Mandala Formation in Wayland Smithy, England

Crop Circle at Wayland Smithy Reported July 27th, 2008

By Stuart Dike
July 27, 2008

On viewing this extraordinary formation from the air, it is clear that its the second formation to have the largest amount of circles since Milk Hill in 2001, 241 in total (73 main circles with 168 grapeshot circles). Also the alignment with Wayland Smithy is also fascinating, as I am sure part of the arms of the Cross are on a major Ley Line axis which cuts through the corner of Wayland Smithy (not a direct alignment through the ancient Burial Chamber).


The immense mandala crop formation at Wayland Smithy provides a precise and unmistakable message. It presents the structural geometry of the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 modulus n ], pictured above. This sacred mathematical structure is reflected as a standing wave pattern of resonance existing on all scales of the cosmos, in individual electrons, in crystals of calcite, in giant pyramids, all planetary bodies, and even underlying the form of galaxies.

This precise geometric formula appeared in the fields on Lurkley Hill, in Lockeridge, England. It is a fractal equation closely related to the Mandelbrot Set, [ zn+1 = zn2 + c ]. First rendered by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1980, this formula appeared in 1991 in the wheat fields of Ickleton, England.

The multitude of standing wave resonance maps presented throughout this site were rendered using these sacred formulas, which are keys to the nature of human consciousness and the changes culminating in the coming events of December 22, 2012. The revelation of the structure of the electron is but one in a series of profound discoveries that will altogether transform the human experience on this planet.