Satellite Records Atmospheric Anomaly

December 7-8, 2001. GOES-10 Satellite survey of the Pacific region including much of the central US recorded anomalous atmospheric conditions across the full range of frequencies. Both the infrared and visible spectrum measurements revealed an octagonal tiling of concentric circles in dipolar oscillation at 1.45 Hz - a theta heartbeat.

The unusual data was compiled and made available online at the Kauai Naval Research Laboratory website archive. The full frequency pulsation was recorded for many hours through the night, over the entire area surveyed by the satellite. As standing wave structures arise from the multi-frequency driving of the gas-filled resonant cavity, the anomalous field most likely encompassed the whole globe for the full duration of the event. Another crucial fact suggesting a fully global effect is the field’s alignment with 149W longitude, exactly 180 from the Giza Pyramids at 31E in Egypt - the ancient magnetic prime meridian.

Trolling the archives, cyberspace researcher Kent Steadman discovered the anomalous satellite data and dedicated a webpage to report the findings. After Kent's posting the Kauai NRL web archive was immediately cleansed of the anomalous data. The animation above has been enhanced for clarity and inset with a spherical projection of the standing wave resonance based on the iterated function [ zn+1 = zn2 modulus n ] (after P. Bourke). The image below is a high-resolution mapping of the resonance derived using the fractal seed equation, clearly revealing a nonlinear octagonal axes of symmetry underlying the matrix of vortices.

The unified pulsation of the resonance field creates a heartrate beat frequency that synchronizes consciousness within the nodal framework of focal sites by brainwave pattern entrainment, tuning the mental frequency following response. This synchronization of consciousness can now be understood as a quantum effect of the Unified Field at resonance, the state of full frequency atmospheric stimulation achieved through geopositioned pyramids beating infrasound worldwide.

The nonlinear physics of standing waves has been described on the sphere (Gugg et al.) and in cylindrical resonators (Cervenka et al.). The congruence of their data with the spherical Magnetic Resonance shown above is presented in the following animation, demonstrating the standing waves’ acoustic pressure distribution on the ground plane as observed for prolonged periods by GOES-10 satellite:

The vast amount of acoustic energy stored in the atmosphere during the episode of global resonance on December 7-8, 2001 amplified a previously subtle infrasound field, allowing clear measurements to be made by satellite. While prevailing scientific theories of Schumann Resonance rely on thunder noise as a source for weather-based chaotic models of global infrasound, the unusual GOES-10 data supports a nonlinear model. The model of Magnetic Resonance presented here stems from an initial premise that the infrasound field of the Earth is primarily generated by lithospheric transductions of the magnetic field. As electrons cycle through Earth’s core they are funneled through the magnetic North and South poles, vibrating the piezoelectric stone of the lithosphere, thus transducing an infrasound pulsation that drives the surrounding atmospheric resonator. This four-dimensional nonlinear model precisely correlates with the data recorded.

GOES-10 Vapor data collected during the December 7-8, 2001 event is presented below, completely in the red. The vapor analysis is calibrated to highlight variations in the atmospheric cloud cover, yet during this period of stimulated acoustic resonance the satellite’s instruments recorded a complete vapor canopy covering the entire Pacific hemisphere. This clearly demonstrates that the standing wave resonance is capable of suspending a multi-layered water vapor canopy, unlike the chaotic patterns observed of cloud formations. While this anomaly occurred through the night only, the vapor data suggests that if observed during the daylight hours the suspended water vapor may produce very noticeable effects such as rainbows or other light scattering phenomena. Future events of this peculiar type may further elucidate the findings. As many scientists suspect that we are in the initial stages of a planetary magnetic reversal, likely culminating with the Sun’s next reversal in 2012 on its 11 year cycle, perhaps we will very soon witness the rapid onset of a new atmospheric resonance.

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