Resonant Standing Waves on Celtic Artifacts

Rare Discovery of Intact Tomb: German Archeologists Uncover Celtic Treasure

Spiegel Online News
December 29, 2010

Archeologists in Germany have discovered a 2,600-year-old Celtic tomb containing ornate jewellery of gold and amber. They say the grave is unusually well preserved and should provide important insights into early Celtic culture. German archeologists have unearthed a 2,600-year-old Celtic tomb containing a treasure of jewellery made of gold, amber and bronze.

The subterranean chamber measuring four by five meters was uncovered near the prehistoric Heuneburg hill fort near the town of Herbertingen in south-western Germany. Its contents including the oak floor of the room are unusually well preserved. The find is a "milestone for the reconstruction of the social history of the Celts," archeologist Dirk Krausse, the director of the dig, said on Tuesday... [further confirming extensive archeo-acoustics evidence presented in the following article.]

Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Artifacts Depict Mandalas and Pyramids with Infrasound Standing Waves

by Alex Putney for HumanResonance.org
June 24, 2010

The fields of England continually inspire worldwide attention for the circular mandala formations which inundate the crops there every year, which in turn draws more visitors to ancient sacred sites where the Celts erected circles of giant standing stones. While most Celtic artifacts displayed at museums were discovered prior to the flourishing of the crop circle phenomenon, ongoing discoveries of ancient artifacts in English fields reiterate identical geometric formations of concentric circles, pyramids and standing waves.

An 8cm tall bronze Anglo-Saxon artifact presenting distinct Celtic influence -- a handle of some kind (pictured above, at left) -- was found in the early 1970's by a farmer in northern England. The lack of a cross-guard suggests this was not the handle of a simple knife, but formed part of a sacred ceremonial object with symbolism recalling the ancient megalith-building culture. The bronze handle is shaped as a man with the body of an animal, atop a columnar base. The base is detailed with two rows of standing waves, one above the other, which wrap around the form just as infrasound standing waves encircle the Earth.

The male figure is depicted with a large curled moustache and straight hair, combined with the round body and four short paws of a water-loving mammal, like the beaver. A pyramid symbol is engraved on his chest, with five sets of concentric circles extending below it, showing the alignment of chakras just as represented in ancient Sanskrit art. The alignment of concentric circles are conjoined by the unmistakable structure of resonant standing waves, as compared in the image above, at right (altered to provide relative symmetry). This remarkable ancient depiction of invisible, inaudible infrasound standing waves is but one of many ancient symbolic representations that we are now understanding in the context of advanced present-day symbolic communication by conscious, electromagnetic (non-physical) beings manifesting as luminous plasma orbs.

The geometric formulae that plasma orbs impress into the crop are the same codes once used by the pyramid- and megalith-builders worldwide, including the Maya, and in this way the crop circle phenomenon is leading humanity back into its ancestral or collective memory of the sacred vital force of the Earth, whereby our resonant network of pyramids once synchronized the heartbeat of humanity worldwide. Known to the ancient Sanksrit motherculture as the all-pervading 'Om', new insights reinform the Sanskrit mandala -- a square within a circle -- as a representation of the quadratic function [ zn+1 = zn2 ] which precisely encodes the Fibonacci structure of infrasound standing waves.

A large hoard of rare jeweled gold and silver artifacts was recently discovered in July of 2009, in field near Lichfield, Staffordshire using metal detector scans. A total of over 1,500 pieces of Anglo-Saxon metalwork were eventually recovered from the site, including several exquisite examples of garnet-inlaid goldwork formed as snakes, birds, horses and other animals.

Remarkably preserved garnet-inlaid gold sword pommels are formed as flat-topped pyramids. One pommel presents a geometric configuration of nested triangles, reminiscent of the fractal Sierpinski triangle (above, right). Another flat-topped pommel shows the helmeted head of a knight, with a circular base presenting a row of standing waves, represented in fine gold arcs (above, left).

The Staffordshire artifacts present beautiful examples of the sacred Celtic Cross, as seen in a gold ornamental millefiori stud with a hemispheric stone inlay showing the octagonal mandala in white, blue and black, surrounded by concentric circles with radiating lines (above, center). These Celtic mandala symbols reveal their Sanskrit origin in the pyramid-building Atlantean civilization that employed heartbeat synchronization for global telepathic communication via infrasound standing waves.

The mandala reiterates the Sanskrit quantum formula [ zn+1 = zn2 ], by which the hundreds of giant standing stones of the Celtic sacred sites were erected using acoustic levitation techniques. Infrasound standing waves are transduced from solar energy and focused on England's sacred sites by the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt, which are precisely 9.0% of the Earth's mean circumference from Stonehenge (51.08N 1.49W). Deep booming noises heard along this sacred band of planetary resonance were once used to levitate gigantic stones, while today they are simply an annoyance to residents who do not know their significance, as has been the case recently in Bridlington, England, Llanidloes and Mawnan, Wales. The low-frequency humming and heartbeat booming noises arouse and awake human consciousness in the same way as occurs at crop circle formations.

Another set of related sacred sites with Celtic artifacts of interest are found in Ireland, to the northwest along another band of infrasound resonance in relation to the Giza pyramids. Newgrange (53.42N 6.29W), Knowth and Dowth sacred megalithic chamber sites are 2,494 miles or 10.0% distant from the pyramids of Giza. Emain Macha, also called Navan Fort, (54.34N 6.69W) is 2,518 miles from Giza, or 10.1%, and was comprised of a central octagonal wooden building once supported by four concentric rings of posts, surrounded by a large circular enclosure made by a bank and ditch.

Among the artifacts unearthed at Emain Macha is a gold-alloyed 'gong' with a mandala relief carving (above) which presents a central 3-fold symmetry surrounded by an outer ring of 10 sets of concentric circles, composed of 3 circles each. It is quite notable that the 10-fold symmetry of the concentric circles reflects the 10% distance of Emain Macha to the ancient prime meridian of Giza, Egypt. Giant stone bowls found at sites like Newgrange confirm what scientists have been able to reproduce in the lab -- that acoustic levitation can be achieved using concave piezoelectric elements to focus standing waves.

The location of these sacred sites in Ireland and England, at 10% and 9% resonant distances from Giza respectively, will raise the infrasound resonance levels at these sites to eventually cause spates of piezoelectric fires and loud low-frequency booming as already endured by bewildered residents of these areas as we approach the culminating events of December 22, 2012.