Acoustic Levitation in Limon State Park, IN

Unionville, Indiana - Large Boulder in a 40-ft. Tree

Randy Stoops
March 30, 2003

At the Limon State Forest in Bloomington, I saw a very odd thing. At the top of a 40-foot tree is a big boulder about 4-foot across resting in the fork of tree. This is deep in the woods of the park, well off any the roads or paths unaccessible to any heavy equipment due to the thick woods.

I have asked others that live there in Bloomton about this, and it turns out many have seen it. How something that large could have got there is unknown to me (my guess is a tornado). I had my GPS and recorded the location: GPS N 3912.604, W 08622.314.


It seems that the recent physics discoveries of acoustic levitation have not been considered by any of the investigators of these anomalies. The piezoelectric properties of the quartz that is the main constituent of the tree-top sandstone boulders allows their levitation by focused soundwaves. The internal reflection of the parallel faces of the quartz crystals allows the acoustic energy to be stored inside the stone. The build-up of vibratory energy within the quartz lattice creates an electromagnetic field reducing the stone's weight until it becomes entirely weightless, levitating without friction along the standing wave's arch.

In identical find has been reported in nearby Yellowwood State Park, Indiana. The source of the focused standing wave energy levitating these stones is the Orion pyramids at Giza, exactly 6,205 miles away (Limon Rock - 39.12N 86.22W). This distance is precisely 24.94% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles).

Such unusual acoustic levitation is a sign that a new resonance is emerging in central Indiana, and will be building gradually into a higher energy level that has already been observed at other infrasound focal points. Extreme manifestations of this resonance are waves of piezoelectric fires that are now simultaneously occuring in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa and Santa Barbara, USA.