Human Resonance Films

~ June 30, 2018 - Human Resonance: Phonon Transfer Alchemy presents resonant atomic transmutation of copper into silver, gold and titanium --made visible for the first time.

~ May 11, 2018 - 5G microwave attacks being delivered from high-tech hollow fiberglass 'electrical' poles installed in May of 2017 among the La Maná Pyramid Complex, in La Envidia, Ecuador.

~ April 6, 2018 - Earth's water vapor canopy recorded on the ISS live feed, covering the eastern hemisphere of the planet, leaving the Kara and Barentz Seas of Russia visible.

~ March, 2018 - Red and purple glowing HHO plasma auroral formations envelop the ISS, as GOES-16 satellite records auroral formations across the entire western hemisphere.

~ Red, orange, purple and pink auroras form in the skies above us during the late hours of the night in 2017, signaling the approach of the Red Dawn, as long prophesied by Apache and Hopi Elders.

~ Rapid-fire UFO battle recorded in daylight for 66 seconds above Henderson, Nevada, leaves eyewitnesses stunned and fulfills Biblical prophecy concerning 'war in the skies'.

~ Magnetic basalt geopolymers are identified at Twyfelfontein & Kuidas Camp, Namibia as Atlantean 'firestone', matching pyramid constructions in Indonesia and Ecuador.

~ The Circular Force of infrasound resonance is heard as roaring from the skies above --inducing cloud circles, ice circles, rotating islands and fog domes in 2016 and 2017.

~ Magnetopause destabilization intensifies as EM shockwaves from October 21-26, 2016, precede the full onset of an intense blastwave released from the Betelgeuse supernova.

~ Geomagnetic Reversal begins in October, 2016, with strong geomagnetic disturbances prompting government warnings and mass military preparations now being put into effect worldwide.

~ 40,000-year-old mammoth ivory carving from Hohlenstein-Stadel Cave is identified as a Zurvan Lioness, engraved with Paleo-Sanskrit text reading "roaring, roaring", referencing planetary infrasound.

~ 25,000-year-old waterworks of the Ohum civilization are identified in La Envidia, Ecuador, cast in geopolymer basalt with an orange koalin cement surface coating.

~ Mantras of the Ohum presents Paleo-Sanskrit texts on megaceramic jars from the Hummingbird Pyramid, located in the Magnetic Center of La Envidia, Ecuador.

~ Psychoacoustics of the Ohum presents ~15,000 year-old psychoacoustic whistles from from the La Maná Pyramid, Ecuador, embedded with Paleo-Sanskrit signs.

~ Lithophones of Gobustan reveals Turkey's mystical psychoacoustic heritage of magnetic geopolymer boulders covered with scores of Paleo-Sanskrit inscriptions.

~ The Hummingbird Pyramid is discovered in La Maná, Ecuador among 17 ancient monuments cast in magnetic geopolymer basalts, yielding geopolymer ceramic shards with Paleo-Sanskrit inscriptions.

~ Artificial magnetic basalt pavement stones from walkways of the Hummingbird Pyramid in La Maná,
Ecuador contain fine particles of ferromagnetic iron and nickel --as well as pyromagnetic pyrite.

~ Magnetic earthenware pot sherds from the Hummingbird Pyramid's upper walkways contain finely
pulverized quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, nickel, iron and laterite inclusions that reflect the sunlight.

~ Megaceramic jars excavated from tumulus mounds in the vicinity of La Maná, Ecuador are
identified as onggi earthenware that sterilize their contents by transducing infrasound into EM fields.

~ The Baltic Sea object is an Atlantean 'firestone' monument dedicated to Jupiter, the One,
cast in titanium-loaded magnetic basalt geopolymer exhibiting strong EM vortex effects.

~ Human Resonance: Llanganates Pyramids presents the first expedition videos by Manuel Vieira,
edited and translated by Alexander Putney to highlight distinct geopolymer construction techniques.

~ Human Resonance: Magnetized Megaliths of Puma Punku presents metallic geopolymer stones magnetized by focused infrasonic pressure waves, causing compasses to invert themselves.

~ Human Resonance: Padang Pyramid Generates EM Vortex with artificial ferromagnetic andesites identified by trance channel Edgar Cayce as Atlantean firestone, prepared only by temple inititates.

~ Human Resonance: Magnetized Temples of Nan Madol presents metallic geopolymer stones magnetized by focused infrasonic pressure waves, causing compasses to invert themselves near the megaliths.

~ Human Resonance: Red Dwarf Star reveals the binary nature of our solar system, and the causal connection between the red dwarf solar companion and the 36,666-year Axial Precession of the Ages.

~ Noah's Ark Geopolymer Anchor Stones presents megalithic anchors and a resonant healing platform associated with the wooden ark remains resting on 'Doomsday Mountain', near Dogubeyazit, Turkey.

~ Human Resonance: Roswell Crash Debris Text and Autopsy presents the Paleo-Sanskrit decipherment of the 1947 Roswell crash wreckage and an excerpt from the associated 'alien' autopsy footage.

~ Human Resonance: Estrela Guia explores the sacred celestial waters of the Mount Roraima tepui.

~ Wild Aracaris display swashbuckling and eye-gazing mastery at the La Maná, Ecuador pyramids.

~ How Electricity Really Works: Mike Ladd exposes extortion tactics of the 'electrical utility industry' to pimp electricity for 70 years after Nikola Tesla's assassination by Nazi agents.

~ Scenes from Werner Herzog's epic documentary film 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' (2010) explore the murals of Chauvet Cave, whose undulating walls bare Paleolithic depictions over 30,000 years old.

~ Gonawindua (2011) is a visionary short film directed by G. Cavalli and J.M. Suárez relating ancient wisdom of the Kogi Mamos during times of violent upheavals such as these we are now witnessing.

~ Qi-gong Master John Chang generates bright white flashes of plasma around his body during qi healing and pyrokinesis demonstrations, excerpt from Ring of Fire: East of Krakatoa (1987) BBC documentary.

~ Reflect on ancient Maya wisdom concerning the cycles of our Sun, whose Grand Tzolk'in Calendar, Tree of Life mural and many depictions of the plumes of Tláloc display the intricate and unmistakable pattern of standing waves. The flames of karmic sacrifice rise high into the sky, where bright auroral sprites dance in announcement of the Fifth World.

~ Experience the ancient psychoacoustic architecture and sacred artwork of Africa, with golden mandalas of the Akan, exquisite bronzes of the Ife, wood carvings of the Chokwe, piezoelectric stone temples of Lalibela and those of Mumbahuru, the Great Mother.

~ Following the Path of the Buddha Dharma through Asia, along the sacred alignment of psychoacoustic stone temples from Angkor, Malaysia, Nepal and Tibet. Timeless Sanskrit wisdom encoded in the sacred mandala provides the mathematical basis for the precise geopositions of stupas and more ancient fertility centers where tri-thalamic entrainment and acoustic levitation were once practiced.

~ A sacred psychoacoustic passage through the megalithic chambers and stone circles of the Celts, weaving the geometric rhythms of golden mandala artifacts found in the same fields where the ethereal circle-makers educate humanity in the mathematics of unification.

~ A psychoacoustic journey into the sacred sites, pyramids and mandalas of North Americas ancient Nahuatl cultures. The melancholy flute and water drum lead spirit back to its pristine origin, renewing our awareness of the resonant messages embedded in the rocks so long ago.

~ From the Heart of the World: Warning of the Elder Brother - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

~ Heed the words of the Inka Elders of Peru regarding the process of Pachakuti and December 21, 2012.

~ Sacred stone of the Anasazi lands, a short selection from Jan Nickman's 'Sacred Earth' (2009).

~ Mystics Inside Papaji's Cave - Poem by Kabir on heartbeat resonance, performed at Mount Arunuchala

~ Foli --The sacred rhythms of the Malinke tribes of West Africa. "There is no movement without rhythm."

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