Infrasound Pulsation in Arroyo Grande, CA

Military Spokesman Responds to Report of Sonic Booms, Shaking in California

San Luis Obispo.com
July 18, 2007

Sheriff's Department officials reported receiving dozens of calls from residents around the county who reported feeling shaking and loud booms at three different times before about 1:30 p.m. Residents from California Valley to Arroyo Grande reported feeling the shaking and hearing the booms.

Military aircraft appear to be responsible for sonic booms and shaking that residents around the county are feeling this afternoon, officials said.

Edwards Air Force Base officials said they sent an F-22 airplane out to a testing area about 50 miles off the coast this morning that could have explained the rattling residents reported, base public affairs spokesman John Haire said. But the area is also used by other branches of the U.S. military that could have had aircraft in the area, Haire said.

In addition, NASA was conducting sonic boom testing this morning at the base that may have been heard by residents along the coast. The base is located in the Mojave Desert, near the Kern and Los Angeles county line.

Reader Comments:

I've lived in California all of my 48 years, and I've heard sonic booms many times before, including the big double boom of the shuttle coming in. This was much different. It was 3 or 4 seconds of what sounded like a jackhammer on my walls, followed by a window rattling boom.

If the Air Force is playing with a new secret toy, fine, say "no comment", but this story isn't working for me at all.


It is quite likely that this sound will not go away, but instead may become even louder as the Earth is beginning the process of magnetic reversal. This mystery can be explained by a nonlinear infrasound structure of planetary resonance, being focused by the extant pyramid structures around the world. While the planetary hum likely emanates from the magnetic North pole, the precisely geopositioned pyramids have been designed to focus this energy into a coherent mandala pattern, as recounted by indigenous traditions around the world.

The prime transducers of infrasound are the Orion pyramids at Giza, 7,592 miles away from Arroyo Grande, CA (35.12N 120.58W), or 30.50% of the Earth's mean circumference of 24,892 miles. Directly to the north, prolonged booming has been the source of repeated comlpaints by residents of Atwater, CA - a distance of exactly 30.00% from Giza.

Identical infrasound pulsations have occurred in the US in Seattle, WA, Knob Noster, MO, Denver, CO, Mobile, AL, Knoxville, TN, Wilmington, NC and Richmond, VA. This worldwide awakening of infrasound is also astounding residents and causing extensive damage in Klai, Vietnam, Auckland, New Zealand and even the International Space Station.