Infrasound Pulsation in Knoxville, Tennessee

Rumbling Wakes Up Dozens of Knox County Residents

May 14, 2007

Dozens of people in Knox County woke up to some rumbling this morning and investigators are still working to figure out what it was.

Dozens of calls flooded central dispatch at about 1:15am, mostly from two neighborhoods off Northshore Drive in West Knoxville; Admiral's Landing and Northshore Landing.

Many people tell us they woke up to loud rumbling and thought there were animals or prowlers in their basements or attics.

Others thought there was some sort of explosion shaking the ground.

J.R. Andrews lives in Admiral's Landing and says it woke his entire family up and they all ran outside to see what was going on.

"Half of our neighborhood had come outside and there was these constant shakes in the ground, constant thud. It felt like some type of missile attack," he said. "It wasn't an earthquake, I've been through an earthquake."

KUB not reporting any problems in the area and so far, there has been no reports of a possible earthquake.


Scientific investigation reveals that the earthquake-like tremors experienced in West Knoxville, Tennessee are caused by a growing planetary resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity. The very small area within which the effects are reported suggests infrasound pulsation as the cause of the tremors. In a related infrasound event, a crop formation in nearby Madisonville, Tennessee rendered the octagonal refraction pattern of calcite, the main constituent of the local bedrock.

The research shared at this site elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012 and the new solar age on our planet. The piezoelectric properties of the bedrock below the West Knoxville area is transducing focused infrasound waves into a very strong electromagnetic field. This same effect was utilized in ancient times by the mound-builders, whose monuments received focused infrasound from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

West Knoxville, Tennessee (36.01N 83.94W) lies exactly 6,244 miles from Giza, which is 25.0% of the Earth's circumference distance. An identical effect has also been observed in Richmond, Virginia and Wilmington, North Carolina and also reported in Klai, Vietnam at 20.0% distance from Giza. Similar infrasound resonance has been reported in Atwater and Vallejo, California exactly 30.00% of the Earth's circumference from Giza. These sites exquisitely show the sacred geometric relationship 2:3:5, now called the Fibonacci proportion. The extreme precision of the distances of these infrasound anomalies to the Pyramids of Giza establishes a geometric relationship beyond any doubt - directly confirming the theory of magnetic resonance.

This same effect is simultaneously occurring with waves of piezoelectric firestorms in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.