Resonance in Paleo-Sanskrit Texts from Illinois

The Illinois Cave Archive

by Alex Putney for Human-Resonance.org
August 29, 2013

A vast archive of several thousand ancient stone, ceramic and metal artifacts has been discovered, including several large limestone sarcophagi and a variety of monumental figurative sculptures. While indigenous Native American tribes of the region had certainly visited the cavesite, their profound cultural respect for the crypts and other remains of that lost civilization had fostered their preservation in situ.

Located in southern Illinois, adjacent to the Marion County boundary line just 11 miles south of the town of Iuka, the extensive cave system can be entered from a few hidden passageways that lie within the confines of a small forked valley system (above). Still largely unexplored, this ancient network of caves (38.483°N 88.753°W) is 6,338 miles from the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a distance that comprises approximately 25.46% of the Earth's mean circumference distance. Positioned in the region at 1/4 of the Earth's circumference from the Great Pyramid, the resonant location constitutes a broad band of vortices of infrasound resonance focused by the world's ancient global array of pyramids and megalithic temples.

Several stoneworks among the thousands uncovered from the cave archive clearly depict regional maps of the region, painstakingly engraved with detailed contours of the Gulf coast, Lake Ponchartrain and the great drainage basin of the Mississippi River and its major tributaries. The Atlantean Sanskrit language is inscribed on several thousand stones, and most certainly comprises a highly advanced ancestral culture that preceded the great earthen mound-building civilizations of the great Mississippi Valley.

The Southern Illinois cave system penetrates through layers of limestone and hard shale that have both been used as sculptural materials and in the creation of stone tablets that have been well preserved over the many thousands of years since their regular inhabitation. The dark grey slate of the region contains a high silicon content that effectively preserved the sacred engraved texts as a complete archive for the consideration of later generations. The stoneworks' exquisite workmanship extends to all the surfaces of the stones, having been carefully shaped to refine the edges of the stones where they might become broken upon incidental impact (above).

A good portion of the stones display exquisitely engraved portraits of both men and woman, usually wearing helmets of one sort or another. Some helmets appear very similar to Roman or Greek styles known from later periods, some others seem quite unique and appear to have been associated with the duty of piloting the spacecraft and high-speed aircraft. The special elixir prepared for the enhanced bioelectrification conditions required for all spacecraft pilots and spiritual adepts called Soma has been identified as electrum colloid consisting of highly purified waters (preferably deuterium-free) and ultra-fine nanoparticles of gold and silver that contribute their excellent properties for electrical conductance.

The intercontinental flight capabilities and multiracial culture of these advanced aeronauts is also clearly and directly expressed in the wide range of races, each portrayed according to their characteristic features. In several translated texts, the infrasonic booming function of the Great Pyramid is scientifically described as 'thundering 30 resonances of life force' and the ultra-low tri-frequency driving of the three Giza pyramids in a perfectly balanced Fibonacci ratio as the 'triple works of the highest'.

The elephant glyph appears on many engraved stones, gold coins and gold stamps among the archive's texts, clearly representing an animal that does not inhabit North America. Like the king cobra also depicted among these unusual artifacts, these foreign animals are specifically applied in the expression of Vedic cosmological concepts well known from present-day India, the cradle of Sanskrit civilization.

Elephants are one of several logographic signs for Indra, the deified planet Jupiter, referencing the rumbling infrasound resonance of 33 frequencies radiating from the giant gas planet that enhance the vital energies of all life on Earth. A pair of coins present the elephant glyph with short texts cast in relief:

The one for protection he is, Jupiter, aye the one.

The Sun, Jupiter, the two Lords, deities, protection granting brilliant ones, oh your universal excellence.

A nearly identical text praising the protective action of the field of infrasound resonance transduced by the Sun and Jupiter also appears among the artifacts from another subterranean archive called the Metal Library deep within Tayos Cave, Ecuador, having been collected over the decades by the late Padre Crespi in the Andean city of Cuenca. This was the first publicly-recognized occurrence of parallel passages of Paleolithic text from different continents, while the present work identifies a complete conceptual framework present on all continents from that far removed era, before cosmic catastrophe.

The same elephant glyph representing the infrasonic influence of Jupiter also appears on gold plates discovered by J. Padilla in Guerrero, Mexico (see Appendix I). The specific body posture of the elephant depicted among the Archaic Sanskrit artifacts from Guerrero provides multiple references to infrasound that have not been widely recognized. Biologists studying long distance infrasound vocalizations used by elephants have identified special techniques used to amplify their ultra-low frequency reception in the same way that human cup their hands behind their ears to reflect more soundwaves into the eardrum. For elephants, the body position most receptive to longwave signals involves laying the trunk firmly on the ground and raising one foreleg so only the sensitive toenails make direct contact (below).

Unlike the purring of cats, elephants actually sing infrasounds by passing air through the larynx, as do many other large animals including giraffes and whales. For this reason, the elephant and whale glyphs are commonly used in the Paleo-Sanskrit texts as a sign for Indra, the deeply rumbling planet Jupiter. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is the gravitic center of the planet, as is the location of the Great Pyramid on Earth. Inset within the bright disc of the planet Jupiter, the Red Spot itself presents the Paleo-Sanskrit pictogram for 'the one'. The primary glyph signifying Indra is the square, as a pyramid seen from above.

In Mesoamerica, Maya scribes referred to Jupiter as the deity Tezcatlipoca, Smoking Mirror in which man does not see clearly' (above, conjunct with Venus), reflecting their awareness of resonant infrasonic influences on human biophoton field fluctuations linked to the orbital cycles of Jupiter. The Illinois cave texts encode the planet's synodic year of 399 days in mathematical terms relative to prime number 7:

The special conditions of enhanced bioelectrification and consciousness synchronization endowed by the action of the 33 frequencies of infrasound resonance emanating from the Sun and Jupiter are also extolled upon in a great variety of gold stamps and engraved stones from the Illinois cave archive:

Maker of the Sun and the great one Jupiter, good is your displacing those and the brilliant era.

Here begins those which function, being also cosmos granting, that brilliance, what works.

Chief of brilliant works, Jupiter, the highest of actions.

Granted what you are. Here begins well being. It is the workings of Jupiter upon life.

Life from the universal consciousness of yours, Jupiter, moving the one, delivering.

The authors of these ancient texts identify the powerful effect of infrasound resonance reflecting through the Earth from the Sun and Jupiter and focused into longwave vortices by the Giza pyramid complex. Loudly audible infrasound booming and rumbling at sacred vortical points on the planet's surface are clearly referenced by Atlantean authors as 'thundering' that endows life force to all living organisms:

Ship's commander Jupiter, from him comes life, thundering life force.

Jupiter, the stars, striving, thundering they are.

The protective thundering gives highest benefit, aye, flooding-flooding it gives universal highest.

The divine influence of focused infrasound resonance received at sacred sites in alignment with the Great Pyramid revitalizes all life by electro-induced enhancement of atomic reaction cascades perpetually taking place throughout the human body to facilitate biophoton communication of the DNA exciplex laser array. These thunderous functions of the world's pyramid network ceased their activity when cometary cataclysm struck, symbolized in the Illinois texts by 6 rays ending in the 'stopping' glyph.

A great portion of the lengthier Illinois cave stone texts express profound lamentations concerning the diminishing state of Earth's field of infrasound resonance after the devastating cataclysm of 12,800bp:

Creator of 30 resonances, the ones of good and Jupiter granting those workings of the era, oh the dwindling begins again, whereby my work begins, also yours, whirring of their workings at that time, whereby giving.

Maker also diminishing 30 resonances of the cosmos, whereby cursing those, dislocating those 30 resonances, displacing Jupiter they are, the era for your desire's waning, also the 30 resonances, whereby also malevolent the universal action, mine also being displaced, Mercury, imperceptible protector.

Oh, 30 resonances in a waning state, ultra-low 30 resonances and what underlies life, being below, displacing magma, oh 30 resonances, flooding of what state of good will, the state of 30 resonances, oh life and the celestial wheel, Moon the broad, oh the spaceships of below reducing, as impelled by the Deluge, what darkness following at that time of my era's cessation of 30 resonances, the spaceships of life, the Moon...

In accordance with the era endowing, workings of benefit are dwindling, 30 resonances initiating benefit, your works rescinding, deities diminishing the good.

Many advanced underground cities of the Atlantean civilization were abandoned in darkness when the global infrasound resonance systems were inundated by the Deluge of waters once suspended as vapor. The profound Atlantean cultural awareness of the great abundance and variety of technologically advanced subterran civilizations using infrasound resonance is made clear in many of the stone texts:

Oh, what human races reside below.
Whatever gives Jupiter, your great workings, these.
Maker of thunderous workings.

Among the cave archive's many inscribed stones and sculptural renderings of various human races and animal species inhabiting Earth's surface, one particularly intriguing engraved stone carving represents a human/animal hybrid creature that has regained a prominent position in the psyche of modern humanity: the giant Sasquatch. Digital clarification of photographs by T. Standing have revealed the many distinct facial features of Sasquatch (above), providing clear references for comparison with ancient depictions.

Of the hundreds of artifacts from the Southern Illinois cave that have been publicized, 3 small portrait stones finely carved in low relief present very flat, broad faces fringed by fur, showing long beards without mustaches -features that cannot be mistaken for any other creature. One of the giant hybrids bares large teeth, his beard and hair rendered with parallel lines reminiscent of the kundalini cobra headdress of the Egyptian Pharaohs, while another portrait carving presents long, wild eyebrows, a triangular beard and a large symbol of the rising sun on the creature's forehead (above).

Several high-quality audio recordings confirm the Sasquatch hybrids possess a giant larynx that, like those of elephants, giraffes and whales (associated with the rumblings of the planet Jupiter), enables long distance communication using ultra-low frequencies below the threshold of normal human hearing. The occipital region of the brain is closely associated with infrasound reception and is clearly emphasized in the form of the Sasquatch skull, which displays a significant enlargement in the occipital lobes.

The largest of the three low-relief slate carvings of Sasquatch depicts a very broad and flat, human-like face with ominous hollows for its eyes and mouth, giving the appearance of growling that is a well known aggressive behavior of these territorial giants (above, center). The hybrid's forehead is inscribed with a radial circular pictogram of the 'nau' glyph, meaning 'ship', with wings on either side to symbolize the flight capability of these circular spaceships (as opposed to a seafaring ship).

Any doubt regarding this interpretation of the portrait is eliminated by the clear and direct statement that is made in the text line of six glyphs above the prominent spaceship glyph. The short text clearly states the purpose of the circular spaceships: adhi-as vi aua las nau -meaning "For delivering from below, shining spaceships." As Sasquatch are cave-dwellers, the statement informs us as a matter of fact that Sasquatch is delivered by spacecraft from subterran habitation sites. Transport through the bedrock by transdimensional means using an HHO plasma atmosphere inside the ships that excites the bright red electroluminosity of Sasquatch eyes that is observed and reported often by terrestrial humans.

The complex symbolism integrated into the design of the eyes reinforces the statement, with 5 lines above each eye appearing as light rays, implying an interesting double meaning. Contemporary reports of Sasquatch encounters often include an eerie red eye glow that can be seen at a distance, while the text line above provides the double meaning, as the ocular lens-shaped plasma ships also radiate light.

The Atlantean Sanskrit 'nau' glyph and later Egyptian symbolic association of the 'third eye' pineal gland hieroglyph with the winged solar disk imagery and the single eye of the façade of the Great Pyramid are repeated in this Illinois cave stone by the double meaning encoded in the eyelid delineation and the five lines radiating above the eyes of the Sasquatch, which actually form Sanskrit glyphs for three actions: raua las adhi. Slight differentiation in the angles of the marks define the glyph breaks. The left eye translates as "thundering, shining, delivering", while the right eye reads "shining, thundering, delivering."

The repetition of these three actions in the pictographic inscriptions serves to reinforce the entirely literal interpretation of their words, affirming that Sasquatch is delivered from below the Earth's surface by highly advanced spaceships with the same extraordinary transdimensional capabilities described in detail in the most ancient Vedic texts. These profound Atlantean passages directly confirm the findings of geneticists studying Sasquatch, a species that was hybridized during the time period of the cataclysm.

Recent publication of over 10 billion base pairs comprising 3 whole nuclear genome sequences and 31 mitochondrial DNA sequences from Sasquatch provides unequivocal proof of the existence and artificial origin of the giant hybrids, offering new insights concerning subterranean human populations that have contributed the human mitochondrial portion of Sasquatch genetics. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis revealed a genetic discontinuity between all existing terrestrial human populations and those presumed subterran human populations used in the Sasquatch species hybridization process.

Further evidence from the Illinois cave archive that confirms advanced technological applications of HHO plasma in the Illinois cave system and other underground habitation sites is presented by dozens of stoneworks carved from mineral calcite or calcite-rich limestone, as this large cylinder seal (above). The many carvings executed in these resonant stones display a white fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

This specialized use of UV fluorescent minerals such as calcite has also been documented at other technologically advanced Paleolithic cavesites with Archaic Sanskrit writing, especially those associated with the celestial golden waters of La Maná, Ecuador (see Appendix I). The composition of the La Maná springwater enabled its use as vapors within large quartz vacuum tubes such as the Dendera bulbs seen in Egyptian reliefs, used to generate HHO plasma that emits UV-A light, inducing calcite crystals to glow.

The golden waters of La Maná, Ecuador and Tlacote, Mexico, where the Maya made tribute to Tláloc, the god of celestial waters, have been analyzed for their astounding energetic characteristics. Chlorides are almost completely absent from those celestial springwaters, while the approximately 30 mg/L of dissolved solids consists of kalium, potassium and magnesium that are essential to the human body.

Today, physicists at Blacklight Power have reengineered the basic process of HHO plasma generation in reactors that effectively transduce the ambient infrasound energy into excess heat and light in the form of ultraviolet-A and infrared emissions that rejuvenate and even regenerate the body's cells. While modern scientists ignite HHO plasma reactors by the introduction of fine metal powder and potassium with the water vapor in the chamber, ancient Vedic technologies applied Soma as a biocompatible catalyst that allows the human body to benefit from the plasma's cleansing EM field.

These remarkable Vedic elixirs are the most important subject of the thousands of Sanskrit hymns collected and preserved to this day. These sacred celestial water sources are also closely associated with ancient underground cities where the strict control of enhanced atmospheres is enabled by the same highly advanced engineering witnessed in the astounding structures of the Giza plateau.

The pyramid's tri-frequency infrasonic driving of Earth's atmosphere enhances the luminosity of the human body itself, as biophoton fields display direct coupling to our solar system's planetary cycles as influenced by infrasound resonance. The Atlantean texts are quite literal: "Now enter, begin shining!"

A wealth of knowledge according to Vedic physics has been carefully preserved in the Illinois cave archive -its authors could not be more explicit in their descriptions of the state of human affairs in the era of darkness that separated those residing above from those residing below, as the terror ensued:

Cataclysm! Famous segregation (of terrestrial and subterran populations), to the spaceship's commander tributes be made in children. Cattle-devouring, the maker of the spaceship. Feeling strengths, feeling from Jupiter granting protection, make it (so)!" (see Appendix II)

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