sounds recorded for a second time in Kiev, Ukraine by the same videographer at the same location
08. 11. 2011
+ Spontaneous harbor fire destroys three buildings in Georgetown, Guyana, including the boat-building and optical service
08. 11. 2011
+ Ball lightning strikes a German tourist bus loaded full of gadgetry near Kaliningrad, Russia, causing extensive damage
08. 09. 2011
+ Unusual fire quickly destroys entire power substation in Constantine, Michigan without leaving any evidence of the cause
08. 08. 2011
+ Loud explosive noises precede unoccupied house blaze in Eaglehawk, Australia to the surprise of eyewitness neighbors
08. 04. 2011
+ Massive European network of ancient Neolithic tunnel systems reported by archaeologists, weaving from Scotland to Turkey
08. 04. 2011
FLASHBACK -- Three spontaneous fires destroy a Goodhope, Botswana homestead, igniting many common household items
08. 03. 2011
+ Unusual, deep metallic throbbing noises recorded on video in Kiev, Ukraine - like something out of a Hollywood horror film
08. 03. 2011
FLASHBACK -- Sleeping toddler dies in an unexplained hut fire in Omukondo, Namibia that struck during the latenight hours
08. 03. 2011
+ Spontaneous fires rage for months, destroying a homestead in Onakeheke, Namibia, leaving the family homeless and destitute
08. 01. 2011
+ Anomalous electrical surges ignite fires at two separate power stations in Kolkata, India, leaving most of the city without power
08. 01. 2011
FLASHBACK -- Unusal house fire kills a mother and son in Charajpura, India, while her daughter suffered severe burns
08. 01. 2011
+ Thatched hut blazes near Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, India without any evidence of the cause
07. 31. 2011
+ Megalithic standing stones of Gavrinis Cairn are intricately engraved with mesmerizing nonlinear standing wave patterns
07. 30. 2011
+ M-class solar flare eruption captured in high-resolution infrared video reveals coronal plasma flowing in a standing wave cross
07. 27. 2011
+ Fatal manhole explosion occurs in Brooklyn, New York, continuing the spate of unusual and interconnected energy events
07. 25. 2011
+ Airport worker in Rockhampton, Australia receives severe burns from a spontaneous porta-loo fire, is hospitalized in a coma
07. 25. 2011
+ Spontaneous explosion of a parked truck in Calaveras, California ignites a forest fire that burned out-of-control for three days
07. 21. 2011
+ Gigantic crack opens up in Santa Maria Huejoculco, Mexico, extending several kilometers along a quickly widening fissure
07. 19. 2011
Galactic ring feature expanding from the core of the Milky Way confirms Mayan knowledge of cycling galactic superwaves
07. 18. 2011
+ Crop circle formation at Overton Down, England references the Prime Cross spherical formula for standing wave resonance
07. 14. 2011
+ Neptune's atmosphere displays major storm bands in near-infrared, with counter-rotating plasma vortices at various latitudes
07. 12. 2011
Risk of exploding manholes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil sparks investigation into cause of gas leaks of manholes in area
07. 10. 2011
+ Funeral attendees witness the surprising spontaneous combustion of the corpse and coffin at a Jos, Nigeria cemetery
07. 09. 2011
+ Schoolboys encounter and capture levitating probes in the fields near Kera, Japan, engraved with standing wave symbols
07. 06. 2011
+ Fire rapidly consumes bed & breakfast establishment in New Ulm, Minnesota, killing 6 including the owner and her daughters
07. 02. 2011
+ Household objects spontaneously ignite in Tsholotsho, Zimbabwe, destroying homesteads and causing local superstition
06. 26. 2011
+ Spontaneous fires burn homes in Hopewell, South Africa, with bed mattresses and other objects igniting in different rooms
06. 24. 2011
Is our Sun part of a binary star system? Animated computer models suggest that a brown dwarf binary twin may lurk nearby
06. 24. 2011
+ 'Short-circuit' ignites an air-conditioning unit in a municipal government building in Mumbai, India causing evacuation
06. 24. 2011
+ Spontaneous house fire consumes a family home in Sydney, Australia while the owners were absent from the premises
06. 21. 2011
+ Sacred cross crop circle formation in Westwoods, England confirms the Prime Cross rendering of standing wave resonance
06. 19. 2011
+ Minister tries to explain the unprecedented spontaneous bell tolling in his Mount Pleasant, Michigan community church
06. 17. 2011
+ Concussive blast baffles residents in Peabody and Salem, Massachusetts, shaking the earth, people and buildings
06. 16. 2011
+ Electrical fire spontaneously erupts from the plaster ceiling of a Bauchi, Nigeria judicial building, causing an evacuation
06. 15. 2011
+ Rubber on metal playground equipment bursts into flames in Clovis, California causing surprised children to flee in panic
06. 13. 2011
+ Loud explosive blast heard across Dingli, Malta leaves bewildered communities seeking answers from local officials
06. 12. 2011
Surprised residents throughout the UK and US report and video-record strange rumbling coming from the sky above them
06. 09. 2011
+ Clocks of all kinds speed up considerably in a broad area of Sicily, Italy to the dismay of local residents and scientists
06. 09. 2011
+ Perturbed residents in Woodland, England report being the latest victims of the now-famous low-frequency humming
06. 07. 2011
+ Massive plasma waves sweep through the solar corona in the largest coronal mass ejection ever witnessed on the sun
06. 06. 2011
+ Unnerving low-frequency humming is reported by mystified residents of Bolton, England who search in vain for its cause
06. 03. 2011
+ Tsunami warning sensors deployed in the Panama Canal record background signals of low-frequency standing waves
05. 30. 2011
Planetary alignments induce electromagnetic effects on Earth, revealing the nonlinear mechanics of the solar capacitor
05. 23. 2011
+ Weather modification by Nexrad stations generates severe tornadoes that cut a swathe through Joplin, Missouri, killing 116
05. 22. 2011
+ Strange low-frequency rumbling noises video-recorded in Rochester, Minnesota cause fears of approaching tornadoes
05. 21. 2011
+ Washing machine and furniture ignite in a house in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, seriously damaging half of the wooden structure
05. 19. 2011
+ Unusual brush fire ignites nearby home in Egham, England, which firefighters extinguish in time to prevent major damage
05. 18. 2011
Infrared emissions of atmospheric plasma above the Japan mega-quake epicenter induced by 2.5 Hz HAARP broadcast
05. 18. 2011
+ Family flees sudden fire in their home in Abuja, Nigeria as a microwave oven ignites after power outage and electrical surge
05. 17. 2011
+ Unaccountable disturbances on the surface waters of Lake Washington, Washington video-recorded by mystified resident
05. 14. 2011
+ Airplane over Norway simultaneously experiences a cracked windshield and smoke filling the forward cabin in mid-flight
05. 14. 2011
+ Unusual fire damages an Enmore home in Georgetown, Guyana, burning a bed and clothing before being quenched
05. 13. 2011
+ Intense thunderstorms in Fort Worth, Texas generate massive plasma bursts recorded flashing above several city blocks
05. 12. 2011
+ Bewildered McCalla, Alabama resident seeks the source of loud low-frequency humming that comes and goes in waves
05. 12. 2011
+ Deep rumbling noise in Virginia Beach, Virginia unnerves local residents as the vibration jolts heavy objects short distances
05. 11. 2011
+ Two large swaths of downed-grasses appear in the fields of Sacramento, California, as reported just north in Hidden Valley
05. 11. 2011
+ Second crop circle to appear in Madisonville, Tennessee reiterates the same mandala geometry displayed 4 years earlier
05. 10. 2011
+ Unusual fire breaks out in a shopping center in Adelaide, Australia, damaging the roof space above several restaurants
05. 09. 2011
+ Fire suddenly sparked in a storefront in Wisbech, England is put out by fire crews before more serious damage was done
05. 05. 2011
+ Montana firefighters warn that spates of anomalous new fires are now burning in unpredictable and mysterious ways
05. 04. 2011
+ Deadly fire erupts in family home in Hull, England, killing two and leaving a nine-year-old hospitalized in critical condition
05. 04. 2011
+ Megalithic standing stones at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey depict nonlinear standing wave resonance in three frequency modes
05. 03. 2011
+ Fourth crop circle to appear in the Yogyakarta, Indonesia area in 2011 displays a linear alignment of concentric circles
05. 02. 2011
+ Radar rings and scalar rays flare-up overnight across the entire continental US in connection to the Nexrad array stations
04. 30. 2011
+ Severe weather across the Midwest US linked to ultra low-frequency output of National Weather Service Nexrad systems
04. 27. 2011
+ Strange fire ignites the main door of a Masonic Hall in Paisley, Scotland and was quickly extinguished by local firefighters
04. 25. 2011
+ Huge natural gas explosion levels a family home in Brentwood, New York, blowing out neighbors' windows and injuring 21
04. 25. 2011
+ Pluto is observed to be rapidly building an atmosphere that extends one quarter of the distance to its largest moon Charon
04. 13. 2011
+ Man spontaneously 'engulfed in flames' in a San Francisco, California porn shop, without causing any damage to the store
04. 08. 2011
+ Resident witnesses the spontaneous combustion of her chair in Haverhill, Massachusetts after smelling smoke in the house
04. 08. 2011
+ Disturbed residents of Windsor and Essex Counties in Ontario, Canada report loud humming and earth-shaking underfoot
04. 04. 2011
Coverup! California, Northwest, B.C. Canada are presently under exposure to radiation levels as high as regions in Japan
04. 01. 2011
+ Heavy metal safe found burning on a front lawn in Anderson, Indiana after igniting during robbers' attempts to pry it open
03. 29. 2011
+ Luminous, giant blue circles surround plasma ships hovering above earthquake-damaged Christchurch, New Zealand
03. 26. 2011
+ Loud explosion precedes spontaneous fire in Leonora, Guyana, quickly destroying a family's two-storey wooden home
03. 21. 2011
+ Weird noise phenomena reported across northern Florida is video-recorded by awestruck residents in several counties
03. 20. 2011
+ Five crop circles appear on the equinox in the fields of Tlapanaloya, Mexico just 33 miles from the Teotihuacan pyramids
03. 20. 2011
+ Young math/physics prodigy with Asperger's syndrome from Westfield, Indiana working towards his own quantum theory
03. 18. 2011
+ Giant eruption of fire during an unexplained natural gas pipeline explosion in Minneapolis, Minnesota leaves a blast crater
03. 18. 2011
+ Elevator shaft fire ignited in Soudan Mine State Park, Minnesota, while underground laboratories below remained unaffected
03. 16. 2011
+ Geologists conclude that quartz is key to understanding patterns in earthquake activity and ultra-low frequency resonance
03. 15. 2011
+ Long history of spates of mystery fires include La Pampa, Argentina; Purchena, Laroya & Torrejoncillo, Spain; Caronia, Sicily
03. 14. 2011
+ Extensive blaze leaves 2,000 families homeless in the Garib Nagar slums of Mumbai, India after a nearby fire in June, 2009
03. 11. 2011
Solar flares focused by HAARP's Sea-based X-Band Radar generates 9.0 mega-earthquake and tsunami off Sendai, Japan
03. 03. 2011
+ Suspicious fire in a wheelie bin sets off a blaze in Paisley, Scotland causing evacuations and hospitalization of residents
03. 01. 2011
+ Front door of a family home in Barrhead, Scotland is set alight in the latenight hours, in a spate of 7 other suspicious fires
02. 25. 2011
+ Crack in the earth 3km long and 100m wide opens overnight in Huacullani, Peru, overturning homes and huge chunks of soil
02. 22. 2011
+ Major 6.3 earthquake causes significant damage to the city of Christchurch, New Zealand and the surrounding region
02. 17. 2011
+ Long, linear drag marks behind large boulders stretch across dry lakebeds in Death Valley, California due to a semi-levitation
02. 16. 2011
+ Explosive fire rages through flat in Neilston, Scotland - the day after another suspicious fire in an unoccupied home nearby
02. 10. 2011
+ Pensioner rushed to hospital in Paisley, Scotland after escaping ferocious inferno that ripped through his home in minutes
02. 05. 2011
+ Over 65 incidents of unusual and spontaneous manhole cover explosions and fires endanger New York City streetwalkers
02. 03. 2011
+ Dozens of spontaneous fires plague villagers in Kakori, India who believe the phenomenon to be an invisible natural force
02. 01. 2011
+ Excavations of temple mounds in Stjřrdal, Norway reveal petroglyphs of footprints engraved in piezoelectric stone floors
01. 28. 2011
+ Repeated booming - like cannon fire - alarms residents of White Rock, BC, Canada who anonymously report their story
01. 23. 2011
+ First crop circle agroglyph of 2011 is reported in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, drawing hundreds of intrigued visitors
01. 20. 2011
+ More airplane windshields are simultaneously cracked near the Denver Int'l Airport, while airport investigations continue
01. 17. 2011
+ Rattling earthquakes and a loud boom are reported in Saffron Walden, England, to the dismay of many unsettled residents
01. 13. 2011
+ Metallic glass is developed using metal nanoparticles to endow an extreme hardness that far exceeds the durability of steel
01. 11. 2011
+ Alchemist achieves resonant atomic transmutation in bulk metals - 97% conversion of copper into silver, gold and platinum
01. 08. 2011
+ A superstitious grandmother's home in Kota Baru, Malaysia suffers hundreds of spontaneous fires in usual household items
01. 07. 2011
+ Escalating worldwide occurrences of mass animal deaths are attributed to high solar activity and Earth's weakening EM fields
01. 06. 2011
+ Several spontaneous fires are quickly put out by a resident of Georgetown, Guyana, saving his home and those of his neighbors
01. 06. 2011
+ New method for the commercial production of deuterium-depleted water using platinum is reported by Chinese researchers
01. 05. 2011
+ Atmospheric ionization creates artificial rain in Abu Dhabi, using principles first reported by Nikola Tesla over a century earlier
01. 05. 2011
+ Family members in different states report odd, cannon-like booming in Nashville, Tennessee and Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
01. 03. 2011
+ Surprised residents of Pueblo, Colorado describe strange, spontaneous fires mysteriously ignited in the walls of their home
12. 31. 2010
+ Radar data confirms infrasound standing wave maps and resolves the 1956 mystery surrounding a site near Tucson, Arizona
12. 29. 2010
+ Gold artifacts including spherical resonance mandalas are excavated from an intact 2,600-year-old Cetic tomb in Germany
12. 15. 2010
+ Ancient piezoelectric stone structures are discovered in Vraca, Bulgaria, bearing a resemblance to England's Stonehenge
12. 12. 2010
+ Loud ultra-low frequency blast disturbs residents of West Novato, California who question local authorities without answer
12. 03. 2010
+ Spontaneous fires engulf areas of Melipilla, Chile as alarmed residents and city officials try to discover their mysterious source
11. 22. 2010
+ Unexplained fire guts a two-storey concrete house in Eccles, Guyana while the two occupants were away from the home
11. 17. 2010
+ Intermittent low-frequency pulsations are again reported by unnerved residents of Wilmington, Virginia and surrounding areas
11. 05. 2010
+ Explosive booming sounds return to the Wilmington, Virginia coast in a new spate of public complaints that continue to mount
11. 01. 2010
Enlarged dragonflies created in hyperoxic laboratory conditions provide clues to gigantism in the lifeforms of the Paleozoic Earth
10. 28. 2010
+ Mystery hum has residents of Hull, England puzzled, leading some to report what sounded like a low-flying plane in distress
10. 16. 2010
Gigantic ring filament connecting several active sunspots encircles the Earth-facing side of the sun in a dramatic solar display
10. 08. 2010
+ Mandala tattoo on the neck of an ancient Peruvian mummy reveals complex acupuncture practices among the Chiribaya culture
09. 28. 2010
+ Couples share a sixth sense, as synchronized heartbeat and brainwave activity is observed among couples during counseling
09. 13. 2010
+ Meteor impact ignites giant gas explosion in San Bruno, California and leaves a sizeable eli elliptical crater along the roadside
09. 06. 2010
Meteor strike in San Joaquin, Colombia reported by eyewitnesses as a fireball that exploded on impact, leaving a large crater
08. 23. 2010
+ Fluctuations in the atomic decay rates of radioactive elements are directly linked to the invisible influences of solar flare activity
07. 24. 2010
Gulf of Mexico temperatures reveal a break in the Loop Current due to the BP oilspill, a determining factor causing rapid glaciation
07. 12. 2010
+ Luminous beams of atmospheric HHO plasma photographed above Xiamen, China glowing at high-altitude for nearly an hour
07. 02. 2010
New Vocal Profiling techniques allow accurate diagnosis of disease using acoustic analysis of voice recordings from ailing patients
06. 25. 2010
+ Sensational crop circle formation at White Sheet Hill, England displays an hexagonal vortex array of superfluid plasma beams
06. 24. 2010
+ Resonant standing waves portrayed in ancient Celtic artifacts excavated from the fields of England and at Emain Macha, Ireland
06. 23. 2010
+ Solar flares linked to natural electric surges causing electronic glitches in railway systems and increased corrosion in metal pipes
06. 22. 2010
+ Crop circle reported by a farmer in Greenfield, California displays more precision and size than all prior California formations
06. 07. 2010
Indonesia's census records a woman of 157 years of age - yes, born in 1853 - a lifelong smoker who's actual daughter is 108
06. 05. 2010
+ Astonishing blue luminescent HHO plasma spiral is documented in video and photographs above the Gold Coast of Australia
05. 29. 2010
Remarkable data reveals that the Arctic Ice volume has increased by 25% since May, 2008 in an extremely rapid glacial rebound
05. 27. 2010
+ Luminous plasma orbs reported in Hidden Valley, California are linked to purple anthocyanin-stained swaths of downed grasses
05. 20. 2010
New research elucidates the mechanisms whereby computers could be powered by DNA using chromophore groups as switches
05. 18. 2010
'Eureka!' spot identified in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, becoming activated during learning breakthroughs and moments of insight
05. 09. 2010
+ Baffling quasar alignment forces astronomers to the conclusion that quasars share an orientation fixed within galactic magnetic fields
05. 06. 2010
+ Zoomorphic monolith carved with cupules, circles and lines is reported in Yangce Town, China in a cluster of rock art sites surveyed
05. 06. 2010
Unusual weather patterns generate rain in the Arctic Circle; floods in Nashville, TN; and snowfall in southern France and Mexico
05. 05. 2010
+ Antipodal earthquake pairs are registered over 10 hours apart off the coasts of Tacna, Peru and southwestern Sumatra, Indonesia
05. 04. 2010
Advancements in digital techniques result in the Omni-focus video camera, with a depth-of-field far in excess of current video standards
05. 02. 2010
Artificial clouds are quickly generated over Germany during successful laboratory experimentation and even in the skies overhead
04. 30. 2010
+ High-resolution video of the sun's coronal plasma plumes draws comparison to the sacred 'tree of life' as popularized in film Avatar
04. 26. 2010
Persistent evidence of a Jovian mass brown dwarf solar companion in the Oort Cloud is reported in the astrophysics journal ICARUS
04. 20. 2010
Gulf of Mexico explosion 20hrs after Halliburton 'cementing' operations leaks giant columns of oil and cashes in Goldman Sachs' short
04. 20. 2010
+ Epicenter of rare 5.3 earthquake near Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia corresponds to the centerpoint of prior radar circles
03. 29. 2010
+ Are cosmic rays causing Toyota's spontaneous acceleration problem which occurs in newer electronically-controlled models?
03. 01. 2010
+ Variations in precipitation rates, measured using the long-term flow rates of major rivers, are directly correlated to solar flare activity
02. 28. 2010
+ At least 56 deaths caused by the sudden acceleration malfunction of Toyota and Lexus vehicles over the past twenty years
02. 23. 2010
Odd fluctuating magnetic waves are discovered to arise in superconducting materials under specific field strength conditions
02. 18. 2010
+ Low-frequency booming is reported by residents of Pelham, New Hampshire, waking residents late at night for several months
02. 14. 2010
+ Electrical surge causes power blackout and mass seizures, killing 2 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia under highly strange circumstances
02. 12. 2010
+ Repeated blasts of low-frequency booming disturb residents near a park in South Goa, India, sparking speculation as to their origin
01. 22. 2010
+ Giant circles are recorded by Doppler radar imaging - surrounding Sydney, NSW, Australia and Broome, Western Australia
01. 12. 2010
+ Low-frequency atmospheric manipulation by HAARP recorded for 2 days before 7.0 earthquake devastates Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
01. 04. 2010
Cosmic rays are directly linked with tree growth patterns by researchers in the UK, who look to widen scope of the data sampled
12. 28. 2009
+ Ancient earthworks documented by aerial photography over clearcut sections of the Amazon reveal neat geometric patterning
12. 27. 2009
+ Spontaneous fires engulf St. Mel's Cathedral in Longford, Ireland on Christmas Day, destroying all but the essential stonework
12. 26. 2009
+ Our solar system approaches an interstellar plasma cloud, reported but misidentified and dismissed by NASA as 'Local Fluff'
12. 24. 2009
+ Amazing 200,000 year-old South African metropolis identified as hundreds of thousands of circular stone buildings near Maputo
12. 23. 2009
Advanced hydraulic power features are reported within the stone foundations of the Mayan pyramid complex at Palenque, Mexico
12. 21. 2009
Ancient architects were on the same wavelength, using rock-hewn chambers tuned for acoustic resonance with low baritone voices
12. 15. 2009
+ Rows of water vapor plumes rising from the ocean in Laguna Beach, California photographed near shore by an Aliso Beach resident
12. 11. 2009
+ Researchers demonstrate a novel process using intense electromagnetic waves for rapid, precision metal cutting applications
12. 09. 2009
+ Norway's night skies are illuminated by a giant HHO plasma spiral electromagnetically controlled by interstellar plasma ships
12. 01. 2009
Ancient temple architects may have been chasing a buzz from soundwaves, as resonant frequencies match the human vocal range
11. 25. 2009
Your skin hears sounds, bypassing the ears, whereby the Neurophone device artificially recreates auditory experience in real-time
11. 24. 2009
+ 'Tiger-striped' rifts in the south polar icecap of Saturn's active moon Enceladus vent superheated water, forming ice crystal plumes
11. 24. 2009
Giant plumes above the south pole of Enceladus offer insights into the study of plasma, as predicted by nonlinear models
11. 13. 2009
+ Hundreds of giant stone jars litter the Xieng Khouang plain in Laos amid live US ammunitions leftover from the Vietnam War
10. 11. 2009
+ Intermittent shaking and rattling in the homes of concerned Newport, Minnesota families leaves many with unanswered questions
10. 10. 2009
+ Awestruck residents of Newport, Minnesota describe recurring vibrations that rattle windows and shake items off open shelving
09. 30. 2009
+ Billy Meier provides information from his contacts from the cosmic Plejaren culture regarding the events of December 22, 2012
09. 09. 2009
+ Luminous aerial HHO plasma plumes are recorded twice during one night in Longview, TX by a motion-sensing gametrail camera
08. 07. 2009
+ Magnificent da Vinci butterfly crop circle formation in Goes, Netherlands is censored by big media, leaving the public misinformed
08. 04. 2009
+ Giant boulder is inadvertently photographed floating above a mountainside in Gushan, China by a father out on a family hike
08. 02. 2009
+ Volcanic-like explosion sends boulders sparking and water gushing near the village of Rangrik, India, surprising meteorologists
07. 31. 2009
+ Ten days of intermittent loud booming in Port Angeles, Washington has residents asking the Coast Guard and Navy for answers
07. 26. 2009
+ Vedruss Elders of the taiga forests of Siberia achieve resonant heartbeat synchronization through the DNA imprinting of seeds
07. 22. 2009
+ Researchers photograph the human body's subtle glow in the range of visible light, intend to use the technique for health scans
07. 21. 2009
+ Ball lightning and beams of purple light descend on the Dutch town of Soesterberg, destroying electrical systems in 100 homes
06. 23. 2009
+ Villagers of Dinskaya in Russia's Krasnodar region are shocked to discover a large mandala formation in their green wheat fields
06. 20. 2009
+ Sleep-disturbed UK residents report annoyance with low-frequency humming in the towns of Llanidloes and Staylittle in Wales
06. 11. 2009
+ Cool to the touch helium/oxygen plasma blowtorch kills bacteria and cleans teeth, leaving healthy gums and tooth enamel [Video]
06. 10. 2009
+ Repeating rains of small stones fall from the sky in Dhenkanal, India, pelting unsuspecting villagers and careening off rooftops
06. 10. 2009
+ Red supergiant star Betelgeuse is observed collapsing before a supernova event calculated by the Maya for December 22, 2012
06. 05. 2009
+ Nanosecond pulsed current generates low-temperature biocompatible helium/oxygen plasma that kills even the bacteria in biofilms
06. 03. 2009
+ Ranchlands, Alberta residents continue to report annoyance by low-frequency humming that continues to gain media attention
06. 02. 2009
+ Bewildered residents of Mawnan, England express growing frustration with the constant presence of deep, low-frequency humming
05. 20. 2009
+ An odd spontaneous fire ignites the wooden deck of a home in Bellvue, Washington that was saved from the very unusual blaze
05. 08. 2009
+ Infrasound hissing is recorded by satellites monitoring the Van Allen ionized plasma belt which protectively encircles our planet
05. 02. 2009
+ Giant concentric rings observed on radar screens by Switzerland's meteorological department have left scientists wondering
04. 15. 2009
+ Tectonic displacement during the 6.3 earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy is recorded as an interferogram by compiling satellite observations
03. 29. 2009
+ 7 pyramids are identified on the African island of Mauritius, with evidence of large stone platforms and complex hydraulic systems
02. 14. 2009
+ A powerful lightning strike generates healing abilities in nine-year-old Muhammad Ponari in the Indonesian village of Balongsari
02. 07. 2009
+ Confused families report ongoing sleep disturbance by a deep humming present throughout the region of Ranchlands, Alberta
01. 08. 2009
+ Homes in the Barangay San Francisco neighborhood of Santo Tomas, Philippines are saved from events of spontaneous combustion
10. 12. 2008
+ Dozens of homes experience spates of unexplained fires in the Kishtwar region of India, concentrated in the village of Chui Draman
08. 05. 2008
+ Unusual heating of the ground in Los Padres State Park, California reaches over 800F degrees while monitored by awed firefighters
08. 05. 2008
+ Spontaneous fires plague 7 different houses in Landovica, Kosovo igniting electrical appliances and electrical wiring in the walls
07. 27. 2008
+ Quadratic equation is rendered in a giant mandala formation in Wayland Smithy, England comprised of 241 circles in sacred alignment
07. 23. 2008
+ Couple are disturbed by low-frequency vibration in their Green Bay, Wisconsin home, and also confirmed by reports from neighbors
07. 17. 2008
+ A large, carved boulder outside Sylva, North Carolina called 'Judaculla Rock' marks the ancient Native American sacred site
07. 15. 2008
+ Astonishing mandala formation in Avebury, England displays planetary alignment of December 22, 2012, Mayan calendar end date
06. 18. 2008
+ Intricate spiral mandala formation is reported near Barbury Castle, England encoding the exact value of pi to ten digits of accuracy
06. 03. 2008
+ Ground temperatures in excess of 800F degrees in Colorado Springs, Colorado burn a child's feet leaving charred and melted shoes
05. 12. 2008
Video captures glowing plasma clouds forming above the epicenter, 30 mins prior to the devastating 7.8 Sichuan, China earthquake
04. 13. 2008
+ A home is gutted by fire in Lalapansi, Zimbabwe under unusual circumstances -clothing ignited in a wooden wardrobe left untouched
03. 28. 2008
+ A parked vehicle catches fire in San Mateo, California, yet only the car's exterior is damaged, leaving the engine and gas tank intact
03. 27. 2008
+ Rattling booms disturb and awe residents of Bridlington, England who assembled in the streets to discover the source of the pulsation
03. 21. 2008
+ Low-frequency booms shock the residents of Kimberley, Idaho who were surprised to find no earthquake data had been registered
03. 11. 2008
+ Villagers in Babura, Nigeria are menaced by repeated fires that are apparently predicted by visions seen only by one adolescent girl
02. 21. 2008
+ Researchers in Sweden record video images of a single electron captured for the first time using lasers fired in attosecond pulses
02. 08. 2008
+ Bewildered residents of Wilmington, North Carolina and the Cape Fear region report booming known as the 'Seneca Guns' of legend
11. 13. 2007
High-atmospheric "ion plumes" are investigated by an international research group focusing on Africa's magnetic field abberations
11. 08. 2007
+ Repeated fires ravage the village of Mapuve, South Africa striking fear and awe in the hearts of the small community's residents
10. 21. 2007
+ Sets of circular patterns baffle one New Haven, Michigan farmer, left to wonder what recurring heat is drying up these circles?
10. 15. 2007
+ Mandala crop formation is reported in a Wooster, Ohio soybean field with three Fibonacci spirals connecting to a large outer circle
09. 28. 2007
Austrian physicists report the anomalous formation of a 25mm water bridge generated by a high-voltage current between beakers
09. 12. 2007
+ 1 Kg in France is unequal to 1 Kg in Germany! Earth's shifting gravity field slightly alters the Kg measure in various locations
08. 29. 2007
+ Disturbed residents of Anderson, Indiana report a mysterious deep humming sound and curiously recurring physical symptoms
08. 27. 2007
+ Uncontrollable wildfires rage throughout the forests of Greece after mysteriously flaring-up at dozens of sites simultaneously
08. 21. 2007
+ California's Santa Barbara backcountry continues to be ravaged all summer long by the second largest fire on state record
08. 17. 2007
Effects of the Sun's ultra-deep resonance in the Earth are reported by Ulysses mission solar scientists looking at terrestrial systems
08. 17. 2007
+ Large water energy chambers hewn from granite are discovered beneath Bulgaria's Perperikon ancient megalithic Sanskrit site
08. 16. 2007
+ Peru's Nazca region registers an 8.0 earthquake devastating most mud-brick homes in the coastal cities of Ica, Pisco and Lima
08. 15. 2007
Networks of hundreds of underground chambers with mummies and large, black jade statues are reported in Chinese Inner Mongolia
08. 07. 2007
+ Dozens of awed residents in Sydney, Australia report prolonged shaking tremors but no earthquake is registered by seismologists
08. 03. 2007
+ Ringed rock art site is reported in Perthshire, Scotland matching the psychoacoustic rock designs of the Newgrange sacred site
07. 31. 2007
+ Multiple fires rage in the Canary Islands resulting in the evacuation of over 11,000 residents from Gran Canaria and Tenerife
07. 31. 2007
+ Flames rise from fissures in the ground igniting Peschici, Italy and north-east in the forests of Albania, Macedonia and Greece
07. 24. 2007
+ Rattling booms disturb residents in Knob Noster, Missouri who were quickly reassured by promises of a military investigation
07. 18. 2007
+ Repeated booming is reported by astonished residents of Arroyo Grande, California in a brief spate of early-afternoon shocks
07. 07. 2007
+ The sacred syllable 'Om' forms in a 1033' mandala crop formation reported in Alton Barnes, England composed of 150 circles
05. 14. 2007
+ Mandala crop formation is reported in a Madisonville, Tennessee field located over limestone bedrock with underground lakes
05. 14. 2007
+ Rumbling tremors vibrate Knoxville, Tennessee through the night, alarming residents of three neighborhoods in a tight area
05. 12. 2007
+ Red Bluff, California alfalfa field is graced by a three-circle mandala formation near the ancient Tehama mounds sacred sites
05. 10. 2007
+ Mandala crop formation in Epps, Louisiana stretches for a quarter-mile in wheat near to the ancient Poverty Point sacred site
04. 10. 2007
+ Earthquake-like tremors rattle Klai, Vietnam in a small area of only 150', severe enough to leave several fissures up to 12' deep
02. 16. 2007
+ Denver Airport experiences 13 cracked airplane windshields in the course of a few hours, in both airborne and grounded planes
01. 16. 2007
+ Surprised Vallejo, California man's cell phone suddenly ignites in his pants pocket, causing extensive burns over half of his body
11. 15. 2006
+ Infrasound humming in North Auckland, New Zealand is recorded by Massey University computer scientist after local complaints
08. 17. 2006
+ Mandala energetic formation in Geneseo, Illinois soy beans yields evidence of microwave bursts in necroses and anthocyanin
06. 27. 2006
+ An intricate crop circle formation in Poirino, Italy renders the Prime Cross mandala revealing focal points of infrasound resonance
05. 26. 2006
Huge fleets of luminous discs with one larger mothership moving in a unified formation are recorded often near Pelcula, Mexico
05. 04. 2006
+ NASA's Hubble telescope returns images of Jupiter, its Great Red Spot at 19 degrees South and a new companion vortex at 34 S
05. 01. 2006
Human hands are shown to emit light, concentrated at the fingertips and nails, which act like translucent windows for cells below
01. 19. 2006
+ Rumbling booms vibrate the Mobile, Alabama area 'like fists' battering the bewildered residents in a cluster of neighborhoods
12. 24. 2005
+ After local power outage, strange fires ravage a car and the first floor of the Leonora Police Station near Georgetown, Guyana
12. 21. 2005
+ Intensely rattling booms panic residents in the vicinity of Wilmington, North Carolina without any registered earthquake activity
12. 21. 2005
+ Very loud low frequency booming noises are reported often in Atwater, California during the night hours by disturbed residents
11. 27. 2005
+ Inventor Klein presents his HHO plasma torch using pure hydrogen and oxygen, burning water that can even melt tungsten
11. 27. 2005
Radar Anomalies documents the multitudes of ringed doppler radar infrasound anomalies occurring regularly throughout the US
10. 31. 2005
Ancient pyramids made of sandstone breccia with interconnecting tunnels are discovered beneath hills surrounding Visoko, Bosnia
10. 17. 2005
+ Anomalous heat source reaches 580F, causes landslide and wildfire in Los Padres National Forest near Santa Barabara, California
10. 09. 2005
7.6 earthquake devastates Pakistan, Afghanistan and India while hurricane Stan and a 5.6 earthquake hit Mexico and Guatemala
10. 08. 2005
A luminous, hovering disc is recorded in clear detail for 20 minutes by a security camera in the town of Ramos Arizpe, Mexico
10. 03. 2005
Binary Research Institute links mythology of dark and golden ages with the Great Year cycle of our Sun’s dark twin companion
07. 04. 2005
NASA's Deep Impact space collision with Comet Tempel1 produces raw data exactly predicted by the electric universe model
07. 03. 2005
Huge fleet of 100+ luminous discs is witnessed by residents of Guadalajara, Mexico and recorded on video by several people
06. 29. 2005
Silver nanoparticles <10nm in liquid colloids are shown to effectively kill the HIV1 virus, in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology
06. 29. 2005
Massive fleet of over 150 white luminous discs flying in one formation at high-altitude is observed by residents of Mexico City
06. 27. 2005
Fleets of many dozens of luminous discs flying in unison are witnessed and recorded by residents of San Luis and Xalapa, Mexico
06. 22. 2005
+ Lurkley Hill, UK crop circle renders a precise mathematical equation that quantifies the ancient mandala of consciousness
06. 22. 2005
+ MIT researchers create a new form of matter: a superfluid fermion gas that if rotated forms an hexagonal array of vortices
05. 25. 2005
+ NASA's Cassini spacecraft returns images of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, revealing a charged atmosphere and bright spot
05. 19. 2005
9.2 earthquake off Sumatra generates a tsunami that dredges the coasts of the Indian Ocean and increases Earth’s rotation
05. 12. 2005
+ Canadian inventor's God Light plasma beam technology induces cellular regeneration and reduces tumors in mere minutes
03. 14. 2005
Precision DNA damage by longwave light is discovered, linking an organism's DNA function with atmospheric spectral conditions
03. 14. 2005
Saq’ Be website shares the Mayan Elders' message for humanity before the new solar age, warning of several more tsunamis
02. 04. 2005
+ Hawaii's Keck Observatory records detailed infrared images of Saturn revealing a polar vortex and latitudinal Fibonacci banding
01. 26. 2005
+ A beam device called Angel Light is built from repeating instructions received in dreams which induces transparency in matter
12. 09. 2004
Volcanic lightning acknowledged as a result of an unknown electrical interaction between charged magma and the ionosphere
11. 19. 2004
+ Mystery booms continue to plague the Richmond, Virginia area, where spates of erratic activity occur ever more frequently
07. 11. 2004
+ Crop formation in Solano county, California includes a tail of small circles linking the pictogram to two nearby electrical towers
05. 30. 2004
Tatra Cave is rediscovered by Ted Phillips after investigating a WWII diary describing a vertical cave shaft of black metallic mirror
05. 11. 2004
Mexican military records FLIR thermal video of a large group of superhot objects flying in formation, invisible to the human eye
04. 02. 2004
+ NASA reports crewmembers hearing an anomalous drumming sound aboard the Space Station and abort investigation attempts
03. 21. 2004
+ Residents of Ratria, India experience spates of unexplainable electrical fires and rains of stones often pelting villagers from the sky
03. 15. 2004
+ Planet-like Sedna is discovered - just smaller than Pluto yet maintaining an extremely elliptical orbit with significant implications
03. 15. 2004
Sonora Sightings is founded by Dr. Mark Olson to document the luminous aerial phenomena observed over Lyon's Bald Mountain
03. 14. 2004
An anomalous skull found in a cave in Mexico reveals technological enhancements including metal nanofibers inside the bone
02. 10. 2004
+ Mysterious fires periodically engulf Canneto di Caronia, Sicily, caused by a dispersion of electrical energy from an unknown source
02. 04. 2004
Flying humanoid attacks a Monterrey, Mexico police officer whose story is corroborated by extensive video evidence of the being
01. 16. 2004
Quantum fractal event maps are produced by the application of the Event Enhanced Quantum Theory of Jadczyk and Blanchard
10. 30. 2003
+ Large crop formation is discovered in Solano county, California with a growth factor anomaly of +50% in seeds from the circles
10. 13. 2003
+ Odd sparks and smoke are rising from the ground after the steady depletion of a reservoir near the village of Bodibe, South Africa
10. 10. 2003
+ Entire Seattle/ Puget Sound area experiences a strange, loud 1.45 Hz delta-wave thumping sound for many hours of the night
08. 08. 2003
The structure of nonlinear standing waves stimulated by Fibonacci tonal ratios in a cylindrical resonator reported by Cervenka et al.
06. 13. 2003
'Modulation of DNA by Heart-Focused Intention' is reported by the Institute of HeartMath, revealing conscious nonlocal interactions
04. 28. 2003
Satellite survey of the Alps discovers three ancient low-angle pyramids in the Orion constellation pattern near Montevecchia, Italy
03. 30. 2003
+ Anomalous levitation of sandstone boulders into tree-tops is reported in Limon SP, Indiana, just as found in other nearby parks
03. 03. 2003
Cosmic Microwave Background mapping has revealed an octagonal structure underlying the radiation of the echoing universe
01. 19. 2003
+ Anomalous heat source maintains a large hole in the thick ice of North Long Lake, Minnesota, defying scientific explanation
01. 09. 2003
+ Thirty-six artificial caves hewn from piezoelectric sandstone are discovered along the 30th latitude among China's Huashan hills
12. 04. 2002
+ BlackLight Power creates a new form of atomic hydrogen that forms a resonant transfer plasma releasing UV light and heat
10. 26. 2002
+ Itza Elder Hunbatz Men presents the Mayan initiatic work of the 'Magnetic Activation of the Pyramids Through the Crystal Skulls'
10. 01. 2002
'Calcite Microcrystals in the Pineal Gland of the Human Brain' are described as piezoelectric transducers by Baconnier, Lang et al.
09. 15. 2002
Urandir Oliveira learns of lightwater technology and future events aboard a plasma craft, leaving hard evidence of beamed energy
07. 11. 2002
Strange caves with complex metal piping extending into solid sandstone are reported near Toson Lake in China’s Qinghai basin
12. 10. 2001
A silt-buried megalithic pyramid complex and roads are discovered by sonar scans at 2,200' depths off Guanahacabibes, Cuba
12. 07. 2001
+ US Naval Research Laboratory Goes-10 satellite records anomalous atmospheric resonance of nonlinear standing wave patterns
08. 01. 2001
Acoustic levitation of objects is achieved along a single-axis using a concave reflector dish, report Xie and Wei in Applied Physics
07. 27. 2001
+ Spates of underground electrical fires ravage Seattle, Washington, with gas and water mains ruptured and electrical short-outs
06. 22. 2001
UV fluorescent artifacts are among the anomalous finds in the Unsolved Mysteries Exhibition by Klaus Dona, in Vienna, Austria
05. 17. 2001
+ Psychoacoustic whistles and acupressure maps are discovered at the Chinchorro sites of 7,000 bp in Chile's Atacama desert
03. 17. 2001
The Sine Wave alignment of ancient sacred sites is presented by Jim Alison as a unified symbolism of the frequency of the Earth
09. 15. 2000
Physicist De Aquino achieves antigravity both theoretically and experimentally, his findings reported in the Journal of New Energy
09. 11. 2000
+ Thousands of mysterious megalithic dolmen are investigated along Russia's Krasnadar region of the Black Sea coast by Trifonov
05. 07. 2000
+ Anomalous levitation of sandstone boulders into tree-tops is reported in a confined area of Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana
11. 24. 1999
Psychoacoustic synchronization of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus at 1.45 Hz is reported as Tri-thalamic entrainment
07. 13. 1999
Large dolomite slabs found in the Ural mountains are a machined relief map with hieroglyphics and a diopside glass surface layer
10. 20. 1999
Nonlinear standing and rotating waves are mapped on a spherical resonator by Gugg et al., giving insight into planetary acoustics
03. 01. 1999
DNA samples from the alien abduction case of Peter Khoury indicate rare blonde Chinese Mongoloid/Basque human racial types
10. 01. 1996
Cryptographer Carl Munck publishes 'The Code' revealing ancient sacred sites encode their coordinates using Giza Prime Meridian
07. 17. 1996
+ Mayan Alq'ij Quetza Sha deciphers the ancient Chichimec knowledge of 'The Manuscript of the Crystal Golden Water of Tlacote'
06. 11. 1995
'The DNA Phantom Effect' quantifies DNA stimulation of a nonlocal field in a vacuum by Poponin and Gariaev, in Nanobiology
07. 11. 1994
Laura Knight initiates the Cassiopaea communications, a stable conduit of the mosaic teachings of collective consciousness
04. 19. 1993
The four-dimensional structure of prime numbers is rediscovered as the Prime Cross by Peter Plichta, an ancient sacred symbol
08. 01. 1992
'Magnetite Biomineralization in the Human Brain' is reported by Kirschvink et al., revealing a mode of human magneto-reception
08. 12. 1991
+ Crop formation with nonlinear Mandelbrot Set geometry is discovered in an Ickleton, UK wheat field, a pure math symbolism
02. 14. 1990
+ Towns in the Berici Hills of northern Italy are victimized by bizarre electrical fires in which cars or handheld items would ignite
01. 17. 1986
+ NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft returns images of Uranus that reveal a spectral shift in the light absorbtion within the gas giant
07. 13. 1985
+ Engineer Elias Sotomayor discovers an ancient Sanskrit cavesite in La Mana, Ecuador including 300 stone and metal artifacts
05. 09. 1985
Yonaguni Island, Japan yields an extensive terraced megalithic temple complex cut from the bedrock is found 90' below sea level
01. 07. 1984
X-ray analysis reveals Egypt's pyramids are synthetic stone, cast from slurries of exotic constituents, microbubbles and even hairs
03. 31. 1981
Photographer Carlos Diaz begins a series of extraterrestrial contacts supported by extensive photo- and videographic evidence
08. 01. 1977
Psychoacoustic effects of Andean vessels is reported by Garrett and Statnekov, each culture using its own frequency identity
01. 22. 1973
+ Tibetan Buddhist Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche pens the prophetic poem Enthronement conveying ancient Sanskrit knowledge
06. 17. 1967
‘Piezoelectric Property of Otoliths’ is reported by Morris and Kittleman, due to calcite biomineralizations within the human ear
02. 13. 1963
+ ‘The Book of the Hopi’ releases the ancient Hopi sacred knowledge and prophecies, dictated to Frank Waters by tribal Elders
06. 11. 1961
+ A Yaqui Nagual initiates Carlos Castaneda into the secret Toltec knowledge of the soul, fire and water and the shift below
05. 13. 1961
+ Poet Marty Matz is initiated into the Aztec knowledge of the ‘Pyramid of Fire Codex’, message for end times of flaming skies
03. 05. 1961
+ Visions of Oglala Sioux medicine man Black Elk relate the prophecy of the flowering tree within the sacred hoop of the nation
1925 -- 1927
Quantum Theory of standing electron waves is firmly established by the work of Heisenberg, de Broglie, Schrodinger and Born
12. 22. 1923
+ The prophecy of The Night of the Red Skies is received by Stalking Wolf, an Apache wiseman who entrusted it to Tom Brown
01. 17. 1905
Wireless pioneer Nikola Tesla publishes 'The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires as a Means for Furthering Peace'
11. 23. 1871
+ Ruins of Mumbahuru, central Zimbabwe produce stone artifacts of a Sanskrit origin and ritual use including several granite linga
* * *
~ 10,500 bp
The Sanskrit Orion pyramids are reconstructed as a mirror of heaven with the Nile River as the Milky Way and the Sphinx as Leo
~ 12,800 bp
Series of comet fragments strike Earth causing global catastrophe, leaving a series of elliptical craters known as the Carolina Bays
~ 13,000 bp
Worldwide Sanskrit culture flourishes in HHO plasma caves of ultraviolet light below the forests of present-day La Maná, Ecuador
~ 73,300 bp
Original construction of the main pyramid complex at present-day Giza, Egypt, by pale-skinned evacuees from the doomed planet
~ 79,000 bp
Abuse of giant pyramids causes catastrophic explosion of the planet Kantek, resulting in the formation of the asteroid debris belt