Infrasound Pulsations and Fires in Seattle, Washington

Strange Happening on Lake Washington

by bethkearney57513, for King 5 News
May 17, 2011

My name is Beth Kearney and have lived in the Holmes Point area of Kirkland for 30 plus years. On Tuesday morning May 10th, 2011, my husband & I witnessed the most unusual events unfold on the North end of Lake Washington, unlike anything we've ever seen before.

I was looking out the window at the lake about 6:45am noticing how unusually calm and still the water was when suddenly I noticed large, evenly spaced rings radiating across the lake (like dropping a rock in the water). From our vantage point I couldn't see the source of what was causing it but it had to have been very large to create those large, perfectly spaced rings. There were no boats out on the lake, no jet ski's, no kayaks, no barges... nothing.

As the rings started to dissipate what looked like a raging river formed on the West side of the lake in a small narrow swath cutting through the rings that had formed. Not like the wake of a boat where it fans out, just a narrow strip all the same width with a strong, tumultuous current running in a North to South direction.

The odd thing about it was that it didn't start at any one point... it just appeared and definitely had a strong current moving in a Southern direction. As the rings died down and the "raging river" calmed on the West side of the lake, all of a sudden the same thing appeared on our side of the lake. Again, it looked like a thin, even strip of water with a strong current moving in a southern direction. It appeared just as the other one had across the lake.....not starting at a Northern point and running South... it was just there all of a sudden. Thankfully,I was able to get a video of it.

I would love to have someone to show this video to and figure out what caused this odd sequence of events. If this doesn't sound newsworthy enough for King5 could you give me any ideas on whom or what agency I might contact to get some information about this. I have spoken with 2 very interested people at NOAA and they are working on who else I might contact as well.

What's Causing the Mysterious Booming Sounds? No One Seems to Know

by Tom Callis for Peninsula Daily News
July 31, 2009

The cause of loud booming sounds that have shaken houses in and around Port Angeles over the past week remains a mystery.

Possible explanations range from naval exercises in the Strait of Juan de Fuca to thunderstorms in the Olympic Mountains.

The Canadian Navy confirmed that the HMCS Edmonton was conducting gunnery exercises with a .50-caliber machine gun in the Strait on Thursday -- but not any other day of the week -- from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

But that wouldn't explain why people, such as Marie Barclay of Port Angeles, had her house shaken by loud booms Tuesday and Wednesday.

"It was pretty loud, like a sonic boom," she said. "All you heard was the boom, and I didn't hear an airplane or nothing like that"...

But a spokeswoman for Coast Guard Sector Seattle said no such exercises took place this week.

"That's really bizarre, actually," said spokeswoman Tara Molle. "As far as the on the Coast Guard side, for us, we don't have any training going on up there."

Mike Allen, operations unit controller at Coast Guard Group/Air Station Port Angeles, said the station has not conducted any exercises that would explain the sound. Allen said he also has heard the loud booms this week...

But Georgia Wawro, who lives near Port Angeles High School, said she has heard the loud booms for the past seven to 10 days, including on Thursday.

"It doesn't sound like thunder" or fireworks, she said.

Wawro said she has heard the booms once or twice a day, possibly originating from across the Strait.

"It's not shaky enough to be a sonic boom, but it still rattles my windows," she said...

Glass Water Bowl and Sun Start Fire at Washington Home

AP News
May 20, 2009

Bellevue - Fire officials in Washington state said a sunny day and a dog's glass water bowl combined to cause a blaze that charred the back of a home. Bellevue Fire Department Lt. Eric Keenan said investigators determined the glass bowl of water focused sunlight enough to act like a magnifying glass and start the fire on the home's wood deck Sunday.

Investigators said there was no electrical wiring or other possible cause.

The homeowners were away, but neighbors noticed the smoke and flames. The family dog was rescued. Damage is estimated at $215,000.

What's That Thumping in West Seattle? [Audio]

Arturo Santiago for King 5 News
Oct 12, 2003

What on earth - or more accurately, what "under" the earth - was causing a strange thumping sound in west Seattle on Saturday night? The noise was loud enough and had the ground vibrating enough to have people concerned and saying "what is that?"

"There's that vibration...you can feel it, it sounds like fireworks reverberating, and then it sounds like a band playing, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes not," said William Chin.

A number of departments - the water department, Seattle city engineers, Puget Sound Energy - tried to figure out what the noise was and where it was coming from. None would go on camera to offer any kind of an explanation.

"It scared me, and for a long time I wouldn't open the door I didn't know what was going on out there," said Shirley Berry.

"I mean feel it ... this is like bizarre ... I have no idea what it could be," said Patricia Callaway...

Residents said the thumping stopped at about 1am ... [Sunday].

Fires and Gas Explosions in Seattle

Nicole Jones
July 27, 2001

Can someone help explain whats going here in Seattle, Washington?

Yesterday in downtown Seattle there were several fires under the city and in the last week a lot of water mains have been breaking, now this morning in downtown Burien there was a huge gas explosion that took out a few stores and resteraunts. There has never been so many underground electical fires or water main breaks now gas line explosions. The gas explosion in Burien was an underground gas pipe according to the news.

Yesterday in my apartment building my brand new box fan exploded and my neighbors have had appliances and light bulbs blow up in the last few days as well as almost every light bulb in my apartment.

What the hecks going on? Could this be related to an earthquake? If I remember right didn't Kobe, Japan experience these things before their large earthquake? Or are we just having an extreme run of bad luck here in Washington?

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated...


While scientific descriptions of this sound or any of the analysis of the frequencies recorded are beyond the scope of 6 o'clock news, this website is holistically designed to inform the reader of the complex changes in human consciousness caused by infrasound. The low frequency resonance of standing waves was recorded in Seattle on 11-12 Oct, 2003 fluctuating near the frequency of the human heart.

This precise 1.45 Hz beat frequency has been used therapeutically by Ronald deStrulle as the Tri-Thalamic Format, reporting that it synchronizes the pulsation of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands, creating a heightened coherence in the brain that can engender major changes in the awareness of Alzheimers and Parkinsons patients.

Seattle, Washington (47.68N 122.38W) is 6,837 miles from Giza, Egypt - a distance that is 27.5% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). The Orion pyramids of Giza are designed to transduce this exact 1.45 Hz frequency, focusing a natural nonlinear energy field around our planet. The base length of the Great Pyramid has been calibrated precisely to this 1.45 Hz wavelength of 760'. An identical infrasound pulsation has since occurred in Atwater, California.

Spates of anomalous electrical fires have also been recorded in the Seattle underground which are likely caused by the same infrasound standing wave resonances and can be expected to increase in waves of intensity like those simultaneously occurring in Messina, Italy, Ratria, India, Santa Barbara, USA and Bodibe, South Africa.

This field is now being stimulated erratically by the current geomagnetic reversal which is causing the increasingly high levels of tectonic activity leading up to the next solar system wide magnetic reversal of December 21, 2012.