Resonance in the Glozel Paleolithic Texts

Deciphering the Glozel Tablet Texts

by Alex Putney for www.Human-Resonance.org
March 22, 2014

Modern perceptions of indigenous ways and ancient cultural patterns are presently being reshaped by an ascending recognition of new discoveries occurring all over the globe, retracing our footprints into the deep reaches of the past. Translation of Paleolithic texts according to the Schildmann decipherment reveals their collective global preoccupation with the waning strength of the Atlantean pyramid network, caused by a perceptible dissipation of infrasound resonance within our entire solar system.

Closely echoing Paleo-Sanskrit votive texts from various sites including Caria, Italy, the Island of Malta and the Illinois Cave archive, excavations begun in 1924 in Glozel, France yielded over 100 hieroglyphic tablets among more than 3,000 artifacts. Many of these well-preserved texts express a profound regret for the dwindling intensity of planetary infrasound. A small urn displaying a face-like ligature has been engraved with glyphs reading left to right: nau paia nau u mi-as ma aiva-ca as-kar ta-ra --"Spaceships approaching, spaceships. Oh, for diminishing are (the) eternity-built workings (of) the stars" (above).

The thundering resonance of the stars was praised as the cosmic Om. The all-encompassing influence of 33 frequencies of planetary infrasound upon human beings was upheld by Paleo-Sanskrit authors as the divine granting of life force attributed to the two great divinities: Svar and Indra --the Sun and Jupiter.

The Svar glyph is composed of a circle with radiating lines, as still commonly in use today, while the Indra glyph is a square. This divine pair for endowing all life was often referred to as 'the two', yet among many texts from this bygone era it is Jupiter that is exclusively referred to as 'Indra, the one'. This phrase is expressed in a ligature formed by adding the numeral '1' as a single dot within the square, referencing Jupiter's giant third-eye megacyclone now called the Great Red Spot by today's astronomers (above).

The planet Jupiter is given as the main subject of several texts by the square format of the tablet itself. One such square ceramic tablet text expands upon the same profound sentiment concerning effects of ultra-low frequencies, providing the Vedic explanation of the total dependence of all lifeforms inhabiting the surface of the Earth upon the intensity of infrasound transduced by the pyramid network (above):

Indra ha mu asu vi amati tara asti las Visnu su traya as-aiva i-ha sa-as adhi-as kar asu-as cakra u plava is

Jupiter: that preventing life from want, for the stars he is, shining Vishnu, good protector for eternity,
killer of suffering, for delivering works of the life of the era, oh inundation swelling.

'Works of the life of the era' refers to periodic shifts in planetary resonance due to cycling galactic waves that define human consciousness throughout an Age on Earth. Knowledge of these cycles has been precisely recorded and preserved among the many surviving calendar systems inherited by the Maya.

Jupiter's thunderous granting induced psychoacoustic fetal development through sacred waterbirthing practices, endowing enhanced genetic and cranial configurations that have not yet been identified by geneticists or anthropologists. Text inscribed on another square ceramic tablet expresses the loss of longevity due to the degraded state of resonance reflected by the planet Jupiter (above):

Indra ha sai las asa-ca ai asta mi su nau las ra-as tama is u cakra adhi-as plava-as

Jupiter: that declining brilliance, evil building, also death, reducing the good spaceships
brilliance for granting, darkness growing, oh, the era for delivering that, for the flooding.

Atlantean artists also decorated the surfaces of most of their handtools and ceramic objects with similar votive statements regarding the subsidence of planetary resonance and its negative effects on humanity. The visible portion of wrap-around text inscribed on a small spherical ceramic urn reads (above):

las su nu u ta-na mi ra-as ra-as ra-as ra-as ra-as ra-as

...shining good moon, oh, prosperity dwindling for granting, for granting...

A rectangular ceramic tablet with six glyph lines reading from left to right reiterates the all-pervading Paleolithic awareness of the significant diminution of resonant benefits, specifically acknowledging this growing detrimental influence on sacred maternity practices in pyramids and cave chambers (above):

as-las ma mi-as ra su nana * vira ana mita asu ai as-as-as ra ana kar su asu kar : as-ra su-as

For brilliance is dwindling for granting the good mother, the one hero's measured breath (of) life,
for also cursing, granting breath, works of the good life, works of the two for granting, for good.

Mapping of global infrasound resonance patterns based on the quantum iterated function [ zn+1 = zn2 ] reveals the geopositioning of the Glozel Paleolithic site in western Europe (above). The 1,827-mile distance from Glozel to the Great Pyramid approximates the value of Fibonacci #135 x 10-27 (1,815.94...), comprising 7.3% of Earth's mean circumference, which approximates Fibonacci #357 x 10-71 (7.30...). Megalithic constructions with distinct linguistic connections to the Glozel artifacts have been identified at other Paleolithic sites in France including Lascaux Cave, Carnac and Gavrinis Island.

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