Infrasound Pulsation in Richmond, Virginia

Mysterious 'Booms' Continue with Puzzling Regularity in Richmond

by WWBT News
November 19, 2004

Richmond, Virginia - Those mysterious booms on Richmond's Northside continue to befuddle city officials. They've been happening for three weeks now and residents say no one can tell them why.

The latest "boom" was just last night. Based on a map of 911 calls received since the booming noises began, the majority came from the area near Palmyra and Gloucester.

For three weeks, city officials have explored a multitude of scenarios. They've come up empty and still the booms and shakes continue. Officials have looked into every logical explanation: a buildup of sewer or natural gas -- both of which have been ruled out for now. As well as other possibilities: including furnaces blowing up (that would be a one time occurrence), weather patterns like thunder, not likely says the city, construction, trains colliding, sonic booms - all a no go.

City officials won't admit they're stumped, but they're certainly frustrated. "It's certainly disruptive and disconcerting when it happens. But I think people understand it's not a public safety issue at this point," says city spokesman Bill Farrar. Another possibility is someone playing pranks.

Solving the mystery of these "booms" has now become a full-fledged investigation - involving the fire department as well as emergency management services on both the city and state level. The councilmen representing the area plan to hold a special meeting on the booms this Sunday for residents. It'll be at 7 PM at Hermitage Home on Westwood Avenue.


Scientific investigation reveals that the earthquake-like tremors experienced in Richmond, Virginia are caused by a growing planetary resonance, apparently emerging in waves of stimulated activity. The very small area within which the effects are reported suggests infrasound pulsation as the cause of the tremors.

The research shared at this site elucidates the hidden connections linking the global pattern of sacred energy emerging with the rapid onset of magnetic reversal of December 22, 2012 and the new solar age on our planet. The piezoelectric properties of the bedrock below the West Wilmington area is transducing focused infrasound waves into a very strong electromagnetic field. This same effect was utilized in ancient times by the mound-builders, whose monuments received focused infrasound from the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

Richmond, Virginia (37.55N 77.45W) lies exactly 5,891 miles from Giza, which is 23.66% of the Earth's circumference distance. An identical effect has also been reported in Knoxville, Tennessee at 25.0% from Giza and in Klai, Vietnam at the 20.0% distance. Similar infrasound resonance has been reported in Atwater and Vallejo, California exactly 30.00% of the Earth's circumference from Giza. These sites exquisitely show the sacred geometric relationship 2:3:5, now called the Fibonacci proportion. The extreme precision of the distances of these infrasound anomalies to the Pyramids of Giza establishes a geometric relationship beyond any doubt - directly confirming the theory of magnetic resonance.

This same phenonenon is simultaneously occurring with waves of piezoelectric firestorms in Ratria, India, Messina, Italy, Bodibe, South Africa, Seattle and Santa Barbara, USA.