Piezoelectric Fires in Bodibe, South Africa

Community Gripped by Mystery Beneath the Earth

October 13, 2003

A tiny community is gripped by the mystery that lies beneath the earth. Sparks are flying and smoke seeps strangely. Its all happening at the village of Bodibe near Lichtenburg and its getting so curious that the experts have moved in.

The people of Bodibe village are baffled by what's going on underneath their dam. First it dried up, then it cracked up. Then for no reason smoke began rising.

At night sparks have been seen flying. In the absence in an explanation many of the people here have turned to superstition blaming rituals carried out at the dam. Geologists have taken a good look and taken soil samples in a bid to unlock the mystery.

Environmental health officials will dig trenches around the dam to prevent fires from spreading. However no one knows how or why the fire from below is raging.


Further scientific analysis reveals that the piezoelectric fires and sparks in the air currently experienced in Bodibe are caused by a growing planetary resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity. Heating and vaporization of bodies of water is a widespread result. The research shared at this site elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal and the new solar age on our planet.

The piezoelectric calcite content of the limestone bedrock below the Bodibe area is transducing focused infrasound waves into a very strong electromagnetic field. This same effect was utilized by the Sanskrit temple of Mumbahuru in Zimbabwe to the north-east of this site, receiving focused infrasound from the Giza pyramids, as shown in the resonance map above. Bodibe (26.07S 27.66E) is situated 3,834 miles to the south of Giza, at 15.40% of the Earth's circumference distance. Waves of piezoelectric fires are simultaneously occurring in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.