As we collectively move toward a higher planetary resonance, our growing awareness brings us together in alignment at convergence points of infrasound standing waves. Ancient sacred sites are calling attuned healers into resonance, and we are responding to the call of the sacred waters of La Maná, Ecuador to create a resonant space for their ayurvedic use.

Human Resonance has been organized to share the rediscovery of a superfluid resonance technology of our ancient Sanskrit mother culture, crystallizing the body and synchronizing human consciousness. Alex Putney reveals the ancient Sanskrit mandala as a nonlinear geometric model of consciousness: the Unified Field reflecting the octagonal symmetry of prime numbers.

Alex's synthesis of modern and ancient science has been supported by grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation (98', 00') and Brandeis-Hayes Traveling Fellowship (02'). The deepest origins of this work have been traced to past life memories that began surfacing in 2002, revealing Edgar Cayce's Life Readings for Tesla, as well as the Tesla Gravity Motor.

Meditation, visualization and research have illuminated the sacred Sanskrit mandala of consciousness replete in the teachings of indigenous elders around the world, who steward our hearts into awareness of the profound electromagnetic changes now occurring through the emanations of sacred sites and celestial waters.

Correlating modern radar data and ancient Sanskrit teachings continues to validate the theory of magnetic resonance as an underlying mechanism of the oncoming hyper-dimensional shift. The great circle of humanity unites on the eightfold path as the mandala of energy unfolds to its brilliance at magnetic reversal in December 22, 2012.

Alex has given several online interviews, while his artwork, writing and website have been featured by Waking Times, News Beacon Ireland, The Bigfoot Field Journal, County Times, DNA Monthly Magazine, and in a publication of The Natural World Museum, San Francisco (now closed):

Art in Action: Nature, Creativity and Our Collective Future
(Earth Aware Editions, 2007, ISBN: 978-1-932771-77-0)

Research and collaboration with Klaus Dona in 2003 lead to a sculptural project for the Unsolved Mysteries Exhibition in Interlaken, Switzerland in 2004-05. Now on permanent exhibition at Erik von Daniken's Mystery Park, visitors marvel at Alex's full-size recreation of an ancient 7.5m-tall giant human skeleton found in southern Loja Province, Ecuador (seen below - notice large plasma orbs in the photo at right):